View Full Version : 36th America's Cup

  1. Protocol Almost Complete for 36th America's Cup
  2. An AC 75' Monohull It Is!
  3. Groupama Ceases Cammas AC Support
  4. The New Concept Is Revealed!
  5. Adelasia of Torres To Challenge For America's Cup
  6. Looking Ahead At Land Rover/ BAR
  7. Luna Rossa Confirm Spithill Signed As Helmsman
  8. Aussie's Out For 36th America's Cup
  9. American Magic Is The Name
  10. Landrover BAR Evolves Into INEOS Team GB
  11. A 2nd American Syndicate Emerges
  12. INEOS Foiler Proto Launches
  13. Dates And Locations Of AC 2020 Announced
  14. American Magic Flying Video
  15. Sardinia The 1st Stop In America's Cup Next Cycle
  16. 8 new notices of challenge received at close of 36th america’s cup entry period
  17. Foiled By The Weak Link
  18. Malta Becomes 4th Challenger
  19. Stars & Stripes Team USA Announces Acceptance
  20. Going Dutch For The 6th
  21. Team New Zealand begin historic construction on America's Cup boat
  22. Brouwer Blazes New Trails
  23. Ineos Team UK's Ben Ainslie Checks In 2 Year Out
  24. FCS Packages In The Mail
  25. Rumors Of Withdrawals False Say ETNZ
  26. The Americas Cup Arms Race Progresses
  27. The Dutch Shoe Drops
  28. Luna Rossa Training Teaser
  29. "It's Gonna Be Dangerous"
  30. Foil Arms Arrive From Italy
  31. Game On For ETNZ as 1st AC 75 Prepares To Splash
  32. Luna Rossa's Entry Unvieled
  33. The Brits Launch Britannia
  34. Italian & Brit Boats Hull Shapes Examined
  35. Te Aihe Dances In The Hauraki Gulf
  36. Dates Set For AC World Series
  37. Gravity Gets A Grip Te Aihe
  38. Cagliari Training For Ineos
  39. Te Kāhu Revealed
  40. 3 Months And Counting
  41. Conditions Confirmed For 36th America's Cup
  42. The Road To Cagliari Begins
  43. Performance Through Creativity: Botin On American Magic
  44. The Flying Elephant Explained
  45. 1 Year Untill The Start Of The 36th America's Cup
  46. American Magic Pensicola Program Explained
  47. Caligari ACWS Event Postponed
  48. The Front Fell Off: Luna Rossa Suffers Another Setback
  49. Ben's Perspective On The Covid 19 Virus
  50. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team with hospitals in Cagliari against Coronavirus
  51. Contending With New Challenges: A-Cup Teams Changed Strategies Amid Pandemic
  52. Separtion Technology Employed By ETNZ
  53. 14 Day Mandatory Quarantine For AC Team Members Entering NZ
  54. Drones Replace Luna Rossa Crew
  55. Te Kahu Testing Resumes
  56. Murray Returns As SC Boss In AC 36
  57. Shake Down Street
  58. A Quarter Century Hence: The 1995 America's Cup Revisited
  59. More Light At End OF The Tunnel
  60. American Magic And Ineos Frustrated By Red Tape
  61. Te Aihe Returns
  62. Will Covid 19 Affect The America's Cup?
  63. Defiant Departs
  64. Luna Rossa Prada: June 1st 2020 Update
  65. The Return Of Ineos Team UK
  66. Easing Of Restrictions For AC Teams Entering NZ?
  67. Luna Rossa's 4 Part Documentary
  68. YAC AC9F Takes FLight
  69. Cultivating Intangibles - Coaching in the America's Cup
  70. New Technology Allows Ineos To Resume Training
  71. Murray On America's Cup Development And Innovation
  72. No Shortcuts To Victory
  73. Te Aihe Readies For Next Chapter
  74. 3 Years On Not Long To Go
  75. Spy vs Spy
  76. Defiant Splashes In The Hauraki Gulf
  77. ETNZ & ACE Besieged By Legal Woes
  78. NOR and Race Conditions For Challenger Selection Announced
  79. American Magic's 1st Sail In The Hauraki Gulf
  80. We Have Lift Off
  81. Built For Flight
  82. Survey Says:
  83. 2021 Youth America's Cup Cancelled
  84. Luna Rossa en Transit
  85. Patriot Goes Into Quarantine In Auckland
  86. ETNZ 2nd Boat Emerges
  87. Defiant Fails To Defy Gravity
  88. Butters Is Back
  89. The Magic Continues
  90. The 1st Engagement
  91. Ode To Britannia
  92. RB2 Takes To The Air
  93. Defiant's Shooting Gallery
  94. RB2 Arrives In Auckland
  95. Defiant Decommisioned
  96. Patriot Revealed
  97. 1st Wave Of America's Cup Broadcast Partners Announced
  98. Luna Rossa Barca Due Auckland Arrival
  99. Patriot Christened & Splashed
  100. Britannia Debuts In Aukland
  101. The Italians Proudly Present Barca Due
  102. Outrage In Auckland
  103. 1st Week In The Books For Patriot
  104. Riding The Leading Edge
  105. Data Driven: Managing Knowledge Flow on an America's Cup AC75
  106. Moving Parts | Boat Captain Jeff Causey
  107. ETNZ New Beast Emerges
  108. The Smell Of Gunpowder Arouses Kiwis After Long Absence
  109. Through The Lens Of GMR
  110. AC World Series Explained In Detail
  111. HRH Wishes Sir Ben The Best Of Luck
  112. And The Racing Begins!
  113. Stage Two: The Prada Cup
  114. 2021 Prada Cup: The Brits Own The Day
  115. NZ Lockdown Due To COVID 19
  116. AC On Delay
  117. Game Time In Auckland