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PD Staff
12-04-2010, 12:04 PM

PowerCap™ Pilot Series 5 LED Night Vision Cap
We are excited to announce our new Pilot Series POWERCAP™ Night Vision Cap. The Pilot Series Night Vision Caps have (2) red LEDs and (3) white LEDs on separate circuits. The buttons are labeled under the cap brim (R = red and W = white.) (2) red LEDs have an on/off button. Three position switch options provide for improved functionality (high beam only, low beam only or both on simultaneously for (3) white LEDs.

When you are navigating in the dark on the water, it is critical to maintain your night vision. The red LEDs provide task lighting while maintaining night vision. We have incorporated the (2) red LEDs under the cap brim. They are angled downwards to light up your task lighting area without having to crane our head and neck down. There are also (2) white lights under the cap brim that are useful for task lighting in circumstances below deck. A powerful (1) LED light on the cap brim can project over 60 ft. Very useful for Sail trim checks, deck clearing or spotting buoys. All these lighting needs are taken care of with a simple button in the cap brim.

Sailors are taught to carry two flashlights. That way the Crew will always have a backup. The POWERCAP™ Night Vision Cap fulfills this requirement as the two lighting circuits are separately powered and switched in one fashionable and convenient cap. Best of all, the lighting is hands free. The circuits are sealed and weatherproof to the elements. The caps visor is also great for boating in bright sun light conditions. This Pilot Series POWERCAP™ Night Vision Cap provides the day and night needs of any boater for shade cover during the day and night vision in a simple cap.
It can be decorated just like ordinary caps. Embroidered with your boat logo, yacht club, organization, company, anything.
PowerCap™ Pilot Series 5 LED Night Vision Cap

■(4) 15,000 + MCD, LED lights concealed under brim for focused task lighting
■(2) White lights for detail oriented situations
■(2) Red lights for night vision and lower intensity use in the cockpit
■(1) 30,000 + MCD ultra bright white LED spotlight in edge of brim for light at distances of up to 60 feet
■100% 16×12 Cotton twill, washed & brushed
■Available in structured design in Black
■6 Panel
■2-piece Velcro closure
■Sandwich brim
■(2) Independent On-off switches concealed in brim, one for red LEDs and one for white LEDs
■(4) Lithium CR-2032 coin cell batteries housed in sweat band
■75 hours of intermittent battery life


12-04-2010, 04:16 PM
What a hoot!!!!
I'd need to see one in person before forming an opinion about how practical these might be.....
Maybe Pressure Drop can get their logo sewn on a bunch to sell or use a prizes?

Sanity Check
12-06-2010, 12:46 PM
Its only a matter of time...


12-06-2010, 01:09 PM
Will it make my X-Ray specs actually work?

IOR Geezer
12-06-2010, 03:58 PM
I like the concept, even though I seldom wear hats. Would like to read a review on them before throwing $40.00 down.
Maybe they will have some at the Stictly Sail?

war dog
12-07-2010, 09:55 AM
It’s now on the Christmas list if Santa is nice I’ll give a report on it in Jan………….

The Flash
12-11-2010, 09:34 PM
Mine should show up next week - we'll see if it's as useful the headband lights.

war dog
12-29-2010, 10:27 AM
I didn’t find one of these under the Christmas tree but am hoping to find one next to my Birthday cake tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-29-2010, 10:37 AM
I didn’t find one of these under the Christmas tree but am hoping to find one next to my Birthday cake tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Wardoggie!!!

The Flash
01-03-2011, 11:51 AM
Got one. Kinda cool. Hard to keep my kids hands off of it.

The red lights are nice and strong, angled downwards. The white are that blue/white look - but also pretty strong.

The hat itself is a comfy soft fabric baseball cap.

Charlie Tuna
01-03-2011, 12:52 PM
What's weight like with all the electonics?

Do you replace batteries or do you charge the cap via a transformer?

What would happen if it gets wet?

Have you tried it at night on the boat yet?

01-03-2011, 01:34 PM
Yeah! What the fish said........

01-03-2011, 01:38 PM
I'm thinkin' I want my hat and then sometimes I want my headlamp - not always at the same time.

The Flash
01-03-2011, 02:11 PM
just a bit heavier than a regular cap. camera batteries, thin wires, tiny bulbs

it has batteries in the headband

No idea

not yet - played with it in the game room...