View Full Version : The Grinch Gets Generous

PD Staff
12-19-2010, 11:50 PM
FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - A Good Samaritan offers a huge helping hand to a man who lost nearly everything in Tuesday's boat fire. Flames tore through 2 boats near Bowditch Point.

One of them belonged to Gordon Hood, who happened to be on shore at the time. It was his home, and his whole life.

Hood spoke about what he lost, "Even my family pictures and what little I had. I didn't have a whole lot but I was happy."

Later that morning, Stephen Goff caught the story on the news. "I shed a tear, mate," Goff said. "A lot of people call me the 'Grinch' with no heart."

But that so-called Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes when he remembered the sailboat he hadn't used in 2 years. "I said, you know, somebody's got to have some use out of this boat. These guys need a home just like anybody else," Goff said.

So he tracked down Gordon Hood, switched the title and registration, and they got to work. All hands were on deck Wednesday afternoon as the once sedentary sailboat transformed into Hood's new home.

"We're going to get him around tonight, he's gonna sail home, he's gonna drop anchor, he's gonna be where he wants to be," Goff said.

"I said a little prayer a minute ago, I'll say a bigger prayer soon," Hood said. "You know, he's doing the best he can, and giving me a hand, and I really appreciate that. It's really cool."

While Goff isn't looking for notoriety for his good deed, he's hoping it will inspire another generous heart to look out for Chester Frank, who also lost his boat and his home.

"There is another guy out there without a boat," Goff said. "Anybody that's got a boat out there, give it up, it would be a kind thing to do."

According to investigators, it could be impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of the fire. Goff isn't asking for anything in return, but joked with Hood, that if he ever wins the lottery, he can repay him a bottle of rum.

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