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PD Staff
01-18-2011, 03:00 PM
If you were out on the Bay this past weekend you may have done a double take when you saw the new old boat sail by. Bodacious Plus, the former Cal Maritime One Design 48' is now the " New" old boat, for John Clauser and Bobbi Tosse.


The crew remains the same, plus a few additional bodies, says Bobbi, "So we have to make 3-4 more sandwiches every week, because the are more strings to pull" The plan is to stay in the bay for now and race bouys, phrf and IRC when the Big Boat Series comes around, and there will be some head to head with the new Cal Martime 1D48, Chahya begging with the next CYC Midwinters.

Their former ride, the Farr 40 "Bodacious" will be on the market soon. They have owned her since 1992-93 and was perpetually on the podium stand whenever the competed. " There's a bit of a learning curve" Bobbi pointed out" It's 8 feet longer with the same displacement and draws 3 more feet, and is much faster down wind"


They have been busy cleaning things up since their December 15th acquisition, stripping the bottom, tending to the rudder and replacing sails, it's a work in progress.
We'll bet they get things sorted out soon enough and look forward to some exciting times on the Bay in 2011!

01-18-2011, 08:29 PM
Hopefully they know what they are doing (I don't know the crew at all) - there is ample potential for getting people hurt on the 1d48's - and their sail budget will have to go up by a factor of 5 - at least!