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03-25-2011, 01:34 PM

David (R) with good friend John Gray at the 2009 505 Worlds in SF

Earlier the week, The All American Offshore Team announced their selection of candidates from a pool of 250 applicants. On the roster are 3 members from the San Francisco Bay. We hope to profile each of them as time permits. This time around, Dave Rasmussen from Novato gives us some insight to his resume and what he anticipates in the months ahead sailing with 14 other 19-27 year old on the STP 65Vanquish in some of the coolest races on the planet! (Around Block Island, Annapolis to Newport, Transatlantic, and Fastnet Races)

AAOT News Release (http://allamericanoffshoreteam.org/?p=573)

You have done a lot of skiff sailing, dinghy's and offshore with Dad, can you give a brief, readers digest history of your sailing experience in each of these areas, please include boats and favorite events!

I have sailed for Richmond Yacht Club since joining the Junior Sailing program in 1995. I started sailing an El Toro, a small single person boat, but fully gained an appreciation for sailing when I started sailing double-handed boats. I sailed a variety of boats including: CFJ’s, 420’s, 29er’s, 49ers, 18’s, and Melges 32’s. Growing up in a sailing family helped me get my start in ocean racing. I have raced from San Francisco to Hawaii four times and sailed thousands of miles up and down the California coast. I delivered two boats from Mexico to California and another boat from Australia to New Zealand. (I'm in Mexico now getting ready to do my third delivery and second one on TP52, Mayhem)

In the 3 bridge Fiasco with dad David Sr.

Just a quick list of favorite events.

Miami OCY in the 49er 2009, Pacific Cup 2004 with my dad on Express 27 Salty Hotel, 2006 with the entire family on Synergy 1000 Sapphire-2006 With my father our family friend and sailor from RYC Phil Krazner and my good friend that I race 49ers with, John Gray.

Pacific Rims in the I14 Kanahoe Bay I sailed with Kurt Lahr. One of the few crewing experiences I ever had on skiffs. I can't think of the year right off but Moore 24 Nationals at Hood river, I sailed with Vaughn Seifers on his boat Flying Tiger 155. I've sailed with him for years and will not be doing much with him this year because of AAOT

Traing for Kanehoe with Kurt on the I-14

Sailing as a family thing, who calls the shots?

When we sail together as a family my father normally has the final call, seeing as it is his boat and he is the skipper. That being said we work together to discuss the options and make most of the final decisions as a family.

Name 6 Bay Area sailors you would nominate for the AAOT?

John Gray

This is not 6 I know but he is the only person I have had time off shore that I would recommend for the team. I am sure there many great people for the team in the Bay but I don't want to just say a bunch of names.

How did you hear about AAOT?

Matt Noble, Matt is another sailor from Richmond Yacht Club who is also the boat captain on the STP65 Vanquish. We have been good friends for a long time and have dreamed of racing across oceans together. He called me about this great opportunity a few months ago and fortunately we will now be part of a great team that will get to race in some very exciting regattas.


The STP 65 "Vanquish" Dave will get to play on this summer!

What are your expectations?

The team will be working together for almost 5 months preparing the boat, practicing, fund raising and racing in the long offshore races. I expect things to be stressful at times but most of all I am looking forward to working with some of the best sailors from around the country. This will be a great learning experience for the entire crew, will greatly improve my offshore sailing abilities.

How long does your particular commitment last?

I am planning on flying to the East Coast at the end of April to begin prepping the boat. I will continue working with the team until we finish our last regatta in late August.

How soon do you report?

I do not have an official start date yet, but I think I will be flying to the boat some time in late April

Plans after the AAOT?

I haven't thought much about my plans after the AAOT. I am focusing on preparing myself for the AAOT. It would be nice to sail my 49er again after the racing is over. Likewise, the America's Cup is coming to the San Francisco Bay and I hope to have a chance to get involved in that event somehow. Also I might have to go back to work at some point. (wheres the fun in that?)

Thanks Dave, have fun and good luck!


Ballard Sailor
03-26-2011, 06:51 AM
Way to go kid - we'll miss you on the tiger but have a blast. Once in a lifetime opportunity!