View Full Version : Wave Riding Triple Loop Attempt

PD Staff
04-29-2011, 10:19 AM

Boujmaa Guilloul from Morocco's attempt at a triple loop at Hookipa on Maui almost succeeds, but the over rotation cost's him a trip to the hospital. Rescued by lifeguards, Guilloul suffered a broken finger, split lip, some bruised ribs and a heaping helping of sea water in the lungs. The triple look remains the holy grail of free style tricks in the windsurfing world.

He will be healing his hand before returning to freestyle windsurfing. "That does not stop me in the quest for the Triple Loop. But next time I will wear a suit and a helmet!"

In case you might be up for some far flung spectating of the wave sailing kind, check out the American Windsurfing Tour's 1st stop, coming to Waddell Creek, May 5th through 8th!

American Windsurfing Tour (http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?1251-American-Windsurfing-Tour-Announces-Wave-Surfing-Contest-Dates)