View Full Version : Vesta's Sail Rocket Sails over the hump

PD Staff
05-18-2011, 10:03 PM

No matter how much theory there is behind an idea, nothing beats seeing it actually work for real before your own eyes.

This was the case on this day when VESTAS Sailrocket 2 demonstrated that she could get up to speed, albeit modest speed now, from a standing start. The low speed performance of these outright speed sailing boats is often heavily compromised in the quest for pure speed... and true to the 'rocket' name, if they can't get off the launch pad... there is no outer space.

We put a lot of thought into this aspect of the sailing throughout the design and build. Many options were built into VSR2 to help her get started. On our first outings we used nothing... as a reference. Now we are trying out the various options. We were very surprised on this outing at the effectiveness of adding a fixed skeg on the back float. I wasn't expecting to go quick in the relatively moderate conditions. The minute I eased the sheet and freed up the wing I knew things were working and that she wanted to go.

Once she got going we quickly ran out of room. I left the wing fully eased as speed was not the objective of the day. We had seen something special. The Rocket was flying for the first time. For me this will be one of the most significant days in this radical boats life. The speed will come quickly now although I'm sure we are far from being out of the woods Paul Larsen