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06-06-2011, 12:21 PM
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Aquatic Park at the south end of Fishermans Wharf
Image courtesy US 18 Footers League

The Nor-Cal 18 Foot Skiff fleet had the first regatta of the season this weekend June 4 & 5. We sailed a Golden Gate Yacht Club hosted event with 5 races being held between X buoy and Blossom buoy (just east of Pier 39). The fleet used the scenic Aquatic Park just below Ghirardelli Square as our launching beach. We have always sailed out of Crissy Field to the West of the St. Francis Yacht Club and we were looking forward to seeing how Aquatic Park performed. It was spectacular and the fleet appreciated the help of the GGYC and the National Parks & Forest Service for making things so easy for us.

5 boats were rigged up for the event.

委llen hoke www.ellenhoke.com

JV Gilmore ran the Red Boat with Brian Malouf and Matt Van Rensselaer as crew. From our vantage point it looked like JV let Brian drive a few of the races. Regardless of the crew setup, they had great boat speed and point.

委llen hoke www.ellenhoke.com

The Yellow Boat was driven by Morgan Gutenkunst with Kevin Richards on main and Trevor Bozina on Bow.

委llen hoke www.ellenhoke.com

The Pink boat, having just had a major overhaul and paint job, was driven by Mallory Bozina with Katie Love on main and Chad Freitas on bow.

The Cabot Cheese boat was driven by Dan Malpas on Saturday and Patrick Whitmarsh on Sunday. Joe Carter trimmed main both days while Polish Mike did bow on Saturday and Dan Roberts was bow on Sunday.

The Black boat was driven by Skip McCormack with Philipp Berner on main (many year veteran of the German Magic Marine boat) and Jody McCormack on bow.

The winds were late arriving on both days. The GGYC race committee was great allowing us to postpone until the wind came up. The flood was ripping both days and tapering off by the last race of each day. The courses from X to Blossom made for some tough tactical calls with every boat making great calls during the regatta.

委llen hoke www.ellenhoke.com

The fleet was also really even. Out of 5 races, 4 boats had bullets. We all had an incredible time short tacking up the beach while fighting the flood, crossing tacks and ducking each other. With the flood, the only chop we had was from the Ferry boats running up the city front or over to Alcatraz from Pier 39.

Those wakes help show the black boat that the repair on the spin pole wasnt done with enough carbon. We bent the pole around the dolphin striker and ended our Saturday in the 2nd race.

The pole break was the only breakdown of the weekend. It is very impressive for the fleet as so much is done without the luxury of fully funded programs. It takes hard work from all of the sailors to make these things run properly and the lack of breakdowns is a real testament to everyone out there for the hard work and long hours that have been put into each boat.

When the final results where tallied for the weekend the top 3 boats were separated by 1 point each. The Red Boat had held onto the lead with 7 points after the Yellow boat had made a strong comeback with 8 points. Harken finished with 9, Pink with 13 and Black with 17.

We want to especially thank Ellen Hoke and the GGYC Race Committee for putting together such a great weekend for us! We thoroughly enjoyed it and are VERY impressed by the trophies! Thank you!

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Thanks, PB! More pictures and commentary are at http://www.facebook.com/US18FootersLeague.


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