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PD Staff
09-20-2011, 04:26 PM

John Kilroy’s boat leads the first day of the Championship. Modest beginning for Bribón-Movistar and Turismo Rías Baixas-Terras Gauda.

All images © Nico Martinez

Palma de Mallorca.- John Kilroy’s Samba pa ti with the Italian Vasco Vascotto as the tactician, is the first leader of the Melges 32 World which began today in the bay of Palma de Mallorca. Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato and Francesco Bruni finished second after the days racing only at one point difference from the American boat and in third place Zetiana, owned by Alexis Michas and Brian Ledbetter. Bribón Movistar of Marc de Antonio and Hugo Rocha ended up in 22nd place and Turismo Rías Baixas-Terras Gauda owned by Santiago Estevez and Sandra Azón as the tactician, ended up in 29th place.


The first race marked two clear groups and sides of the racing course. Highlife owned by Peter Rogers and Ruairid Scott rounded the windard mark in first place but gave way to Yasha Samurai of Yukishiro Ishida and Hampish Pepper in the downwind leg who lead the second leg, Turismo Rías Baixas-Terras Gauda took a penalty at the mark. In the second windward mark rounding, Bribón-Movistar and Samba Pa ti climbed up to the first places and sailed the second downwind in the first ten leading boats.

The Americans ended up in fifth place but the Spanish endend in 14th place, in the race whom Yasha Samurai finally won, followed by Mascalzone Latino, winner of the Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre, and Argo owned by Jason Carroll with Cameron Appleton on board as tactician.


The second race of the day suffered from a shifty wind but increased in intensity with shifts predominating from the right side of the area. Samba pa ti lead since the beginning and showed its potential choosing the right side of the racing course, tacking every wind shift smartly to round the first windward leg in first position, followed by Zetiana and Goombay Smash owned by William Douglass and with Chris Larson as tactician. Bribón-Movistar and Terras Gauda closed the fleet and in this case could not improve their position.


Samba pa ti increased their lead from the fleet and crossed the finishing line with more then 3 minutes difference on Zetiana, who finished second followed by Goombay Smash. At the end of the down wind leg, Shakedown owned by Geoff Pierini with Steve Hunt as the tactician seemed to catch up with the first places, but then was penalised and crossed the finishing line in fourth place. The two Spanish representatives, Bribón-Movistar and Turismo Rías Baixas-Terras Gauda closed the classification in 27th and 29th place.

The wind direction finally established itself from the east but with wind shifts up to 220/230, requiring the most out of the Race Committee, specially for the second race of the day, where mark changes had to be made in all the legs. The wind intensity went from 9 to 12 knots in today’s journey.

Top Ten Results
1.) John Kilroy/Vasco Vascotto, Samba Pa Ti; 5-1 = 6
2.) Vincenzo Onorato/Francesco Bruni, Mascalzone Latino; 2-5 = 7
3.) Alexis Michas/Brian Ledbetter, Zetiana; 8-2 = 10
4.) Jason Carroll/Cameron Appleton, ARGO; 3-12 = 15
5.) Geoff Pierini/Steve Hunt, Sicktrix; 12-4 = 16
6.) Wolfgang Stolz/Jesper Radich, Opus One; 9-7 = 16
7.) Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 4-14 = 18
8.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 10-9 = 19
9.) John Porter/Jonathan McKee, Full Throttle; 7-15 = 22
10.) Filippo Pacinotti/Danielle Cassinari, Brontolo HH; 13-11 = 24


PD Staff
09-23-2011, 03:21 PM
Geoff Pierini's Shakedown prepares to hoist
All images © Nico Martinez

Only one point difference amongst the first three boats with two last races to go. Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato scores two first races today and Bribón-Movistar owned by Marc de Antonio a third place.

Palma de Mallorca.- the last journey of the Melges 32 World Championship which is being held in the bay of Palma de Mallorca has now placed the overall results in red hot. The American representative, Goombay Smash owned by William Douglass is now leader instead of Samba Pa Ti who has lead the overall results since the first journey. Only at a points difference separates the first three boats with Fantastica owned by Lanfranco Cirillo in third place.


The seventh race started with a general recall as most of the fleet was over the line. The wind has been a shifty northeast with an intensity of 8 to 10 knots.

This race changed the course of the regatta as the overall results suffered a spectacular change as the leader of the week, Samba pa ti ended up in 28th place, after having chosen the right side of the course and suffered a zone of very light wind conditions.


In the meantime Fantastica owned by Lanfranco Cirillo, and second in the overall results finished second which has rised them up to the first place overall. Yasha Samurai owned by Yukihiro Ishida maintained a seventh place and still remains in the podium places.

The overall results suffered a tightened ten points difference amongst, Fantastica and the fourth place who now belongs to Goombay Smash owned by William Douglass. Mascalzone Latino of Vincenzo Onorato won the race, followed by Rush Diletta of Mauro Mocchegiani.

The eighth race of the event, second of the day experienced an ever higher emotion after Goombay Smash crossed the finishing line second after Mascalzone Latino. In this race Bribón-Movistar nicely surprised the fleet with a third place, the best result of the championship til today and allowed them to climb up to the 20th position overall.


On the other hand, Samba Pa Ti andl Fantastica ended up in tenth and thirteenth place, which allowed Goombay Smash to jump up to the first place. Turismo Rías Baixas-Terras Gauda ended up in twenty first place.

After this exciting day, tomorrow, the last day of the championship, will be decisive as there is only a points difference between Goombay Smash, Samba Pa Ti and with Fantastica at eleven points from the fourth place, Yasha Samurai, who also clear options to be on the podium.

Overall Standings (http://www.cyberaltura.com/melges32/resultados/resulta2011/overall_melges32.html)