View Full Version : Harbor Wing Debuts in San Diego

PD Staff
11-16-2011, 09:47 PM
An autonomous sailing drone for keeping an eye out for government agencies debuts in San Diego. A Morelli and Melvin design taking multi hull domination to a whole new level!

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. will be the globally recognized innovator of world-class Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessels (AUSVs) designed to provide surveillance and security in open water environments.

Mission Statement:
Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. will design, develop, integrate, construct, test and manage the assembly of marine platforms that serve to provide environmental, commercial, law enforcement, and military clients world-wide flexible solutions to maritime threats and the challenges of oceanic exploration.

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. will use an integrated product team approach to maintain our innovative technical leadership in the industry; and to implement the best commercial practices and environmentally sensitive, sustainable development methods during manufacture.

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. will act on their responsibility as a global enterprise to support initiatives in marine ecology research, provide alternatives for natural resource management, and protect our environment for the future.

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. will serve with dedication those men and women in the field who depend on the quality and performance of our products to save lives, protect property, and preserve vital resources.

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. will demonstrate their commitment to achieve the highest level of business ethics by caring for our employees, strategic business partners, subcontractors, and clients in all aspects of our business operations world-wide.http://www.harborwingtech.com/company_mission.htm