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PD Staff
01-23-2012, 10:19 AM
Just prior to Christmas, Bonnier publishing decided to pull the plug on two of it's wind related publications, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding.

This was released recently to subscribers:

"KITEBOARDING has ceased publication with the FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012 issue.

All subscribers will have the remainder of their KITEBOARDING subscription transferred to TRANSWORLD SURF with the APRIL 2012 issue. If you have any other queries, please call 1-386-447-6307 or email us at kiteboard@emailcustomerservice.com."

And head editor at Windsurfing Magazine posted this recently on a windsurfing forum:

Hey everyone,

Word is getting around, and I wanted to be the one to tell the iWindsurf community.

WINDSURFING magazine will be suspending publication for the upcoming year.

There's still quite a few details I'm not sure about, and our team is still quite a bit in shock.

I'm sure there will be a press release next week. We've spent this week telling our advertisers and contributors. (Sorry if we haven't gotten to all of you yet - there's a lot!)

It's been a great run. We are part of an amazing community, that I'm sure will continue, even without the magazine. Windsurfing will always be the most incredible sport in my world, and, I'm sure, yours too.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me yet, but I will continue to be a member of this community, and continue to be on the water with you guys.

I'm off to the mountain for some decompression and get my mind off the thing. Will check back later.

All the best in the wind,

Josh Sampiero

DaNews Blog reports the following:

"In 1980, Terry Snow, founder and owner of World Publishing, started his second magazine: WindRider. In 1990, they bought out their sole competitor, Windsurf and merged the 2 into the renamed WindSurfing. World Publishing was bought out by Swedish media giant, Bonnier Corp. in 2006. Just 5 years later:

"Bonnier Corp. has announced it will suspend publication of WindSurfing and Kiteboarding magazines. Due to a continual decline and consolidation in the windsurfing and kiteboarding markets, the magazines have been placed on hiatus, effective immediately. The Feb./March 2012 edition of Kiteboarding, currently in production, will be produced and distributed."

They believe the growth potential, increased revenue from advertising, subscriptions and counter sales, did not warrant the continuation of the 30 year old institution. This does not mean the sport is declining rather we are just growing too slowly for a company like Bonnier to stay in the windsurfing entertainment business. They, like all print businesses, continue to adjust their operations seeking to find balance between a finely honed, matured modus operandi and the new digital future. In the end, windsurfing was viewed as too small a market. The abrupt closing surprised everyone in the sport.

WS Mag had just relocated to Hood River in 2011 and shared an office (also closing) with Kiteboarding, the other magazine in their Bonnier Group. A check of the corporate website showed they were quickly erasing names. Former editor, Josh Sampiero, is already searching for new horizons which could potentially include staying in the windsurfing industry. "The sport of windsurfing and WINDSURFING magazine changed my life," says Josh. "It took me all over the world, introduced me to incredible people, and gave me the life many dream of, and for that, I'll always be grateful. And no matter what, I'll always be a windsurfer." The WS Mag website will also close. There was no comment about the possibility of selling WS Mag. Officially, they will retain their property with the hope they might reconstitute it in the future if market conditions warrant. But this seemed a fairly far fetched idea after talking with Dean Turcol, VP Corporate Communications for Bonnier Corp. He put the circulation for 2011 around 25,000.

The latest and possibly the last WS Mag Email Newsletter did not mention anything about the closing. Turcol said: "Current subscribers will receive a notice that they will receive TransWorld Surf for the duration of their subscription. However, if they do not wish to receive TransWorld Surf, they may select an alternate Bonnier-produced magazine."