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PD Staff
01-27-2012, 11:40 AM

Steve Thorp is now the fastest windsurfer in the world. The British sailor has set a new world speed windsurfing record by reaching the 50.48 knots, at West Kirby, England, on the 3rd January 2012.


"This is kinda old news but it's now official. My times from the 3rd of January at West Kirby have been ratified by the guys at the awesome website gpsspeedsurfing.com.

I wore 2 gps units on the day and had a 54knot peak on one and a 50.6 on the other. Obviously they couldn't both be right and in the end it was found that the faster time was a spike due to the gps loosing a satelite or two for a few moments (possibly due to the extreme acceleration and chop, combined with the weather). This shows the importance of wearing two gps and getting the tracks looked at and ratified by the experts

My second gps was fine, and still gave me the fastest '2 second max' time ever on gp3s of 50.48 knots! Obviously I'm beyond chuffed with that. The funny thing is, it only puts me 4th on the gps ranking for 2012 (and the British ladder) -three of the Dutch guys had better 10 second average times (the ranking is done on the average of your 5 best times over 10 second period); Jacques van der Hout, Jurjen van der Noord and Hans Kreisel as seen top right of the pic.

I guess it's cool to be topping the max speed ranking as a 76kg sailor and must give the regular sized speedies a bit of hope. I do try and 'supersize' myself by always wearing 12kg of lead, and I'm very conscious that my kit has to be as efficient as possible. I now use a 40cm wide very light board and a tiny asymetric17cm fin, but still try and hang onto as much sail as everyone else.

I do struggle to sail a tight course as the gusts try to open up the sail and lift me off my feet, and sometimes I feel like I just don't have the levers to drive the board to it's max, but my solution to this has always been to bear off and go 'with the wind'. It's possible that my light weight actually helps with the max speed as I'll theoretically be quicker to accelerate -as my Dad says 'like Pedrosa'! but then quicker to decelerate in the chop or lulls.

I've definitely found very broad courses are where I do well, but they rarely produce epic times due to the death chop that builds almost imediately."


GPS Speed Surfing Site (http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/default.aspx?mnu=rankings&Year=-&Tab=0&Gender=0&WeightClass=0&AgeClass=0&SpeedType=8)