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06-15-2012, 09:15 PM
49 registered boats LINK (http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registrant_list.php?regatta_id=4774&custom_report_id=85)

34 x Hobie 16
15 x Hobie 20

Saturday is a boat weigh-in
Sunday is a boat weigh-in and practice race(s).

Monday, first race

NOR (PDF (http://www.hcana.hobieclass.com/site/hobie/hcana/downloads/nors/2012/2012H16-H20NACNOR.pdf?MenuID=Major%5FEvents%2F10814%2F0%2F %2C2012%5FHobie%5F16%5F%40%5F20%5FNorth%5FAmerican s%2Fc10844%2F3163%2F))

SI's (PDF (http://www.hcanamembers.com/2012Hobie16-20NAsSIs06-05-2012.pdf))

06-16-2012, 09:03 PM
If it is going to be blowing anything like today around Knox, I sure hope they have plenty of chase boats. That or try to get all the racing done before noon.

06-19-2012, 10:25 AM
If it is going to be blowing anything like today around Knox, I sure hope they have plenty of chase boats. That or try to get all the racing done before noon.
The first three (3) races are on the books and the results are posted online (LINK - RegattaNetwork (http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=4774&show_crew=1)).

The HCNA website was updated with a race and weather report LINK (http://www.hobieclass.com/news.asp).

"Our PRO was only measuring 20ish from his position but it was 25+ at the top of the course. The tide had switched to ebb for the third race substantially increasing the wave action"

Pictures from the 2011 race area are online at Sausalito Yacht Club (Picture.LINK (http://www.sausalitoyachtclub.org/photos/sail-sausalito-2011-hobie-division-3-points-regatta/)).

06-19-2012, 10:30 AM
Fellow Ricans are dominating after day1. Nice Job.


Quique has been delivering lessons for over 25 years!

06-19-2012, 05:50 PM

a few clickys from todays sailing...on the water tomorrow for some betterer shiznit...








06-20-2012, 10:23 PM

Some eye candy from today...sorry, the processor on the puter and between my ears is maxing out at present..

More later...eeeerrrrppp...ahhh..





Full Gallery! (http://h2oshots.smugmug.com/Sailing/2012-Hobiecat-North-Americans/23696190_LDCLjH)

06-21-2012, 01:43 PM
Wow, nice sailing, nice pictures, amazing colors. The string sails and white sails look ho-hum compared to the color.

What is the fleet preference, wet suit or dry suit?

Tequila Bob
06-21-2012, 07:39 PM
I imagine I'll be seeing alot of these guys up at Huntington Lake next weekend (june 30-July1) for the Commodores Cup. The Moore 24 fleet joins them on the lake that weekend. I'd be fun to hitch a ride on one of these during the week. Hobie 16s are a blast!

F18 5150
06-21-2012, 09:36 PM
Tequila Bob
I will be at Huntington Lake Thursday 28th, Friday 29th if you want a ride on a Hobie Tiger. Blue sails #5150. Also there is a funsail at Woodward Resevoir this weekend with fleet 20 in Oakdale Ca..

Tequila Bob
06-22-2012, 01:06 PM
Tequila Bob
I will be at Huntington Lake Thursday 28th, Friday 29th if you want a ride on a Hobie Tiger. Blue sails #5150. Also there is a funsail at Woodward Resevoir this weekend with fleet 20 in Oakdale Ca..

Wow, That'd be great. Thurs & Fri are play days for me. Racing starts for us on Saturday. 5150?? Isn't that the police code for crazy?

Tequila Bob
06-22-2012, 01:20 PM
BTW, I'll be on Moore 24 #55 Mercedes. We're hoping to secure a dock up by the starting line.

F18 5150
06-22-2012, 01:45 PM
Racing for us starts Saturday too. We will probably be there Thursday early to rig and set up then either go to the hot springs or go sailing. Then Friday do the other that we missed on Thursday. I am staying in Dear Creek Camp ground 024 silver F-250 with a camper in the bed. i'm a big blonde guy and have 2 little white doge and my wife with me.

Both weekend offers are open for rides to anyone that wants to try a small cat.

Yes 5150 is code for involuntary commitment due to mental incompetence. All have been warned sailing on my boat you may get wet. Life jackets are required at all times on my boat.
( I'm Crazy not Stupid )

Tequila Bob
06-22-2012, 02:28 PM
Hey Rich, That's mighty nice of you - I'd love to go for blast out on the lake. We'll be arriving on Tuesday afternoon; camping in Kinnikinick(Rancheria is closed for renovation) and setting the boat up either Tuesday PM or Weds AM. Alot depends on what my wife wants to do on our laydays, but definately will try to hook up with you. Do you keep the boat on the beach at the ramp? or over at the campground? Yep, lifejackets required. I'm a middle-aged(read grey hair) of average height and build.

06-22-2012, 02:36 PM


2012 Hobie 16 and 20 North Americans

The Sausalito Yacht Club held host to the 2012 Edition of the Hobie 16 /20 North Americans this week and did so in splendid fashion. The 16’ beach cats, originally built in 1965 by surfer turned sailor, Hobie Alter from Laguna Beach, have sold over 100, 000 units world wide. While the San Fraqncisco Bay has held Hobiecat events in years past, usually at locations with beaches ( Coyote Point, Alameda, Santa Cruz, Monterey) the Sausalito water front was an unusual choice, considering the lack of large stretch of sand with sideshore conditions. The original intent was Crissy Field, “ But we ran into snags with the scheduling” Says Rich McViegh from Laurel Maryland, who is providing the day reports for the class, as well as competing himself.


A total of 50 boats from across the western hemisphere signed up for the regatta, which has a bit uof a cult/ family following. “We are really on big happy family, “says Rich “and these yearly championships are always well attended no matter how far we travel” Indeed, the registration list of the 34 Hobie 16 and 16 Hobie 20 contestants runs the gamut from San Paulo,Brazil, to San Juan ,Puerto Rico North to New Jersey, west to Washington State and south to Encinitas, California and all points in between. The attraction to the class is it’s low cost, easy to maintain, easy to launch fun, and the ability for weekend Joes to compete against World Class Sailors, such as Enrique (Quique) Figueroa, who has just demolished the competition with straight bullets in every race thus far. “ QuiQue is super-human” says Rich, “We just cannot seem to figure a way to catch him, but it is great fun trying”



Quique, is on of 3 Figueroa’s form Puerto Rico, yet they are all unrelated. It seems Figueroa and beach cats are as common in Puerto Rico as “ Smiths” and Fords are in the US. The legenday Quique has won 4 gold medals in the Central America-Carribean games, and placed just ahead of James Melvin in the Tornado class in the 1988 Olympic games, and placed 7th on the 2004 Olympic Games in the Tornado, just behind Darren Bundock and Mitch Booth, names which might ring a bell to you AC 45 followers.



Utilzing Dunphy Park in Sausalito as the launching area and the Sausalito YC as the HQ, the sailors have found Sausalito a pleasant venue, despite the lack of vast sideshore beach conditions the beach cats prefer. The sailing area off Knox on Angel Island up to mark near Little Harding has provided the crews with a plethora of conditions ranging from cold and windy, to warm and windy, to very windy. On Thursday where conditions got a bit marginal, hitting the low 30s and capsizing many a cat before the RC called it a day. We love the wind, but these cats perform best in 15-20 knots,” explains Rich “ A lot of teams are really pushing themselves to stay in the race”

Looking back, there is only one cat faster than Quique on the water this week!

From Monday through Thursday the RC has managed to squeeze off 10 races for the 16’s, and 9 races for the 20’s. As of the writing, Quique and crewmember Christian Maysonet have rolled off 10 bullets in the 16’ class, and are 30 points ahead of fellow countrymen Francisco Figueroa & Jolliam Berrios, 30 points back. In the Bay Area heavy Hobie 20' Class, Mark & Tiffany Lewis from Pine Grove California hold a narrow lead over Phil and Beverly Collins of Piedmont Okalhoma 12 points to 20, with Bay Area local, Tim and James Parsons from the Richmond Yacht Club in 3rd with 35 points.


It’s almost time to select the host of the 2014 Hobie 16 and 20 Worlds, which is usually assigned to more tropical locations, but the SF Bay Area and it’s magical winds have a certain je ne sais quoi, combined with the mystique of sailing in the shadow of the Americas Cup 45’ and 72 catamarans, the Bay just might find itself front and center for another World Championship event. We hope so!

Results Thus Far (http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=4774&show_crew=1)

Rich McVeigh's Daily Reports (http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/showthread.php?2574-Hobie-16-20-North-Americans-Sausalito-YC-June-16-22-2012&p=24376#post24376)

Event Site (http://www.hcana.hobieclass.com/default.asp?MenuID=Major_Events/10814/0/,2012_Hobie_16_@_20_North_Americans/c10844/3163/)

Full Gallery (http://h2oshots.smugmug.com/Sailing/2012-Hobiecat-North-Americans/23696190_LDCLjH)

06-22-2012, 02:51 PM
Press Release for immediate release

Day 4 in Sausalito delivered cool temperatures and strong winds. Racing began at approximately11:30 AM with 54 degrees and 22 knots of wind. The wind quickly increased to 25-30 at the weather mark but racing was close. At one point the second, third and fourth place boats pitch poled and went into a righting race. Mark Modderman was chastising his crew for not getting the righting line out fast enough. Ryan (his crew) responded that he was trying to breathe but Mark pointed out that "breathing was optional, just get the righting line before the boat goes upside down." Only one race was completed today as the wind increased to 30+ after the completion of the first race. The protest committee was in action last night and a few fiberglass repairs were needed, while we socialized at Sausalito Yacht Club.

In the 16 class, Enrique (Quique) FIGUEROA/Christian MAYSONET (PUR) continue to lead with all bullets, Francisco FIGUEROA/Jolliam BERRIOS (PUR) remain in second. In the 20 class Mark LEWIS/Tiffany LEWIS (USA) continue to lead followed by Phil COLLINS/Bev COLLINS (USA).

Racing continues through Friday.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************

Day 3 in Sausalito delivered 75 degrees, full sun and 15-25 knots of wind. San Francisco Bay provided amazing sailing conditions today with epic views of Alcatraz and the San Francisco city front.. Racing started at approximately 11:30 AM in 15 knots. The wind increased as the day went on with the third race of the day saied in 20-25 knots. We had a strong flood tide all day and starting was a challenge, with most of the fleet dip starting. USA76 from the last cup and AC45 Red Bull visited us on the course today. Competitors all got a close up on the AC45 as they crossed the course.

In the 16 class Enrique FIGUEROA/Christian MAYSONET (PUR) continue to dominate with nine bullets followed by Francisco FIGUEROA/Jolliam BERRIOS (PUR). In the 20 class Mark LEWIS/Tiffany LEWIS (USA) continue to lead followed by Phil COLLINS/Bev COLLINS (USA)

************************************************** ************************************************** ******
Day 2 of the 2012 Championships delivered lake sailing at it's best on San Francisco Bay. The marine layer was weak last night and we had full sun and warmer conditions but not much of a thermal. The sail out of Richardson Bay to the course was painfully slow this morning. There is a mountain at the entrance to the bay and this creates a big hole with no wind that we have to cross to reach the racing area. We can see the wind line but it's really slow getting to it, then you take off. There was a short postponement this morning as the fleet had such a slow sail to the racing area. The course was again set just west of Angel Island with the weather mark near the north tower of the Golden Gate. Winds were again from the west but varied from 3 to 18 knots usually all in the same leg. The gate and start finish boat seemed to often be in a big hole but usually it was windy at the A mark. Finding the wind lanes and staying in them was the challenge of the day. The south side of the course typically had much more wind. The AC45's visited us again today and we got much closer view.

In the 16 fleet Enrique (Quique) FIGUEROA/Christian MAYSONET (PUR) continue to lead with all firsts, followed by Francisco FIGUEROA/Jolliam BERRIOS (PUR). In 20 class Mark LEWIS/Tiffany LEWIS (USA) lead followed by Phil COLLINS/Bev COLLINS (USA).

************************************************** ************************************************** ************

Day 1 at Hobie 16 & Hobie 20 North American Championships began today in Sausalito, CA
Races started promptly at noon today. Initially it was a bit foggy and the wind was not fully filled in. The course was set just west of Angel Island with the weather mark just to the right center of the Golden Gate. The first race saw winds of 10-20 from the SW. Staying in the breeze was the challenge for the first race. The fog cleared for the second race and the thermal came in. The wind was more stable but also stronger. The third race of the day was in strong wind. Our PRO was only measuring 20ish from his position but it was 25+ at the top of the course. The tide had switched to ebb for the third race substantially increasing the wave action.

Enrique (Quique) FIGUEROA/Christian MAYSONET (PUR) lead the 16 class followed by Francisco FIGUEROA/ Jolliam BERRIOS (PUR). In 20 class George PEDRICK/Gene HARRIS (USA) lead followed by Mark ZIMMER/Kim COOPER (USA).

Results (http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=4774&show_crew=1)

06-23-2012, 09:20 AM
Oracle should give the winners a ride on the 45s.

06-25-2012, 08:55 AM
Oracle should buy the winners their own Island