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PD Staff
06-20-2012, 09:20 AM

Local bay area skiff and ultralight sailors Finn Nilsen, Alek Nilsen, Antoine Screve, James Moody, Megan Hayes, have joined forces to form the 3rd Youth Americas Cup team, Team City Front.

"The idea of a youth Americas Cup a year ago was thought to be a impossibility. Subjects such as cost and the skill level of youth sailors have always challenged this idea. But thanks to Red Bull and the Americas Cup organization the impossible has been accomplished. The Red Bull Youth Americas Cup will be taking place August through September 2013 featuring ten teams from all over the world. All teams who are skilled and lucky enough to be accepted into the event will race the high octane AC 45's and will compete on the treacherous San Francisco Bay. However, the home city will be allowed to submit its own Youth team. This means that there will be two teams from the U.S: Team USA, and Team San Francisco Bay.

We are hoping to be the Team representing San Francisco Bay..."


"Our Team is made up of individuals who have greatly excelled to the top in youth sailing and national events all over the world. Most of the sailors on Team City Front are skiff sailors; who have raced in boats such as the 29er and 49er. These Boats take a great amount of instinct and skill to handle, qualities that will be required when racing the AC 45. Another part of this team that differentiates itself from the competition is the fact we are all from the San Francisco Bay. We have all grown up training with the heavy westerly winds and the notoriously strong tides that make the sailing arena of the San Francisco Bay so very challenging. There are only a hand-full of locations around the world that match San Francisco Bay’s conditions and we feel lucky to have learned how to sail in such ideal conditions. To take on an AC 45 in our backyard gives us a fantastic advantage as well as a distinct privilege.

However, the AC 45's are a special kind of sail boat, a boat that is new to us and the sailing world. The challenges that we will face are going to be tremendous. But being skiff sailors from the bay, we feel ready to take on all obstacles that will arise and are excited for such an amazing opportunity."


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Do either of the SF candidate teams have YC affiliations, directly or indirectly ?

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The American Youth Sailing Force has a bay area YC affiliation directly. Tune in next week when we announce our yc affiliation

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Mateo and Megan








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