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PD Staff
08-18-2012, 10:11 AM
CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. (August 17, 2012) - Sailing conditions deviated from the ordinary on the Columbia River Gorge at the US Youth Championships, the third day of competition at this US Sailing National Championship. Sailors were greeted with two days of whistling breeze on Wednesday and Thursday. However, fleets were challenged in much lighter breezes on Friday, and ultimately, racing was cut short. usysc 3 12 rls

The Radial fleet got things started off today. Their opening race was shortened due to rapidly dying breeze, and eventually they were sent back to shore. Mitchell Kiss (Holland, Mich.) continues to creep further away from the rest of the fleet. Kiss won the only race of the day for the Radials to extend his lead to 15 points over Erika Reineke (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.). She was third in today’s race.

The 29er division was the only group to complete two races today. Scott Buckstaff (Belvedere, Calif.) and James Moody (Tiburon, Calif.) posted a 7-4 scoring line today to increase their lead to 17 over Antoine Screve (Ross, Calif.) and Mac Agnese (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.).

There was no racing for the Lasers today. Greg Martinez (Houston, Texas) has won five out of eight races, and he leads Daniel DelBello (Bedford, N.Y.) by six points and Ian Ikeda (Duxbury, Mass.) by seven.

The Club 420 division was also shut out of racing on Friday. Esteban Forrer (Coronado, Calif.) and Daniel Ron (Houston, Texas) remain in a tie for first with Max Simmons (Rowayton, Conn.) and Riley Legault (Bonita Springs, Fla.). The two teams will wait another day to make their final efforts at this prestigious title.

Conditions were extremely hot and light today with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. The Race Committee is planning to start promptly at 10:30 a.m. PDT, and will attempt to complete two races for all four fleets.


An overview of the first day of racing at the US Sailing Youth Championship at the Columbia River Gorge. Sailors finished three races in four classes: Club 420, 29er, Laser Full Rig and Laser Radial. Racing continues through Saturday.


The Gorge delivers even more wind on the second day of the 2012 US Sailing Youth Championship with gusts in the twenties. Plenty of fast sailing with a few wipeouts mixed in. Leaders emerge in some fleets while some races remain neck and neck going into day 3.


Lack of breeze kept half of the fleets ashore on Day 3 of the 2012 US Sailing Youth Championship in Cascade Locks, OR. The Radial fleet caught up, finishing its 7th race before the breeze died to a level too low for all but the speedy 29ers, who managed two races. The 420's and Lasers were on-call but never made an appearance on the racecourse. Saturday wraps up competition at this year's event.