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When are we going to hear if the Louis Vuitton series is going to come to the US ?

I heard San Diego is lobbying for it, as is San Francisco.

Seems like it would be a logical choice - maybe we'll hear something soon.

An event next year would be great.

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Time to pay attention folks...

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Personally think they are overpriced and gaudy, but if chicks dig em, why not?

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May 9, 2010


SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco could host the Louis Vuitton Trophy series in September 2011 — a $5 million event that could bring between 300,000 and 500,000 people to The City, according to Marcus Young, commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club and chairman of the Louis Vuitton Trophy San Francisco 2011 Committee.

The two-week Louis Vuitton sailing races occur four times a year in different parts of the globe. They involve 10 racing teams who race each other using the same four boats.
The last time San Francisco hosted something similar was in 2003, when the Moet Cup was raced in the Bay for a week, attracting more than 100,000 people to The City’s waterfront.
San Francisco is in the running for the race against San Diego and other cities, Young said.
The committee consists of representatives from both Golden Gate and St. Francis yacht clubs, as well as the Port of San Francisco, The City and BMW Oracle Racing, which won the America’s Cup on Golden Gate’s behalf in February.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has issued a letter of support as well, according to Kyri McClellon, a project manager in the mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development.
The City is hoping to host the next America’s Cup, but that decision won’t come down until the end of the year. The decision for the Louis Vuitton series will most likely come by August.
San Francisco has proposed to host the 2011 event between Sept. 17 and Oct. 1.
McClellon said bagging the Louis Vuitton could spell good things for The City.

“It would be tremendous to have this type of race here on the Bay,” she said. “It would be an opportunity to demonstrate that region can once again deliver a world-class sporting event.”
Young said the event is “definitely a moneymaker” for the cities that host them.
“People travel from all over — some come for the beginning, some for the end,” he said. “From a tourism spectator view, it’s got legs.”

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05-19-2010, 10:52 AM
Louis Vuitton La Maddalena Sardinia


The 3rd stop in the Louis Vuitton Circuit begins this Saturday in the Mediterranean port of La Maddelena, and will run through June 6th. The are two more stops scheduled, one in Dubai UAE in November and the final in Hong Kong in January 2011. With SF in the mix to host a series in late September 2011 and SF Sailors and campaigns deeply in the mix, interest among match racing and non match racing sailors and fans will no doubt be at a premium.


Here’s a primer:

The Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena is built around an innovative race format that has been developed to allow all teams the greatest opportunity to advance to the next step, while at the same time rewarding teams who do well with second chances. Initially, each team will sail every other team once in a single round robin.

The top eight teams will advance to the next stage and the round robin seeding will continue to be used in later stages, so doing well in the round robin will have its rewards. In the middle elimination rounds, top-ranked teams are matched against the lower ranked teams – that’s one of the rewards for doing well early – and the winning teams keep advancing, through to a semi final and final.

The ten teams will take turns racing on four equalised America’s Cup Class boats: two have been provided by BMW Oracle Racing (USA 87 and USA 98) and two by Mascalzone Latino Audi Team (ITA 90 and ITA 99). They will be fine-tuned by the shore team to make best use of the skills of the helmsmen and tacticians.


All images above courtesy BMWOracle Gilles Martin-Raget

Luna Rossa-Ed Baird, Torben Grael
Mascalzone Latino – Gavin Brady – Morgan Larson
All Four One- Jochen Schümann John Cutler
Emirates Team New Zealand- Dean Barker-Ray Davies
Aleph- Bertrand Pacé-Fred Guillemin
Artemis-Paul Cayard-Terry Hutchinson
Team Origin-Ben Ainslie -Ian Percy
Azzura -Francesco Bruni- Tommaso Chieffi
BMW Oracle-James Spithill- John Kostecki
Synegy-Karol Jablonski- Rod Dawson

All images below © Paul Todd/OUTSIDEIMAGES.CO.NZ




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05-21-2010, 09:39 AM

Teams all set for the start of the LV tommorow in Sardina

BMW Oracle trimmer Ross Halcrow interviewed here

Official Press Release:

The BMW ORACLE Racing team is ready to return to Louis Vuitton Trophy action in La Maddalena, Sardinia. 10 teams will battle for supremacy over the two-week regatta, racing off one of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular coastlines.

Competing on equalised America’s Cup Class boats (two of which have been provided by the team – USA 98 and USA 87), in Cup style match racing, the Louis Vuitton Trophy provides an important measuring stick for the team as itreturns to monohull racing following its America’s Cup win in February.

“It’s really exciting to get back on the water and race against all of the teams again,” said skipper James Spithill (AUS). “It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve been in a competition like this.”

BMW ORACLE Racing missed the most recent Louis Vuitton Trophy in Auckland as the team focused on its America’s Cup Match.

“I had a chance to see some of the racing in Auckland and it was all at a very high level,” Spithill continued. “This will be a good test for us to compete against many of the teams who are potential challengers in the next America’s Cup.”

The team racing in La Maddalena features several new faces, including navigator Ian Moore (GBR), who comes to the team after stints with Emirates Team New Zealand and TeamOrigin.
The full crew list for La Maddalena:
Bow - Brad Webb
Mid Bow - Ryan Godfrey
Mast - Shannon Falcone
Pit - Matthew Mason
Port Grind - Brian MacInnes
Starboard Grind - Jono Macbeth
Main Grind - Joe Spooner
Upwind Trim - Ross Halcrow
Downwind Trim - Joey Newton
Main Trim - Dirk de Ridder
Traveler/Up Mast - Mark Mendelblatt
Skipper - James Spithill
Tactician - John Kostecki
Runner Strategy - Michele Ivaldi
Navigator - Ian Moore
Aft Grind - Simeon Tienpont
Aft Grind - Gillo Nobili
Coach/Afterguard - Philippe Presti

Racing is scheduled to start on Saturday May 22ndand runs through June 6th. The regatta format includes an opening Round Robin, followed by two elimination rounds, a semi final and final. Full team coverage will be on the team blog at http://bmworacleracingblog.blogspot.com and there will be live streaming coverage of the regatta at www.louisvuittontrophy.com.

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http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs574.snc3/31297_396771510810_168635420810_4707750_4936087_n. jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs534.ash1/31297_396771500810_168635420810_4707749_887605_n.j pg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs534.ash1/31297_396771490810_168635420810_4707747_2404817_n. jpg

http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs594.snc3/31297_396771480810_168635420810_4707746_1448968_n. jpg

All photos courtesy ©Gilles Martin Raget BMW Oracle

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Skippers of the ten international teams drew for race pairings during a press conference that followed the official opening ceremony.

A match between the Italian teams Mascalzone Latino Audi and Azzurra will be the second start of the day and is expected to attract close attention because Mascalzone is the Challenger of Record for the next America’s Cup. The third race will see BMW Oracle Racing, the current holder of the America’s Cup, competing against Emirates Team New Zealand. Later in the day the Swedish team Artemis will race Emirates Team New Zealand.

Yves Carcelle, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton welcomed everyone to the event and forecast that it would be great for the sailors and great for the public alike. He offered his thanks to officials of the region for making the regatta possible.

Vincenzo Onorato, Chairman of Mascalzone Latino offered his own welcome to all of the competing teams and added: “A special welcome is for Oracle which just won the America’s Cup. This is very important because this is the first time that we all have a chance to challenge James (Spithill) and his wonderful team.”

The pairings are:

Flight One, Match One: Aleph vs TEAMORIGIN
Flight One, Match Two: Mascalzone Latino vs Azzurra.
Flight Two, Match One: BMW Oracle Racing vs Emirates Team New Zealand
Flight Two, Match Two: Luna Rossa vs All4One
Flight Three, Match One: Synergy Russian Sailing Team vs Mascalzone Latino
Flight Three, Match Two: Artemis vs Emirates Team New Zealand

Racing is scheduled to start with a warning signal at 10:00 local time (GMT+2).

05-25-2010, 08:51 AM
Looks like Cayard beat his former syndicate this AM

If they do bring the LV to San Francisco, will these aging boats be up to SF conditions?

05-25-2010, 08:54 AM

How much of this can they take?

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05-25-2010, 09:18 AM
Just In From BMW Oracle:

Bad news for the team's shore crew as both BMW ORACLE Racing boats, USA 87 and USA 98 suffered significant damage during a prestart collision between Aleph and Azzurra.

Mark Turner and Wolfgang Chamberlain and co. are hard at work assessing the extent of the damage but it is quite significant. No word yet on when and if the boats will be able to sail again in this regatta.

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06-01-2010, 03:05 PM
The loss of their two boats and now elimination all but certain, BMW Oracle looks forward to better times ahead.

01 June 2010

Big day for Artemis. In our only match of the day, which did not get underway until 1830, we beat Emirates Team New Zealand by 17 seconds to take solo possession of first place overall.

After a tough pre-start with Artemis entering from the left side on port tack, Dean Barker, helmsman of ETNZ, had control of us. Terry Hutchinson was cool and patient as ETNZ eventually got uncomfortable and went away. ENTZ then picked a nice lay line to the starboard end of the line and we had no choice but to start to leeward on starboard.

Again we were patient and slowly gained on the Kiwis from the left side. They tacked and we followed closely and pinned them out to the starboard lay line. The Kiwis had a go at us at the top mark with a flag but the umpires green flagged it. From there we kept to the right side on the run and got around the gate in good shape with the Kiwis following us by two lengths.

Up the second beat, we played the shifts and stretched to an 8 boat length lead. That made the final run a bit easier. A nice win for Artemis and we move to 6 points from 8 races.

In other racing, Mascalzone lost to BMW Oracle in the first race then stole one off of the French who mismanaged that last 400 meters of the race when they were leading by two lengths.

All racing took place in about 15-20 knots from the northwest. It is always shifty in the Maddalena channel and sometimes there are even two, slightly different breeze directions within the race track. That is called “split breeze”.
Tactician's nightmare!

In the third race, Luna Rossa beat Aleph, in the fourth race BMW Oracle beat Azzurra, then Azzurra beat TeamOrigin.

We have one more race tomorrow against All4One and that will be the last match of the round robin. The line up tomorrow will be good:

Mascalzone vs. Team Origin
All4One vs. Aleph
Emirates Team NZ vs. Mascalzone
Artemis vs. All4One

Once the round robin is complete, we will move into the 1/4 finals. It is unlikely we will finish the quarter finals on Wednesday and Thursday so there will be a premium on finishing the round robin 1st or 2nd.

To watch the racing live visit www.artemisracing.com and for complete results visit www.louisvuittontrophy.com


Sweden's Artemis climbed to the lead of the Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena today with a victory over Emirates Team New Zealand.

After six races in winds ranging from 15 to 20 knots the scoreboard now shows Artemis first with six points, and Emirates Team New Zealand and SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team equal second with five points. Only eight teams will qualify for the quarter finals.

With just four races remaining in the round robin, America’s BMW Oracle Racing and the French ALEPH Racing Team, with ninth and tenth places respectively, are on the outside, looking in.

James Spithill and Oracle, the winners of the America’s Cup, decisively won races today against Italy’s Mascalzone Latino and Azzurra, but the late improvement in form still left them in ninth place. With all their races complete the Americans are effectively eliminated.

The mistral winds had eased and conditions were perfect for racing this morning under sunny skies. The first race of the day started in 15 knots of northwest wind after a short delay. The breeze continued to build but after Oracle beat Azzurra in winds that gusted over 20 knots, organizers ordered a delay until conditions eased.

Round Robin Provisional Results after Tuesday Racing

=1. Artemis, 6-2, 6 points
=2. Emirates Team New Zealand, 5-3, 5 points

=2. Synergy Russian Sailing Team, 5-4, 5 points
=4. Mascalzone Latino Audi Team, 5-2, 4 points *

=4. All4One, 4-3, 4 points

=4. Azzurra, 4-5, 4 points

=4. TEAMORIGIN, 4-3, 4 points
8. Luna Rossa, 3-6, 3 points
9. BMW Oracle Racing Team, 3-6, 3 point
=10. ALEPH Sailing Team, 2-6, -2 points *

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06-03-2010, 02:40 PM
03 Jun, 2010
Semi finalists decided for Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena
Five races confirmed four powerful semi-finalists today for the Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena. They are the French/German boat All4One, Sweden"s Artemis, Emirates Team New Zealand and SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team.
Match races over the next three days in Version 5 America’s Cup boats off the Sardinian island of La Maddalena will determine the outcome of the two-week series. Tomorrow, Artemis will meet Team New Zealand and All4One will race SYNERGY.

One quarter-final was decided today. Fifth-placed SYNERGY defeated fourth-placed Mascalzone Latino two races to one. The only races sailed in the shifty northwest breeze were the last two of the round robin and those of the single quarter-final.

The remaining three boats went through to the semi-finals based on their performances in the round robin. All4One, in fourth place on Tuesday, won the round robin today, after defeating Sweden’s Artemis which had led on points throughout the week. The Swedish boat finished the round second. Emirates Team New Zealand finished the round third after defeating Mascalzone Latino today.

All4One, a new team this season, finished the round with a 6-3 record, winning their last four races, handing defeats to top-seeds Artemis and Emirates Team New Zealand in the process.

“We’re a very small team,” said tactician John Cutler. “There are only 19 of us total in the whole team and so we enjoy sailing together. When we’ve been sailing well, which we have in this regatta, a win is a big thing. Artemis is a strong team and they were the top boat coming into this race. So any time you can beat a good boat you always feel pleased about it.”

Flight Eighteen, Race Two: Emirates Team New Zealand def. Mascalzone Latino, 01:05 – It was only four metres, and it was the race! Mascalzone Latino was over the line early and skipper Gavin Brady’s race against the Kiwi boat steered by Dean Barker was effectively over. Brady tacked and ducked back but after he restarted on port tack, ETNZ was already 200 metres ahead and covering in the 15 knot northwester. Before the gun, the pin end was favored and the boats approached it on starboard at speed with the Italians to weather. “Our timing was perfect and they were bow out and pushed over,” said Ray Davies, the Kiwi tactician. The margin was nearly 300 metres at the first mark and at the finish.

Flight Fifteen, Race One: All4One def. Artemis, 00:25 After two dialups, Terry Hutchinson and Artemis won a closely-contested start, starting on starboard, bow forward at the committee boat with All4One to leeward. Artemis led by 15 seconds at the top mark after one tack but Sébastien Col closed up on the run to round just eight seconds behind and then gained on the right on the second weather leg, overtaking before they reached the weather mark. “I made a mistake,” said Artemis skipper and tactician Paul Cayard. “Obviously the right was very powerful. There was more wind on the right. The shift stayed in the right. I gave them the right and I gave them the race.”

Quarter-final One, Race One: SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team def. Mascalzone Latino, 00:22 – Karol Jablonski jumped the Russian boat out to a small edge as both boats hit the line at speed right on the gun. Gavin Brady had Mascalzone Latino up next to the committee while Jablonski was midline. Brady sailed his opponent out beyond the port layline in a single tack but SYNERGY slowly lifted up on the Italian boat and was ahead when they tacked. The Russians were ahead by 16 seconds at the top mark and extended from there.

Quarter-final One, Race Two: Mascalzone Latino def. SYNERGY Russian Sailing, 00:35 – The second race start was a mirror of the first with the Italians making an excellent start at speed while the Russians were still coming up to speed. Jablonski, to leeward, tacked early to clear his air but Brady tacked ahead of him, making the most of a persistent right shift that allowed the Italians to extend.

Quarter-final One, Race Three: SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team def. Mascalzone Latino, 00:22 – Protests from both contestants were green-flagged in this rough and tumble start in 12-14 knots of wind. In the second, late in the prestart, Jablonski on starboard luffed Brady up, forcing him to tack. The Russian boat bore off to make a perfectly timed start at the pin while the Italians made two down-speed tacks to struggle off the line at the committee. The Russians were quickly out to a 105 metre lead, lifted up to the port tack layline on a big left shift and continued to sail away.

Round Robin Provisional Results after Thursday Racing

1. All4One, 6-3, 6 points

2. Artemis, 6-3, 6 points
3. Emirates Team New Zealand, 6-3, 6 points

4. Mascalzone Latino Audi Team, 6-3, 5 points *

5. SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team, 5-4, 5 points
6. Azzurra, 4-5, 4 points

7. TEAMORIGIN, 4-5, 4 points
8. Luna Rossa, 3-6, 3 points
9. BMW Oracle Racing Team, 3-6, 3 point
10. ALEPH Sailing Team, 2-7, -2 points *