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The Flash
01-13-2013, 11:24 PM
Well - it seems photo guy wants me to write something up on my new-to-me Multi 23 - so here goes.

I sold Hapa Girl back in the spring, after realizing it just was too much a compromise. After a long period of looking at boats, and even having an offer in on a Seawind 1000, the wife and I came to our senses and realized that given our use patterns, it is more effective to charter a boat like that.

So somehow in my perusals, and looking seriously at formula 28/Kiwi 28 cats, and chats with fellow multi enthusiasts, I became convinced that an inexpensive little rocket was the way to go - so I looked at Multi 23s. Fortunately, a boat was for sale for the last couple of months in LA - and when I enquired, it had just been sold. But - as luck will have it - another of the LA fleet just came on the market, already had an (unaccepted) offer, so I tossed my hat in the ring, and the owner said yes. This was maybe last Wednesday.

I figured with our ski weekends, it was this weekend or never, but Mike at Multi Marine was the broker, and happened to have a demo boat on the trailer for the boat, so he scrambled to swap boats out and had her packed and ready for me on Saturday.

any day, a 4 am wakeup call sucks, this was no different, but I got myself out the door by 5, knowing I promised Mike to see him at 12. Traffic was a non-factor, and I beat my estimate by about 30 minutes.

A couple hours shooting the shit, having a cup of coffee with a former I14 buddy, and I was on the road by 3. Traffic on the 405 was it's normal bitch, but I got through it, and rolled on home. Arrived about 10:30pm, a little dizzy maybe.

Put her together today, sans stepping the mast as my helper had a BAMA meeting to attend.

She's all put together, but I won't see her again till the 3bf, as the boat I'm crewing on is right next door.

746.6 miles, 12 hours and 27 minutes of driving time, average of 60.1 mph and I got 20.1 mpg.11991200

El Capitan
01-14-2013, 05:21 PM
Nice ride! Multi 23 doesn't seem to have much of a US presence, how did you find out about them?

The Flash
01-14-2013, 09:12 PM
lots of chatter about the boats over the past couple of years - and there's one here local that a buddy sailed and can't speak more highly of.

01-15-2013, 01:53 AM




Dutch Rudder
01-15-2013, 10:13 AM
Is that cradle made of Norwegian wood?

F18 5150
04-20-2013, 06:50 PM
Nice fun ride enjoyed interclub #1 as a sheet monkey
Interclub #1

I answered the e-mail for crew needed on a Multi 23 for the Interclub #1. After a few communications we were set to race on Saturday with Greg and Travis on "FLASH". We showed up early to find the boat and get our gear ready. Once we got to the marina it took a while to find the boat and we even ran into Rafi our Hobie buddy getting his boat ready. He offered to take Daisy with him on his boat but we still had to find our ride. We found the slip and finally started to get things in order.
We get the jib on and furled and new spin sheets ready and trimmed. We checked to get all the water out of the hulls and then got dressed out to sail. Rafi came by and offered to have Daisy sail with them but as the weather could build we decided to have an extra set of hands on deck and sail with 4 people. Greg, Daisy, Travis, and I let the air out of the hoist and motored out of the harbor. We set the main and began to make our way to the start in a light wind. We got to the start area and secured the motor and checked in with the race committee.
We waited for the "D"start and were off in the light noon wind trying to make ground against a heavy flood tide. The small sail plan and short water line kept us from making a lot of ground on the larger F-27s and 31s. The fact that centerboard flap door wouldn't close didn't help. We basically had a speed break on the whole time the board was down. We had lost too many positions as the wind began to build and we started to get back some space. We were still deep in the fleet by the windward mark and then as we turned the corner we fouled the kite and lost time getting it set.
Once the kite was up and full we began to make up ground as the Multi 23 really fly's downwind. We had picked up all the fleet and were first to the mark on the downwind leg. Upwind we had the same issues and dropped a few more positions back upwind. On the reach legs we picked up most of the positions back. We turned downwind and with speeds turning up to 19 knots we were first at the last downwind. We managed to hold the position and were first to finish just edging out a couple F-27's. While we dropped down to 3rd on corrected time we did ok for our first time racing with a new skipper. Thanks to Greg and Travis for the time on the water and a great day.
After sailing we went and hung out with a few Bama members at Quinn's lighthouse. We had a nice dinner and made some new friends. Thanks to everyone for making this a nice weekend.

04-22-2013, 02:58 PM
Happy Poops bought din-din @ Quinns?


The Flash
04-22-2013, 07:55 PM
Nope, ran out of wife chits - had to high tail it home.