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The 2013 edition of the the American Windsurf Tour kicked off today at Waddell Creek
with the Goya Windsurfing Festival. Brisk 25 knot winds and a minus tide started the day as the amateurs took to the water seeking sets in the wind swell,
a task easier said than done as they rapidly peaked and faded.

As the afternoon progressed and the incoming tide brought in with it, a building NW swell, the pros began to
pick out the nuggets and launch some sweet aerials and impressive wave rides.




'Uncle Frank" the always smiling Francisco Goya is a super nice guy and one stylish
wave sailor. His company Quattro makes the Porsche of sailboards and Goya Sail's are the sought after wave sails for the discerning wave sailor


Sam Bittner from Maui is responsible for the American Windsurf Tour, now in its 4th year, which brings the Pro Am event to California, Pistol River Or, San Carlos Mexico,
Pacasmayo, Peru, Hatteras North Carolina and winds up on in Ho'ookipa, Hawaii



The event runs through Sunday, but best bets are to get out and check it out Friday or Saturday, as often the heats are completed and as the say, the tour is gone with the wind!




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Now in video form....

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Brawzinho wins the 2013 AWT Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival
Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne claimed his first wave victory by taking the American Windsurfing Tour’s first event of the year… and what an amazing event it was to kick off the 2013 tour. Head judge Keith Teboul fit in a full double elimination contest over three days with an insane amount of action. Let’s get into some of the specifics of what went down just so you can see how incredible this event really was.




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One rider at this event landed FOUR incredibly difficult moves that no one else in the contest even attempted. This set this rider apart to take the $1,000.00 prize for best move, which could have been any of these. Who was the rider? Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne of course! What were the moves? First, you’ve probably already heard about all the Double Forwards he stuck cleanly. Second, his massive one-footed and one-handed Back Loop help him to victory in a tough heat. Third, his Air Chachoo at the end of a heat was simply incredible. Finally, the freestylers out there will be impressed by his Taka Diablo—a Taka with him finishing by ducking the sail behind his head! Congrats to Brawzinho for pushing the limits of wavesailing here at Santa Cruz and earning this award and prize money.

The Double Elimination bracket allows all sailors a chance to comeback in the competition and improve their ranking or possibly take it all. The two sailors who took advantage of this more then any others were Kevin McGillivray and Ferdinando Loffreda. Both started the day tied for 13th with Loffreda moving all the way up to 9th and McGillivray to 8th overall. Advancing through the Double bracket means you have to sail a lot and Camille Juban found his groove landing tweaked Push Loops and stylish wave rides through his five heats advancing his position to 4th overall in the competition.

The Double Elimination ended with head-to-head battles against each of the finalists from the Single bracket. Juban narrowly defeated Morgan Noireaux in the first man-on-man heat earning the right to take on Bernd Roediger. Juban was on a roll and advanced to challenge Levi Siver in the Quarter Final for 3rd place. This was a super close heat with Siver taking out Juban with his Wave360 as the heat came to a close. Both had big jump scores with Siver sticking a nice one-handed Back Loop and Juban nailing a tweaked Push Loop. The semi final saw Brawzinho get a nice one-handed Back Loop while Siver struggled to find his jump early. Brawzinho seemed to start every wave with a new-school Backside 360 and linking it with some nicely connected turns down the line. Siver was throwing buckets of spray and hitting some nice aerials in tough conditions to keep the heat close. Siver finally got his jump, a one-handed Back Loop, with 30-seconds left in the heat, but it wasn’t enough as Brawzinho had better scores and advanced to meet Kevin Pritchard in the final.

The final heat was extended to 14-minutes giving ample time for max scoring two waves and one jump. Pritchard looked to be struggling a bit in the lighter conditions while Brawzinho seemed to be spinning down the line scoring big. Pritchard did manage to find some nice waves and a solid Back Loop but it wasn’t enough to overtake Brawzinho’s jumps and his wave ride with a Taka Diablo. So they had to sail again.

Pritchard looked a lot more on his game in the re-match. His riding was powerful with big hits and some nice aerials. He hit a big one-handed Back Loop and was looking good to take the title. But Brawzinho looked determined nailing an insane Air Chachoo and some incredible new-school wave rides. In the end Brawzinho took it. Congrats to Brawzinho, the AWT Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Tour Pro champion!

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