View Full Version : Clipper Race: A High Seas Reality Show In The Making!

10-16-2013, 11:54 AM

We have often though that the Clipper Around The World Race would make an excellent reality series. With the 24 various crewmembers tossed into a 75' floating incubator, multiplied by 12 boats in close quarter conditions with sailing ranging from the sublime to insane, the human interaction must be as wide ranging as anything you have seen on similar, more controlled environments. But till now, the video and stills taken aboard seem to be lock into secret vaults and hidden from public view.

The case being made that these are actually paid guest's and no one wants to share their low moments, lest they scare away future clientele. Apparently this has now changed and Clipper Race sent out a cool promo piece yesterday announcing a Docu-drama series showing the race and its participants in a way never shown before!

They are still in negotiating phase and dates, show lengths and channels have not yet been cemented, we will keep you posted when the information becomes available!


BBC Worldwide in distribution deal with longest global ocean
adventure around planet 1080 Media TV appointed official host broadcast partner, to
produce action and human adventure series aimed at sports and
factual entertainment channels

TUESDAY 15 OCTOBER 2013, SPORTEL, MONACO: The Clipper Round the World
Yacht Race - the longest global ocean adventure around the planet - has
appointed a new production and distribution team to manage its international
television portfolio: BBC Worldwide will distribute two major series produced
by 1080 Media TV – a 9 x 25” topical sports show capturing the thrills and
spills of this unique 40,000 miles event plus an 8 x 25” factual adventure show
of the unfolding human drama as novices are transformed into seasoned
sailors to tackle some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

“The Clipper Race is a unique event which engages both specialist sports and mass
market audiences, with broad international appeal,” explained Jonathan Levy, Global
Business and Communications Director for Clipper Ventures plc, the rights holder for the Clipper Race. “We have developed a more segmented approach and appointed 1080 Media TV as our host broadcast partner with BBC Worldwide leading on global

The shows are currently in production and were launched this week by BBC Worldwide at Sportel - the world sports media content market held in Monaco. The latest edition of the biennial Clipper Race is its ninth, but now with a brand new bigger fleet and record numbers of crew from all walks of life, men and women, from 18-74+

The 2013-14 edition left from Tower Bridge in London on 1 September and will not return until July2014.
The Clipper Race was established by legendary yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo, non-stop, around the world in 1968-9. His aim was to create theopportunity for ‘ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things’ and remains a veryactive chairman who aims to participate in this year’s Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race,age 74, alongside his Clipper Race fleet making their debut in the Australian classic aspart of this year’s global race.

Danny O’Toole, Head of Sport and Sport Entertainment at BBC Worldwide, commented,
“The Clipper Race has been rapidly growing its international audience and we hope to
see the two new series build on this success. It’s an exciting global event and with so
many interesting people from all walks of life competing, there’s also a compelling
human drama. I’m confident it will appeal to our clients.”

In addition to the two major series, 1080 Media TV will also produce a range of news,
features and live content to supplement Clipper Race press resources, social media and
live streams. The company has a strong track record in covering a wide range of
international sports events including the Americas Cup.