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11-12-2013, 09:25 AM
Record exploded!

Alexandre Caizergues set a new world record speed of 500 meters on Kitesurfer with a average of 56.62 knots on the "Volkswagen Transporter Arena" from "Salt and Speed" located in Salin-de-Giraud. It improves American Rob Douglas's 2010 record by 0.97 knots of 55.65 knots

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"I am delighted. It's great, it's great " says Alex Caizergues. "We validate the capabilities of our spot and" Salt and Speed. " We knew for a while that this could happen, we could go very quickly. In a north wind blowing between 45 and 50 knots, I made ​​at least 15 runs and every time I was over 50 knots. I enjoyed a good burst to accelerate. It is a great satisfaction. Everything is open on Salins still go faster. The team of "Salt and Speed" has done a remarkable job in difficult circumstances, thank you everyone. Rob Douglas chose to skip the beginning of the attempt. I look forward to when the next gust of wind. "

Words can not express the performance of Alex Caizergues in November 11. With an average speed of 56.62 knots on the spot located in saline Salin-de-Giraud, Alex hits very hard and becomes the fastest kitesurfer on the planet after including being the first man to cross the mythical of 100km / h in 2010. The team of "Salt and Speed" was decided last night to open the water when she was announced Wednesday the opening of Act 3 of the event. In a perfect weather situation, Caizergues spent his Nov. 11 to go fast, very, very quickly and demonstrates a talent of extraordinary sports.

Christophe Simian, WSSRC observer, World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council, was on hand. This record is now awaiting final approval by the body.

The "Salt and Speed" is an event organized since last year.

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