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02-13-2014, 12:19 PM

Drew Harper, now working with Sail California indicates the following:

A VERY well equipped J111 seen here heading from Chicago to San Francisco (it's at KKMI now). The new owner plans on racing her one design.
That makes 10 total on Bay, 1 in cruising mode!

Another new J111 heading out from the factory to its new owner, next week.

Eight 111's on the line for 2014 :-) That's Andy McCormick's rig towing the boat, which he uses boats back and forth across the country. Andy plans on modifying the trailer into a multi boat rig so he can haul several smaller boats simultaneously to various events and locals.

Here's the schedule

Regatta Date Host
Spring One Design Mar 15-16 StFYC
J Fest Apr 5-6 StFYC
Vallejo April 26-27 VYC
June Invitational June 7-8 StFYC
2nd Half Opener Aug 2-3 EYC
Aldo Alessio Aug 22-24 StFYC
RBBS Sep 11-14 StFYC
Great Pumpkin Oct 25 RYC

Here's the Fleet#5 Website http://sf-j111.com/racing.htm


On the J-70 fleet Drew indicates:

It’s going to be an exciting year for the J70 class. We’re up and running with a great series of races scheduled for 2014. There are currently 10 on the Bay and 2 more in route.

We're sold out of J70's until the May shipment. We have 4 coming that month that are currently (as of 1/29/14) unspoken for. We'll sell these long before arrival so if you know of anyone interested, please have them reach out to me (Drew), Garett, Norm, Pat, Teri, Dinah or Roger and we will put a boat on hold for them. Only takes $3,000 to hold a boat. http://www.sailcal.com/

Here's the final 2014 J70 Fleet 19 Schedule. Going to be an AWESOME year. Looks like 5 or six boats heading up from SoCal for Elite Keel and Delta Ditch too!

3/8-9 Big Daddy (RYC <only day one scores for season>)
4/5-6 JFest StFYC (BIG PARTY ON US !!!!!)
5/17-18 Elite Keel SFYC (Worlds Qualifier)
5/31 Delta Ditch
6/27-29 LBRW ABYC (Worlds Qualifier)
7/19-20 High Sierra Regatta FYC
8/16-17 Summer Keel SFYC
8/30 Jazz Cup SBYC (another distance race)
9/11-14 RBBS StFYC
10/25-26 Great Pumpkin RYC

Other Key J70 dates
Midwinter’s – January 20-24 _ Key West
March 15-16 San Diego Noods (Worlds Qualifier)
March 29/30 – KHYC Race Week
July 12/13 – Fiesta Cup SBYC
September 20/21 – NHYC WCC’s
September 27/28 – J/Fest - SDYC
NA’s – Rochester, NY July 14-20
Worlds – Newport, RI, September 8-13


Everyone interested in receiving emails regarding J-70/J-111 racing on the Bay, send me your addy's drew.harper@me.com