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12-11-2014, 11:27 AM



Nazare is currently going XXL, here are the first pictures from the beach live dropped over dodgy mobile internet by Tó Mané and José Pedro Gomes. We'll be updating it with new images every few minutes.

Word from the ground is that it is big and very dangerous with crossed-up peaks shaking the cliffs. This is pretty obvious. Maximum heights from a buoy north of Nazare were reading 41ft out to sea, before the local constructive interference which jacks up the size even more, so we are talking a size of... large.

In the water we have: Benjamin Sanchis, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Antonio Silva, Garrett McNamara, Rodrigo Koxa, Sylvio Mancusi, Tom Butler, Sebastian Steudner, Eric Rebiere and Ross Clarke Jones. Plus I'm sure others we have missed thus far.

If you can ID surfers, let us know... Magnifying glass anyone?

all images © 2014 - Tó Mané



More HERE! (http://magicseaweed.com/news/nazare-going-xxl-today-almost-live-blog/7045/)

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