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12-27-2014, 11:34 AM

1080P HD shot exclusively on GoPro cameras. Dark overcast day. Rainy at times. Color-corrected to match the feeling. Edited slow on purpose. Sit back and enjoy some scenery and the talent of these amazing surfers. Estimate 30-35 foot waves. 60-68 riders in the line-up. No media inquires please. This is for fun only.

Surfers in no particular order: Tom Lowe, Dave Wassel, Kyle Thiermann, Tyler Fox, Anthony Tashnick, Matt Becker, Patrick Gudauskas, Koa Rothman, Nic Lamb, Shawn Dollar, Nic Vaughan

01-02-2015, 12:54 PM
Julie Jag of the Santa Cruz Sentinel (http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/sports/20150101/mavericks-surf-window-open-festival-cancelled) provides the lowdown on the ho-down...or lack thereof....

In the water, the window for the Titans of Mavericks big wave surf contest opened Thursday with barely a ripple. The big sets that drew about 70 surfers to the reef break on Dec. 20 have gone, leaving a frigid pool of wind-whipped white caps in their wake.

In the air, however, news about the contest is coming in as quickly and strongly as one of the rogue waves that wreaked havoc on the 2010 contest, causing law enforcement to close Maverick’s Beach to spectators during the event.

In addition to the opening of the contest window, which runs through March 31, the recent swell of interest in the contest has been driven by two announcements: that the first of two wildcard entries will be announced Friday and that no fan festival will accompany the contest this year.

“They scratched that and are focusing all their energy on the Mavs contest right now, and the Mavs brand. That’s the key,” said Darryl “Flea” Virostko, a three-time champion who now serves on the Titans of Mavericks’ Committee 5, which selects the contestants and offers advice to contest organizers. “In the future, they’re going to plan something and do it right. But it was all happening too fast. This year they want to focus on the contest and the web site and all of that.”


Tyler Fox of Santa Cruz carves into the face of a giant wave at Maverick’s near Half Moon Bay on Jan. 27, 2014 during the semifinal heat of the Mavericks Invitational surf competition. (Kevin Johnson — Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Cartel Management, which bought the brand rights to the big wave contest near Half Moon Bay earlier this year, announced the scrapping of the fan festival in a press release issued to the Half Moon Bay Review. According to that press release:

“Titans of Mavericks announces today that due to unforeseen circumstances and challenges this season, the festival in which hosts local fans and contest enthusiast will be postponed this year. However, the organization is planning to elevate the experience and festival for the 2016 season in which will be to par and expectation for the following year. Griffin Guess, Principle of Cartel stated, ‘We are not to able to proceed with the festival this year, though we are committed to building a greater experience to our standards that will satisfy the fans and community in the future.’ He added that the primary focus this season is on the surf contest itself, showcasing the athletes and the event. The premiere sporting event, consisting of 24 elite surfers who will surf massive waves, can be viewed through yet unannounced media platforms for the fans to experience.”

The fan festival became a contest staple after rogue waves injured spectators and knocked down contest scaffolding on the beach and cliffs near the surf break in 2010. Giving fans a safe and less ecologically destructive place to gather for the contest was at the foundation of the request for a contest permit that was accepted by the San Mateo County Harbor District board in 2012. In 2013, 15,000 people flocked to the parking lot behind the Oceano Hotel at Princeton Harbor to watch the action on video screens. But problems with the live feed put a damper on the event, and the 2014 event drew closer to 7,000 fans.

Virostko said he expects several restaurants in Princeton Harbor to carry live feeds of the contest, which will also be streamed over the Internet so people can watch from their homes or office.

“Law enforcement is going to be key that day. They’re going to be blocked off,” he said of the area beaches. “People can come and go to restaurants. There’s going to be a live feed at restaurants and that’s cool. People can fill up the restaurants and help out the community.”

On a more upbeat note, Virostko said the Committee 5 — which also includes Maverick’s pioneer Jeff Clark and retired contest surfers Matt Ambrose, Shawn Rhodes and Ion Banner — will meet Friday to select the final two wild cards into the 24-man contest. He said he expects one of the wild cards to be announced Friday, while the other will likely get his notice 24 hours before the contest, when all the invitees are called to compete.

The wild cards will be given to two up-and-coming surfers who charged the hardest at Maverick’s in the months leading up to the event, including the Dec. 20 session. Among those who made a lasting impression that day was Jamie Mitchell. The Australian set an unofficial Mavs record by breaking three boards over the course of four waves and took a nasty wipeout on his first wave.

“After that first wave, a lot of guys would’ve hung it up for the day,” said invitee Tyler Fox of Santa Cruz. “He definitely go the animal award.”

Virostko said Garret McNamara and contest alternate Derek Dunfee of La Jolla, as well as contestants Shawn Dollar, Nic Lamb and Anthony Tashnick of Santa Cruz also turned heads on the 40- to 50-foot faces.

“It separates the boys from the men when it’s like that,” Virostko said. “It’s easy to see who wants it.”

While it always comes down to mother nature’s cooperation in the end — Maverick’s hadn’t seen a swell like the one on Dec. 20 in more than five years and Virostko said nothing is on the radar until the end of the month — the new-look contest has created a palpable buzz among the invitees.

“I think Titans of Mavericks is going to be a pivot point in big-wave surfing,” veteran Santa Cruz invitee Ken “Skindog” Collins said. “They’re making it all about the surfers. And I think they’re going to make it into something bigger than it’s ever been.”

Fox took a more measured approach, noting the prize purse details remain fuzzy.

“I like some of the things I’ve heard,” he said “But the proof will be in the pudding.”


Mark Conley of the Bay Area News Group contributed to this report.

01-09-2015, 09:26 AM
They should rethink the whole festival concept and focus on a broadcast medium.
With all the down time between sets, it is an advertisers dream.