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Touted to have 5 various configurations, the Kormaran offers a monohull, katamaran, trimaran,
bathing platform and foiling mode all rolled into one.


Specification / Value

Length overall (LOA): 7.000 mm / 23 ft

Length waterline (LWL):5.500 mm /18 18

Draught (normal/hydrofoils):275/1.400 mm (0.9/4.6 ft)

Width (monohull 1.515 or 4.9ft / catamaran 2.735 or 9.0ft / trimaran 3.515 or 11.5ft)

Weight:1.500 kg

Power package:500 PS / 3 x jet propulsion

Maximum speed:70 km/h / 44 mph / 38 kn

Operating distance at max. speed:200 km / 108 nm

Transformation:Hydraulic / Electronic

Tank capacity:3 x 30 liters

Structural parts:Carbon fibre



"KORMARAN 2In addition to the common classes of boats, monohull, catamaran and trimaran the vision of a new class of boat, emerges on the horizon – the Kormaran.

The Kormaran has innovative and unique features that make it an outstanding high-tech watercraft. The term ‘boat’ falls short here.

While conventional boats can not change their characteristics, the Kormaran can transform even while driving. So the Kormaran elegantly combines the agility of a monohull for quick maneuvers with the stability of a catamaran or trimaran. In addition, the Kormaran can gracefully transform into a large bathing platform.

The use of hydrofoils expands the vision of the Kormaran. Water resistance can be reduced up to 80 percent. With the impressive speed records of Hydroptère and the exciting series in the America’s Cup, hydrofoils are red-hot in water sports. The advantages are obvious – higher speeds with lower energy consumption and a much more comfortable ride, thanks to the decoupling of the waves. The completely new designed hydrofoils allow the Kormaran even to drive in shallow waters and also to land on shore.

Carbon fiber with automotive standards and integrated formula 1 technology, coupled with lightweight aircraft technology and the latest security features, make the Kormaran a high-tech watercraft with the highest requirements.

The design of the Kormaran connects the world of luxury yachts with the world of super sports cars. Through the spectacular lighting design the Kormaran appears like a comet through a cloud of light.

To hover over the water with the Kormaran, enjoy a beautiful bay, creating astonished glances while landing at the pier, and immerse in a cloud of light over the horizon in the world of Kormaran."



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