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02-13-2015, 10:11 AM

A first look at the new 62' Racing Cruiser Extreme H2o designed by the great guys down at Morelli & Melvin....

More in a tad... Got's some other cool stuff boiling over on the other burners!

02-17-2015, 10:31 PM

A long time coming, the Morelli & Melvin Designed 66' Catamaran Extreme H2O was
splashed in Southern California last week, stepped and began sea trials ahead of it's racing debut
in the Cabo Race next month. The racer cruiser with emphasis on the racing portion began life in South
Africa before being shipped to Westerly Marine for completion.


Extreme H20 specs:
LOA 66'
BOA 28'
Draft 15' board down
Draft 6' board up
Mast ht 96'

Some interesting features:
Curved C shaped daggerboards with assymetric section shapes provide some vertical lift and less leeway
Large chord rotating wing section mast
3Di sails
Retractable propeller and hybrid diesel/electric propulsion system
Extreme green paint job

The boat was started in S. Africa and then shipped to So Cal and finished by Westerly Marine. Launched in Newport Beach,
right next to our office. Initial sea trials are very encouraging. Very knowledgeable and capable build and management team
led by Malcolm Park. The boat will be racing in Newport-Ensenada, Cabo, and Transpac races this year.
Near sistership, Phaedo, is also currently in Newport and plans on doing most or all of the same races so should be some good racing.



Peter Melvin of Morelli & Melvin (http://www.morrellimelvin.com/) designs was aboard for the sea trials last week
where she hit the high teens with the full main and fractional reacher
in 10 to 12 knots of breeze. "We anticipate her doing 30 knots in the sweet spots off wind, but she will accelerate upwind as well.
Her curved daggerboards are pushing the limits, technologically, and will provide ample lift to weather plus a stabilization effect
making her ride through rough seas a more pleasurable endeavour!




The boat was designed for high performance racing 1st and comfort cruising 2nd. Like her near sister ship Phaedo,
she was built from the same mold hull wise but Phaedo has straight daggerboards and a fixed mast, while Extreme H2O
will sport a rotating mast and the aforementioned curved daggerboards. The boat should be sailing with a crew of 7-8 and boast's
4 very comfortable staterooms plus a plush dry main cabin to give the crew plenty of protection and much needed rest from the elements!


Also in Extreme H2O's bag of tricks is the ability to make the prop disappear! Pulling a page from the
2008-2009 Volvo Ocean Race campaigns, they have employed the retractable propulsion system made by \
Amartech (http://www.amartech.nl/products/53-retractable_propulsion) to reduce drag in a major way!