View Full Version : Rio Vista Grand Prix: July 9th -12

04-09-2015, 10:57 AM

For the 1st time in decades, and organized windsurfing event returns to Sherman Island on
the Sacramento Delta in the form of the Rio Vista Grand Prix. Event organizers are bringing it
with a bevy of events sure to please. Time to dust off that old ASD 8'10" slalom board, steal that
15' 2 piece carbon fiber mast back from the kids dinghy and see if the quiver of sails in the attic
still have some life in them!

Scheduled Events

Slalom Pro- short or long downwind slalom depending on conditions.
Slalom Amateur- figure 8 or downwind slalom depending on level of participants
Freestyle Pro- Flat Water next to beach area
Freestyle Amateur- Flat water next to beach area
Speed Open- World Cup style speed runs
Kids Slalom - in Flat Water next to beach area