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10-18-2016, 09:51 AM

Maserati Multi70 in Malta with severely damaged rudder
Battle against clock underway to replace it in time for Rolex Middle Sea Race start

Maserati Multi70 has been seriously damaged but still sailed into port at Malta’s Grand Harbour yesterday morning, October 17, where she was expected as one of the star competitors at the start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, on Saturday, October 22 2016.

On the night of October 16, the Italian MOD70 was involved with a high speed collision with an unidentified floating object 150 miles off Malta en route from La Spezia. Her starboard rudder, rudder tubes and one of the sectors attached to the rudder arm were all completely destroyed in the incident.
Despite the severity of the damage, however, Maserati Multi70’s crew managed sail the craft safely and unaided into the Maltese port.


On landing at Malta, Giovanni Soldini described how the incident unfolded: “We were making 30 knots on a reach in 22 knots of wind off the south-west of Sicily when we heard a sharp bang and the rudder was gone. We don’t know what we hit. The bearings (inside which the rudders rotate) were torn out. We lost the lot: rudder, fitting and sector. Unfortunately collisions like this can happen” he continued.

“Maserati Multi70’s new trim does make us more exposed, there’s no doubt about that. There is a greater probability of a collision with rudders and foils because they have a larger wetted surface”.

Immediately they received news of the incident, the Maserati Multi70 shore team left La Spezia with a replacement rig to get to Malta as quickly as possible and to prepare the boat with the crew for the imminent start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Although repairable, the damage will be something of a handicap in this first race. Soldini explains: “Along with the foil rudder, we’ll also have to replace the foil which can’t be used on its own, otherwise the boat would rear up like a skittish colt. So we’ll be refitting all the starboard-side steering gear from the old non-flying MOD70 set-up. We have no choice in the matter. A foil rudder like ours can’t be made in a couple of days and it would also take time to rebuild it. In the meantime, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to get to the Middle Sea Race start-line in time”.

The challenge is supported by Maserati which, as main sponsor, gives the boat her name, while UnipolSai Assicurazioni is sponsor.
The official suppliers to the challenge are Ermenegildo Zegna for clothing and BoeroBartolomeo S.p.A. for hull enamels and paints.

Dirty Sanchez
10-18-2016, 10:12 PM
"Skipper, I think we need to stay on starboard for a while"

10-20-2016, 10:15 AM

It’s official: Maserati Multi70 will be at start of Rolex Middle Sea Race on Saturday, October 22
Damaged foil and rudder replaced in record time

The Maserati Multi70 team has won its first race against time.
The Italian MOD70 will join the rest of the Rolex Middle Sea Race fleet at the start-line at 11.00 am on Saturday, October 22, sporting a Mod starboard foil and rudder. The latter were fitted in record time to replace the “flying” versions destroyed when Maserati Multi70 collided with a semi-submerged object during her passage from La Spezia to Malta.



“Incidents of this kind are normal for multihulls like MOD70s,” commented skipper Giovanni Soldini. “Rudder breakages are pretty common and luckily we were able to replace it without any trouble with the boat still in the water. The Mod rudder is already fitted and we now have to glue a piece of the steering system, finish a few details on the foil and sheave that moves the foil up and down. We’ll be finished by this evening. Though a few more days wouldn’t have hurt either”.

Moral aboard is high despite the fact that Maserati Multi70 will have a different trim than planned at the start. “The rudder we lost was a T-foil rudder,” continued Soldini. “These are complex components with custom bearings (around which the rudders rotate) and a different attachment system. Unfortunately you can’t rebuild a rudder like that in a couple of days. In fact, the rudder that replaced the T-foil one has a different, completely independent attachment system with its own bearings and steering system tubes. We managed to rebuild the support for the axis of rotation of the ripped-off rudder system”.



Tomorrow the Maserati Multi70 team will do a trial run – they’ll spend the day testing and running through final checks before the start on Saturday, October 22. The weather forecast for the race indicates an air flow from the west which means an entirely upwind route with moderate winds on Saturday, freshening in the final stretch.