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Melges 20 Worlds kicks off in epic fashion with a perfect Southwest breeze at 18-23 kts, three races were completed in near perfect conditions

NEWPORT, R.I. (October 4, 2017) - Tourists come to Newport for fall foliage and clam chowder. Sailors come for yachting history and the legendary Newport Sou'wester Breeze which arrived on Day One of the 2017 Melges 20 World Championship. Mixing together warm, sunny fall temperatures, great breeze and near perfect Melges 20 surfing conditions, three races were completed in efficient fashion with Drew Freides' PACIFIC YANKEE holding the overnight lead with an impressive 1, 2, 2.
With a plan to start on time, at 11 a.m. eastern time, PRO Peter "Luigi" Reggio sent the fleet to course 'Alpha' or better known as the outside course. With wind at 15-18 kts, 2-3 ft waves and a solid southwest direction, Race One began with a clean start and Friedes leading at the top mark, followed by Igor Rytov's RUSSIAN BOGATYRS, and John Kilroy's SAMBA PA TI. In a duel of leaders of the North American and European World League leaders, Freides showed polished form around the track to fend off Rytov, and making a hard charge for third was Rob Wilber and his team of pork chops on CINGHIALE.



Wasting no time, Reggio fired of the warning signal for Race Two and it was Jim Wilson's OLEANDER who tacked off the line and found a nice honey hole in the deep right corner. With a track similar to a Nascar oval, the teams that extended to the right corner on the upwinds and nailed the right corner downwind saw big gains. Wilson would hang on for the win followed by Freides and SAMBA. Wilson commented post race, "We had ideal Newport conditions today. It felt great to win a race here at the Worlds. The racing was close and clean. It was full-on near the top end of the fleet. Lots of high speed action. On a day like today, there's nothing better than going downwind with the kite up!"
The final race of the day saw a general recall which was a much needed additional break for teams looking to catch their breath. With breeze continuing to touch 22-23 kts, the Melges 20s had a full gallop down wind while surfing big waves and getting the occasional mouth full of salt water. Using the mid-line sag to his advantage, Wilber punched off the line, tacked to port and extended to the right, and played the middle left taking advantage of the first lefty puffs of the day. After a brief tussle with longtime Melges 20 owner Daniel Thielman at the helm of KUAI, Wilber managed to hang on for the win, with Freides charging into second and Rytov in third.


"We kinda pulled it together on the last race of the day," said Wilber. "We had a great first race, a tough Race Two, but we regrouped to take a bullet in the third race. There's no better way to do that than to go out and win one. We are excited for Day Two."
Post racing, Melges 20 sailors gathered at New York Yacht Club Harbor Court sponsored by owners Drew Freides and Rob Wilber, to relax and regale each other in stories from an epic day of Melges 20 sailing. With breathtaking views on the top of the hill at Harbor Court, daily awards were given as teams guessed at whether the race course will remain 'outside' for Day Two, or will the wind and sea state demand that the race course be moved to the 'inside' race course which would present a new set of challenges.
Thank you to the New York Yacht Club for serving as hosts, and our chief sponsors Melges USA and North Sails.



With a handful of great teams competing in the all-amatuer Corinthian Division the heat is on high early. Canada's Justin Quigg on CHARACTER 2.0 and Brazil's Cesar Gomes Neto on PORTOBELLO swopped leadership places throughout the day. Ultimately, it was Quigg getting the upper hand over Gomes Neto to lead. "Generally we're pretty happy - We think we're in a good spot for tomorrow," commented Quigg. "In the Corinthian fleet, there's lots of trading places back and forth. We're only a few places ahead of the guys behind us right now." Sweden's Johannes Lind-Widestam sailing INTERMEZZO sits third after three races.

As with other Melges 20 events around the world, racing updates will be posted online at the Official Melges 20 Facebook Page. Be sure to also follow the fleet on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Tune in for the latest racing information, results, video interviews and photos at melges20.com.
1.) (USA) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE; 1-2-2 = 5
2.) (USA) Jim Wilson, OLEANDER; 4-1-5 = 10
3.) (USA) Daniel Thielman, KUAI; 9-4-4 = 17
4.) (USA) John Kilroy Jr., SAMBA PA TI; 11-3-6 = 20
5.) (USA) Wes Whitmyer Jr., SLINGSHOT; 6-7-8 = 21

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2017 FIVE TEN MELGES 20 WORLD LEAGUE RESULTS (After 12 Events Complete)
1.) (RUS) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS = 136 pts.
2.) (RUS) Vladimir Prosikhin, NIKA = 95 pts.
3.) (ITA) Achille Onorato, MASCALZONE LATINO = 82 pts.
4.) (USA) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE = 77 pts.
5.) (RUS) Alexander Ezhkov, PIROGOVO = 73 pts.

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Newport Delivers More of a Good Thing at Melges 20 World Championship

Day Two of the Melges 20 Worlds featured another Sou'Wester and a near perfect day of sailing. Three challenging races shuffled the standings, but Drew Freides remains in the lead

NEWPORT, R.I. (October 5, 2017) - As sailors waited at Sail Newport for the Day Two morning announcement on the course location from PRO Peter 'Luigi" Reggio, debates were waged on both sides; some sailors wanted to give their bodies and equipment a break and head north of the Newport Bridge for flat water, others wanted to take advantage of yet another day of Newport's southwest breeze. At 9 a.m., Reggio announced the seas were manageable and the wind was slightly less than Day One, and that all teams should proceed to course Alpha...it was time to go outside.



As the fleet blasted off the line to start Race Four, sailors quickly figured out that while the breeze direction was the same as the day before, Day Two had a new bag of tricks. Longtime Melges 20 sailor Daniel Thielman and his team on KUAI have showed solid speed all week and they managed to pick some nice shifts and eek out a bullet over a hard charging Jim Wilson and his OLEANDER team. Grabbing 3rd place was the New Bedford Yacht Club team led by Caleb Armstrong on MOBY. Drama was beginning to unfold as Wilson was mounting a charge to take the lead from overnight leader Drew Freides on PACIFIC YANKEE who impressively climbed back from a deep first windward mark to finish seventh.



After a small adjustment to the starting line to compensate for a pulsing left shift and one general recall, Race Five began. Despite the lefties, teams that were able to work the top right's combination of stronger breeze and favorable ebb tide were able to make big gains. Using his ample Melges 20 World Championship experience, John Kilroy on SAMBA PA TI put together a convincing race win followed by Igor Rytov's RUSSIAN BOGATYRS. The younger Kilroy, Liam on WILDMAN, had an amazing first downwind going from 17th to third to finish on the podium.
With the fleet thinking that it was a race to the deep right corner up the first beat, the Sou'Wester threw a curveball and a big left shift descended after the start allowing those who extended straight off the line to dig into the leftie and find themselves in a good place at the top mark. 2016 Melges 32 World Champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG had a great start and extended left to lead at the top mark followed by Armstrong and Alexis Michas on MIDNIGHT SUN.



In a heated race all around the track, Rombelli held on for the bullet with Michas in second and a hard charging CINGHIALE Team with Rob Wilber at the helm made a gain on the last downwind to grab third. A happy Rombelli commented at the dock, "The last race, we managed another good start. We were faster upwind than the previous start, so we managed to sail to the mark in first position and held it until the end. It was very difficult today as the conditions were trickier than yesterday, but we sailed a great race."
Thank you to New York Yacht Club for serving as hosts, and our chief sponsors Melges USA and North Sails.
After two days of epic World Championship racing, Justin Quigg's CHARACTER 2.0 extended his lead ever so slightly in the Corinthian division over Cesar Gomes Neto's PORTOBELLO. Sweden's Johannes Lind-Widestam on INTERMEZZO remains in third.

Post race, sailors gathered at NYYC Harbor Court for the daily awards hosted by Team SLINGSHOT and RED SKY, with specialty team drinks and an impressive raw bar.

The forecast for Thursday, Day Three in Newport at the World Championship, calls for a whole new scenario - light breeze. Already, there is a great deal of discussion about which course (inside or outside) the fleet might race tomorrow.

As with other Melges 20 events around the world, racing updates will be posted online at the Official Melges 20 Facebook Page. Be sure to also follow the fleet on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Tune in for the latest racing information, results, video interviews and photos at melges20.com.

1.) (USA) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE; 1-2-2-[7]-6-7 = 18
2.) (USA) John Kilroy Jr., SAMBA PA TI; 11-3-6-6-1-[13] = 27
3.) (USA) Jim Wilson, OLEANDER; 4-1-5-2-[20]-17 = 29
4.) (RUS) Vladimir Proshikin, NIKA; 5-6-[39/DNF]-4-4-12 = 31
5.) (USA) Daniel Thielman, KUAI; 9-4-4-1-15-[39/DNF] = 33

RESULTS (https://yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eid=4136)

Prince of Whales
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Go Kuai!

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Change of Pace at Melges 20 Worlds


A lengthy morning postponement gave way to one light air Melges 20 World Championship race, again shuffling the standings with one final day to go

NEWPORT, R.I. (October 6, 2017) - After two days of perfect Southwest Newport breeze, Day Three of the Melges 20 World Championship dawned sunny skies and warm temps, but no wind. As sailors arrived at Sail Newport to begin their preparations, the glassy water was tempting for water skiing. At 09.00, PRO Peter 'Luigi' Reggio announced that the AP would be hoisted and the next announcement would be at 11:30, giving Melges 20 sailors a relaxing morning to check out Newport's best coffee shops.

With the best chance for fair racing being on the outside course due to the light-filling seabreeze and a strong ebb tide, the fleet once again congregated at Course Alpha for a 2:00 p.m. start. The light air was a big change of pace with the World Championship title hanging in the balance, and Day Three proved pivotal in the overall standings. Drew Freides' PACIFIC YANKEE entered the day with a 9-point lead over two-time World Champion John Kilroy on SAMBA PA TI, while several other contenders remained ready to pounce on the smallest opportunity to advance. In essence, Freides and his Pacific Yankees were marked men.



Once to the racing area, Reggio took advantage of the wind on the race course, dropped marks and got the sequence under way. With a port favored line, the pin end was crowded and those that were able to get off the line clean and tack onto port found solid pressure in the middle of the course and made some nice gains. The left looked promising early, but it turned out to be fool's gold as the left side eventually caved hard and the boats on the middle right led at the top mark.

Jason Michas and his MIDNIGHT BLUE team nailed the start close to the pin, flopped onto port and never looked back leading wire-to-wire in challenging, light conditions. Race Six winner Alessandro Rombelli on STIG challenged for the lead and took second, while Vladimir Prosikhin at the helm of NIKA sailed well to grab third in his brand new Melges 20. Michas' win marked the seventh different race winner, showing the depth and balance of the fleet at this World Championship.



Michas commented after his race win, "We tend to like the light stuff, we were able to get off the line nicely and managed to have a couple good upwinds and held our own downwind."

With the win, Michas moved from eleventh overall to seventh, and the fight for the top ten is intense with just 30 points separating fifth from fifteenth. The forecast for the final day is looking raceable and with a 2:00 p.m. final race cut off it will be important to start on time to get in three races for a full series.

CANADIAN CORINTHIAN DOMINATION - Continuing his strong performance in the Corinthian division and overall, Justin Quigg's CHARACTER 2.0 collected another bottle of champagne and looks to close out his Corinthian World title on Saturday. A great Thanksgiving indeed for these Canadian Sailors.

1.) (USA) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE; 1-2-2-[7]-6-7-5 = 23
2.) (RUS) Vladimir Prosikhin, NIKA; 5-6-[39/DNF]-4-4-12-3 = 34
3.) (USA) Daniel Thielman, KUAI; 9-4-4-1-15-[39/DNF]-6 = 39
4.) (USA) John Kilroy Jr., SAMBA PA TI; 11-3-6-6-1-13-[24] = 40
5.) (ITA) Alessandro Rombelli, STIG; 10-9-11-[12]-9-1-2 = 42
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Freides Wins Melges 20 World Championship


With new World Champion Drew Freides atop the overall division, Canada's Quigg goes on to clinch Corinthian World Champ title

NEWPORT, R.I. (October 7, 2017) - After eight races, eight varied race winners and a wide range of racing conditions, Drew Friedes' PACIFIC YANKEE with tactician Morgan Reeser and crew member Charlie Smythe have captured their very first major international title in the Melges 20 Class, that of World Champions. It's a title and trophy that is anything but easy to come by, and Freides' long racing campaign which includes a runner-up finish at Worlds in 2016 with the same crew, has served him well and delivered exactly what he was after - the top trophy in the most rewarding Class of boat in the World. With this win, he also strengthens his placement on the World League Circuit and remains atop the North American Division standings.

"When I got the boat three years ago, Charlie Smythe came with it. I've only left the dock without him once,' said Freides. "We worked really hard. We've been to every event. We're fortunate that the chips went our way this week. Things fell into place for us this year. The Melges 20 fleet is second to none. And that's what drives all of us to race the Melges 20. Not only are the boats exhilarating but the people are amazing. Everyone's fun to be around and the talent is incredible."

Freides continued: "I bought this boat three years ago because my mom was dying of cancer. She made me get a Melges 20 before she passed away because she knew how much it meant to me. This win's for her. We did it."

Vladimir Prosikhin's NIKA claims second place on a brand new boat in Newport, and with such a great result it enhances his position on the International World League stage as well. Rounding out the World Championship podium is John Kilroy Jr.'s SAMBA PA TI in third.

Former Melges 20 Gold Cupper Alessandro Rombelli's STIG, and Jim Wilson's OLEANDER complete to the top five respectively.
Much like yesterday, today's one and only race got underway after a lengthy postponement, featuring light and shifty conditions. Freides won the event with a race to spare, leaving the rest of the top contenders to duke it out for podium positions. The conditions were kinder to some rather than others with Russia's Yuri Morozov on RUSSOTRANS taking the win, chased by Dario Levi's FREMITO D'ARJA finishing up in second, and Prosikhin grabbing a nice third.

Congratulations to Canada's Justin Quigg and CHARACTER 2.0 teammates Julian Plante and Nick Cleary as they are 2017 Melges 20 Corinthian World Champions! Practically from start to finish, Quigg commanded the Worlds all-amatuer division for a huge win. Brazil's Cesar Gomes Neto at the helm of PORTOBELLO came second followed by Johannes Lind-Widestram's INTERMEZZO finishing third.

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