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11-29-2017, 11:53 AM

49 year old Italian Sailor Dario Noseda sat out from Tenerife November 11th with ambitions to sail his
modified Star boat pa2sh across the Atlantic on November 16. The estimated course of 3,250 nm to Nassau in the
Bahama's is estimated to take 25-30 days.




The boat was compartmentalized with empty water bottles sealed in compartments to provide extra flotation and impact resistance.

The mast was reduced 1 meter to provide great strength and furling jibs employed at the foresail area.


Rigged with new electronic navigation system via Raymarine and Evolution autopilot powered by solar panels, Dario will have
opportunities to nap during the crossing, where he will spend most of his time in the cockpit protected by a drysuit.

A Spinlock deckvest will provide security and has packed an Arimar liferaft.

His 1st leg brought him to Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands in 10 days. He departed Mindelo on the 27th of November.




IOR Geezer
11-29-2017, 12:28 PM
And here I thought those boats were painful enough for just an afternoon sail.

Glutton for punishment!

Single Hander
11-29-2017, 03:01 PM
I suppose the Star Sailors League will have a new event on their calendar if he is successful?

11-30-2017, 09:54 AM

Update 30.11.17 hours 10:21
"It continues with a good average the journey of Dario and pa2sh, today and tomorrow will have a big wave and sustained winds,
but let's get ready for a more challenging weekend! Last coordinates detected 16.7799 n, 31.0712 "

12-04-2017, 09:28 AM

Update 4.12.17 hours 11:11 (Italian)

After a week-departure from mindelo, also exceeded the meridian 38, now time zone a-3 hours compared to Italy. Dario and his pa2sh are doing very well. This morning, 780 miles from mindelo were traversed by, if dario had a speedboat, he would have travelled 757, so an excellent performance of 97 %!
Today Dario is engaged in the maintenance of rope, the decay in the ocean, after 20 days of navigation is much faster, so it is essential to keep the rigging at best. Last ccordinate detected: 16.5359 n, 38.2637 and 38.2637

Rough translation from Star In Oceano Facebook page....

Cleveland Steamer
12-05-2017, 08:00 AM
He might just make it.

Doubt he'll do it twice!

12-05-2017, 09:24 AM

Dario texts on the last 12 hours:

First SMS received from the ocean: "big risk all night". so Dario starts the synthetic report of the night, we knew he would have had difficult conditions, expected burst up to 24 knots with fast and juncture wave, this definitely didn't play in favor , in fact, the second sms says what we already imagined " I'm all wet no more forces now I try to rest, better condition " and then " to warm up I wrapped heat blanket " and to close " still alive ".

Unfortunately, he found water problems in his "Micro-sleeper", definitely due to all the water on the floor of this night, forcing him to stay in the cockpit. As soon as the conditions allow it, it will do all due diligence.

Fortunately, the next 3 days will provide better wind and wave conditions and Dario will take advantage of it to rest and regain energy.


12-05-2017, 09:56 AM
Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun....

Built to List
12-05-2017, 03:14 PM
I sense sarcasm.

12-07-2017, 02:51 PM

Coordinates and weather update 07.12.17 hours 22.15

Last detected 15.6176 n, 44.7376 e. Today he traveled 85 miles between 2.5 feet and weak wind. A lot of work for Dario, his hands start to ache and the body is increasingly proven. The weather forecast for the next 24 hours does not give a break. The waves are rising up to 3.1 meters, the wind reinforces, but it will not be the winds to push it, but of the winds generated by a vast disturbance much more to the north that today also reserved its encounter with a storm of heavy rain and lightning.

To tell him the forecast for the next few hours was not easy. The waves will reach its peak in the next 24 hours, fortunately the wind reinforces (allowing it to rule the boat better on the waves), but it will also find rain. Life hard on the narrow and low boat that has ever crossed the ocean!


Bitchin Bow Dude
12-07-2017, 04:11 PM
Wonder if he is having second thoughts on this little adventure about now?

12-08-2017, 09:32 AM

The last 24 have been really challenging between: storm, wave of 3 meters, weak wind and sustained gusts, "man overboard" and satellite tracker became fishbait.

This, in a nutshell, the last 12 hours.

We look at all the positives: Dario was thrown into the water by a wave more powerful than the others while he was about to exit in the cockpit, he shook with his hands now full of cuts, the sheet of the bow and pulled into the boat ( they call him "Er Pinza" because of his big and strong hands).

A great scare that once the adrenaline came down has given full awareness of itself to our sailor.

Before dawn a beautiful downpour gave Dario a shower of fresh water, which does not hurt!

The communicator ended up in the depths, we have a "comfort" less, but Dario is equipped with a satellite phone, a spare GPS, and the on-board computer complete with a cartography. Feeling a few minutes on the phone, he is happy that today there is wind! In the afternoon we will provide exact coordinates, meanwhile this is its location calculated based on the route and speed: 15.62N, -45.59E


Prince of Whales
12-08-2017, 11:34 AM
A long ways yet to go, good luck Dario!

12-09-2017, 02:04 PM

That's the last day of bad luck! Now change gear!

After listening to Dario this morning on the phone, he told us that in the night, causing waves from all sides, the cockpit and the aft locker are flooded where the batteries are placed. Today planned day of full sun, we are confident in quick drying and experience from "onboard electrician" in navigation. Up to now, 2744 miles (of the 3250 planned) have been covered, the forced stop at mindelo has extended the path and estimated times (25/30 days total). The Ocean equipment is with a much faster time and more days pass, the faster the decay. Today is the 25th day in ocean for the star in the ocean.

Dario is determined to carry out his goal of the initial miles and days of navigation on a course on Martinique, so a total of 3530 miles travelled on board a lone star in the Atlantic Ocean!!!
It's almost unbelievable even to write!

LAST COORDINATES 15.3930 n, 47.4361 and average speed 4.85 knots. Arrival In Martinique: 15 or 16 December 2017
(Total: 31-32 days of navigation)

12-10-2017, 11:00 AM

Latest updates from the ocean:

They are increasingly synthetic and fast communications with Dario, at the moment he has managed to load the satellite phone, but we have no guarantee of the proper operation of the plant, too much water in the locker.

The coordinates at 15.55 today are the kind: 15° 21'41 ' n 48° 54'39 '' at this moment the wind is weak (7/9 knots), but will resume Evening. Dario has been given an order to sleep for the next few hours, so he loses little with this wind, to be in force for the night and tomorrow's day when rains and possible thunderstorms await him.

To get an idea of what happens around Dario and his pa2sh, we bring pictures of wind conditions (Dario is on the southern edge of the eeye) and the Cape Index (reference index for time formation) where it is easy to see what dario is up to. Having said this from now on we don't give in advance on anything, let's adopt that healthy be of real sailors.


12-11-2017, 09:03 AM

Updates from the ocean:
Last coordinates reported 14° 39'51 ' n 49° 46'8 ''. Dario and his pa2sh are in the full of disturbance, achieved already from the early hours of the morning from heavy rains, they will have to wait until tomorrow to return To see the sun. The wind is beginning to have better speed than the calm of yesterday afternoon, but it is and with constant changes of direction, not favouring the ideal route to 269° for Martinique. Of the batteries, it appears that one is out of use and the other not yet charged, given the weather, Dario will have to wait at least 24 hours before he has certainty of good operation. We hope to have a new update of the coordinates in the evening

Translated from Italian Press (http://ventoevele.gazzetta.it/2017/12/10/nuova-rotta-per-dario-noseda-che-dirige-su-martinica-2/?refresh_ce-cp)

This is the update of Silvia Ronchi, the wife of Dario Noseda with the last point of Pa2sh just over 700 miles from Martinique.

Heard Dario this morning (refers to yesterday morning, Saturday, December 9, ed) on the phone told us that in the night, due to waves from all sides, has been flooded the cockpit and stern locker where the batteries are placed. Today's sunny day, we are confident of quick drying and the experience of a "ship's electrician" gained in navigation. So far 2744 miles have been traveled (of the 3250 planned), the forced stop in Mindelo has lengthened the route and the estimated time (25/30 days total). The equipment in the ocean is wasted with much faster times and the more days pass, the quicker the decay is. Today is the 25th day in Ocean for the Star in the Ocean. Dario is determined to complete his goal of starting miles and sailing days by sailing on Martinique, so a total of 3530 miles is expected on board a solo Star in the Atlantic Ocean !!! ".

Thus Dario Noseda's destination changed. No more Bahamas but precisely Martinique. A destination consequence of the particular weather situation in the Atlantic. "There are no trade winds," says Silvia Ronchi. "In Dario's program, when he had reached 42 ° W he would have started to rise in latitude (Mindelo, in Cape Verde, from where he left after the battery stop is at 22 ° N of latitude while Nassau in the Bahamas is at 25 ° N, ed), but it was not possible: there were no conditions. At the moment Dario is sailing not with the trade winds but with winds that derive from a local perturbation. The problem is that tomorrow a real storm from the west will arrive. So he decided to go further latitude and keep a course for 230 °. He hopes to take only the rain and not the storms. However, the morale is high ". Noseda is heading to the port of Le Marin, Martinique, where the Mini Transat crews have concluded their regatta. And the fact that Mini Transat arrives here is helping to reorganize the arrival. "Thanks to Andrea Pendibene (Pendibene with his Pegasus-Navy has finished 22nd in the Series, ed)", concludes Silvia Ronchi, "who gave us many indications and contacts, we are working to move to Le Marin all that that we had planned for Bahamas. A job that is not easy ". The arrival of Dario in Martinique is scheduled for 15 or 16 December 2017. In total, it will be 31-32 days of navigation. Change the destination but remains a huge undertaking, not just a sport

Emilio Martinelli

12-12-2017, 07:37 AM
Not having a charged battery when dependent on auto-pilot is a scary proposition.

12-12-2017, 09:13 AM

Night hard for the Star in Ocean, the storm is presented in the full of its shape, bursts at 30 knots, lightning and lots of water. All in all it went well, it was "just" ripped off a scuffle on the deck and broke the vang, but nothing serious. Our captain was really "pissed" this morning. Now he wants only wind to grind miles and get to the goal as soon as possible. Foods begin to run low and water supplies too.

The weather should apparently assist the navigation with a constant average between 15 and 16 knots and 22 degrees gust, direction 70 °, which is not the maximum for the Star, but with some edge of approach Dario will certainly be good at optimize the route. The desire to get there is so much, even more tiredness and hunger begins to be felt.

#GoDarioGo we are going to get to Martinique to welcome you and refresh you !!!
Last coordinates 14 ° 57'N 50 ° 47'W (in the image: point 1 the coordinates of yesterday, point 2 the last survey and point 3 the arrival)

12-14-2017, 01:17 PM

The morning begins well. Dario has already heard his voice and sent the coordinates.
Tonight, he managed to sleep a few more hours, and they all felt in his tone. Despite the physical weakness the mood is high!



Mother's heart
Last night, Dario managed to make a quick greeting to his mother clo, a nice injection of energy!
Mommy's always mommy! And then the good news, the wind made a few can and x Dario and his pa2sh, a nice border straight to Martinique!


Finally news from the ocean. Dario shall, fatigue is becoming more and more apparent from his voice on the phone, but he knows the destination is approaching.
Now the weather is on our side. Target 490 miles!

Single Hander
12-14-2017, 01:48 PM
Good on Dario!

12-15-2017, 11:34 AM

Latest updates from Martinique:
Aligned on the same time zone (-5 hours from Italy), we receive the updated coordinates this morning: 13° 42'57 ' n, 55° 1'28 ' w. The course is the right one, Dario is increasingly at the edge of energy, now food supplies are very sparse, as well as those of water (remember that the dessalatore does not work from the last storm). Fortunately, there comes a rain shower, which allows dario not to dehydrate.
The batteries have now been stored and it is increasingly important that dario manages the of the satellite phone to send us his position. 340 miles to the port #godariogo
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12-18-2017, 09:39 AM

Star in Oceano
2 hrs ·
50 miles
Arrival date from 20.00 local (01.00 Italy). We'll adjourn to the next coordinated release! Stay tuned!!!


Star in Oceano
16 hrs ·

Still 110 miles, the fatigue is a lot, but dario won't let go. This afternoon, the text message told us that it's out of food. Proposed an alternative route to Barbados (60 miles away) the answer was: "can I stay without food for another 24 hours, to drink I have, I come to martinique". a tone of tired voice... Very tired, but decided and polished. To the captain, he obeys (because certain of his lucidity) and works accordingly, only he knows what he can do.
It is expected to arrive at the lighthouse south of Martinique for the night between Monday and Tuesday. He'll cut that perfect finish, he's lonely with his little orange star. The ground staff will be out with a boat to give them the necessary support. Everybody's waiting on the ground! Coordinates at 19.50 local (00.50 Italy) 13° 42'46 ' n 59° 6'19 '' w

Star in Oceano
Yesterday at 1:39am ·
It's hard till the end
169 miles to arrive, sea and wind conditions are very difficult, gusts at 25 knots and high wave, as well as raining almost all the time in the last 48 hours. Dario is exhausted. It hasn't been takes for 3 days. Today the rain should give a truce. Last coordinates 13° 49'5 ' n 57° 59'18 ' w


Star in Oceano
December 16 at 3:20am ·
48 hours
This may be the time that separates dario from the earth. In the night just passed, winds in favour and new energy in the body have made dario. The weather forecast indicates the average wind 17/18 knots and 25 burst for the next few hours, also in very few households, the pa2sh will also be brought from a current in favour of 0,5 knots, an important help! Heard Dario on the phone, the mood is very high!

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12-18-2017, 01:41 PM
Sounds like once will be enough for Dario!

12-19-2017, 09:18 AM

Slightly off course, Dario Noseda, exhausted and without proper navigation equipment endi his solo
transatlantic voyage with an impact near Esperance Harbor on the Northeast Coast of Santa Lucia,
just south of intended target of Martinique.

#Stopdariostop final with shipwreck but he's fine

That's why our delay in giving you news. While we were going out with the boat to meet Dario, I'm getting a call. The boat has scarrocciato much for the current and the wind, Dario has just noticed that it is very, too close to the rocks. The waves beat the pa2sh and Dario asks for help... he asks me to send the sea rescue because he is in a condition of grave danger. Immediately take the rescue car, warned by VHF the coast guard and by telephone the National Maritime Rescue. From there to a few minutes the helicopter was already in flight and the coast guard of Santa Lucią already in the direction of the latest coordiante, which fortunately dario sent a few minutes earlier. Then the silence....

After about 2 hours, my phone is ringing.
" it's me, it's me, I'm alive! I've been shipwrecked, I've been walking for I don't know how much and now I'm here at the Rodney Bay Navy.

I'll let you all imagine the thud to the heart.

The captaincy called me shortly after, telling me that dario is fine, but that the boat is really bad, but we'll figure it out tomorrow...

Dario crossed the ocean with his star pa2sh, after a thousand and more difficulties he managed to win even the last challenge of fate. Dario.... the next dog we call it argo!

In 7 hours I have the ferry to Santa Lucia, as soon as I'm with him I'll have a chance to contact you.
I know they haven't slept in Italy tonight, thank you for waiting with me.
See you tomorrow


Prince of Whales
12-19-2017, 09:29 AM
Glad he is okay.

Sounds like boat is now part of the reef?

12-21-2017, 10:45 AM

Here is the girl! We hope to be able to recover it!
Tomorrow 22.12 we will arrive at Malpensa at 3 pm from Paris ... I want to eat the panettone !!!
Hugs to all! Dario

El Capitan
12-21-2017, 10:46 AM
Not a very happy ending if you are the boat!

Built to List
12-21-2017, 02:07 PM
Wonder If he will sail it back?