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01-04-2018, 03:41 PM
The Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship got underway two nights ago with the Opening Ceremony at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's main Clubhouse on Kellett Island.


A traditional lion dance enthralled the 58 teams from 11 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, US Virgin Islands, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Slovenia, USA and Hong Kong.

Racing was cancelled on Day 1 due to the breeze that was consistently above the threshold of the 29er Class wind limit with gusts up to 41kts.

The cliché of "It's never like this" seemed to be the most common phrase heard among Hong Kong's local sailors and with 30 - 40kts reported overnight at Waglan Island, there looked like there could be further postponements for today, Day 2.


Today however, sailors were only held on shore for a short time whilst the breeze weakened slightly before making their way to the race course located off Stanley.




The breeze across the race track varied from 15kts at the sheltered top mark in Stanley Bay to 22kts (with gusts close to the 25kt wind limit) at the start area located closer to the channel, resulting in some epic capsizes as the fleet rounded the gate marks.

Four qualifying races were held today for both the Yellow and Green Flights, there was some very close racing among the top boats.

Going into Day 3 of the qualify series in first is FRA2 Benjamin JAFFREZIC and Leo CHAUVEL with eight points followed AUS6 Lachie BREWER and Max PAUL on 10 points and NZL12 Francesco KAYROUZ and Jackson KEON on 11 points.

The final day of the qualifying series will take place tomorrow with each fleet sailing four races before they are split into Gold and Silver fleets.




RESULTS (http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/upload/Sailing/Race-and-Regattas/29erWorlds/WorldsResultsQualifying.htm)


01-05-2018, 10:17 AM

Top four countries going into the Gold Fleet HKG – NZL – FRA – AUS

The final four races of the qualifying series for the 2018 Zhik 29er World Championship were held today off the Po Toi Islands in Hong Kong.

With consistent top five finishes, Hong Kong's Calum GREGOR and Jon CRAWFORD HKG 2532 are headed to the Gold Fleet with 18 points. Hot on their heels and only three points behind are New Zealand's Francesco KAYROUZ and Jackson KEON NZL 12. France's Theo REVIL and Gautier GUEVEL FRA 3 are on 23 point and the traditional rivalry between New Zealand and Australia is as present as ever with Aussie's Lachie BREWER and Max PAUL AUS 6 not far behind the Kiwi's on 25 points.

To the relief of the sailors, the breeze dropped from the previous two days to a 10kt North Easterly. The breeze was fluky making a difficult race track that was heavily favoured toward the left.



Out of the 58 teams on the water there are five all-female and eight mixed teams. Sailing is one of the few sports where females and males compete against each other on a level playing field. Gaining control in the first race and remaining comfortably ahead, extending on each leg to secure a much needed 1st place, was Australia's Annabelle DAVIES and Madison WOODWARD AUS18.

After a less than stellar first day on the water, they picked up today and scored top 5 placings in three out of four races. The girls have been a bit unlucky with two races yesterday not completed due to a broken trapeze wire and, with only one drop, they have to carry a result of full points on their scorecard. This meant that despite sailing brilliantly today in the challenging conditions, they just missed out on gold fleet by a mere three points.




New Zealand's Crystal SUN and Olivia HOBBS NZL 2394 are headed to the gold fleet despite struggling in today's conditions. With forecast predicting heavier breeze tomorrow though, they may be in contention to climb back up the fleet. They have consistently been in the top 10 against their male contenders in the monstrous breeze yesterday, earning respect from the whole fleet and showing that the girls have been training hard in the windy conditions that are renowned in New Zealand.

The final series kicks off tomorrow with 10 races being sailed over three days from which the 2018 World Champion will be crowned.

For further details about the 2018 29er World championships, please contact

Nikki Claringbold
Nikki.Claringbold@rhkyc.org.hk or 29erworlds@rhkyc.org.hk

Official race website:




RESULTS (http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/upload/Sailing/Race-and-Regattas/29erWorlds/WorldsResultsQualifying.htm)

01-07-2018, 09:14 AM

29er Zhik World Championship being blown away!

2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship

It was another seriously brisk day for the second day of the final series of the 2018 Zhik 29er World Championship. Racing was cancelled yesterday with the breeze far above the 29er wind limit and the Race Officer even reporting one gust punching up to 50kts!

With the 58 teams from 11 countries now separated into Gold and Silver Fleets, nine countries are vying for the Zhik 29er World Championship from New Zealand, France, Australia, Slovenia, Russia, Canada, USA, Great Britain and Hong Kong.




This morning, sailors were initially held onshore until the breeze moderated a little before both fleets were released onto the water. Racing was conducted off Stanley with Race 1 starting off in a north-easterly breeze of 22kts.

One race was sailed as the breeze built and the lead was constantly changing. As the teams pushed hard to try and go faster, they also pushed each other; each keeping the pressure on the rest and the pace was frenzied -with the pressure forcing some teams to lose control and capsize.

As the breeze increased, Race 2 got away for both fleets. The wind, however, steadily rose and with some gusts having some serious weight behind them, the race committee decided to abandon the race whilst both fleets were in their first lap.




Going into the final day of racing, New Zealand's Francesco KAYROUZ and Jackson KEON (NZL12) are leading followed by, Hong Kong's Calum GREGOR and Jon CRAWFORD (HKG2532) and France's Benjamin JAFFREZIC and Leo CHAUVEL (FRA2) in third with five points separating them.

The first mixed team is Hong Kong's Karrie CLARK and Akira SAKAI (HKG22) who are currently in 19th position. Having already cemented the top female position in the 2018 Zhik 29er World Championship are New Zealand's Crystal SUN and Olivia HOBBS (NZL2394) in 26th position.




The silver fleet was not at its full strength today with some of lesser experienced teams electing to stay onshore. On the water, Australia is dominating the fleet taking the first three positions. First in the fleet are female team Annabelle DAVIES and Madison WOODWARD (AUS18) followed by William WALLIS and Brendan CRISP (AUS2447) and John-Mark PAUL and George RICHARDSON (AUS2131) with 3 points separating them.

If the breeze decides to agree, up to four races may be held tomorrow and once the teams duke it out on the race course the prize giving will be held at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Clubs main clubhouse on Kellett Island.

Nikki Claringbold

RESULTS (http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/upload/Sailing/Race-and-Regattas/29erWorlds/WorldsResultsFinal.htm)


01-08-2018, 09:22 AM
2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship

New Zealand Strikes Gold!


New Zealand’s Francesco KAYROUZ and Jackson KEON (NZL12) took the title of the 2018 Zhik 29er World Champions today with top 4 results in all races and a 9 point cushion separating them from their closest competition. New Zealand got the edge in the last two races today with an early gybe allowing them to take advantage of a big right-hand shift. KAYROUZ and KEON commented on their win on the race course “How did we do it? Consistency; making sure we sail to our best and to our full potential, sailing every leg like a new race and keeping your head out of the boat. Bow down and send it!

On winning the title, Kayrouz said: “Well it sounds kind of cheesy but it hasn’t sunk in yet, but it feels good. The event’s been good; it’s been challenging and a bit nerve-racking at times, but it’s been a good send.”


2nd Overall went to Australia’s Lachie BREWER and Max PAUL (AUS6) on 20 points. France’s Benjamin JAFFREZIC and Leo CHAUVEL (FRA2) followed in third on 25points with fellow countrymen Theo REVIL and Gautier GUEVEL also on 25 points in fourth.


New Zealanders Crystal SUN and Olivia HOBBS (NZL2394) took the title as top female team in the Zhik 29er World Championship as well as 21st Overall. SUN and HOBBS were interviewed after their win “We feel pretty good, pretty excited, such a good feeling! We have been very excited the last few days to be the only girls to make the cut into the gold fleet. It feels good to know that all our training and hard work has paid off. The event was pretty tricky with the wind and all that, but it was really a great, fun event. The racing was pretty hectic, we had all sorts of competition but it was really fun and really enjoyable to race against other people in these tricky conditions.”



Today racers were met with no breeze and a heavy fog as they descended on the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Middle Island Clubhouse. Racers were initially held onshore with Race Officer Charlie Manzoni commented “We couldn’t launch you into nowhere with no wind and no visibility.”

However, by around 1130hrs, a cold northerly had started to fill in and steadily built, compressing the fog into a more wet but transparent light drizzle. The gold fleet was sent to their race course in Stanley Bay where four races were sailed. The breeze for the beginning of the first two races race was at the top of the 29er wind limit however changing gears was critical as the breeze tapered off in the second lap of both the first two races. The breeze moderated for the remaining two races of the day and crossing the line first in the final race of the championship was the first Hong Kong team and winners of the 2017 Hong Kong Open Calum GREGOR and Jon CRAWFORD (HKG2532) who took 6th overall with 26 points. The results from the Silver fleet remain the same from yesterday as the race committee decided to hold them onshore due to the breeze being in the upper class limit.

After racing competitors made a beeline back to shore to pack up their gear in time for the 2018 Zhik 29er World Championship prize giving which will be held tonight at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Kellett Island location in Causeway Bay.

Full provisional results at http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/…/Race-and-Regattas/29erWorlds/Worl…