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03-13-2018, 08:23 AM
There was speculation circling about that Jimmy Spithill had been seen over the past few weeks
in Luna Rossa Camp, but no confirmation until this AM:



Cagliari, 13th of March 2018 – Two time America’s Cup winning skipper, Jimmy Spithill, with wins in 2010 and 2013 and previous helmsman in the Valencia challenge in 2007, returns to Luna Rossa.

With multiple World titles in a number of classes and match racing, as well as two Sydney to Hobart victories on Comanche, Jimmy started competing at a very early age when living in a small town North of Sydney only accessible by boat.
With his huge sports and technical experience on high-performance sailing boats, Jimmy brings additional strength to team Luna Rossa.

03-13-2018, 08:29 AM
I guess that means Uncle Larry has had enough?

Prince of Whales
03-13-2018, 08:31 AM
Enough of what?

America's Cup or Jimmy?

IOR Geezer
03-13-2018, 09:15 AM
Probably both.

Carl Spackler
03-13-2018, 01:57 PM
I wonder how "Graaayt" translates into Italian?

03-15-2018, 03:00 PM
Interview with Jimmy Spithill for: http://www.solovela.net/index.html

The Australian is certainly one of the best helmsmen in the world and having him in the team raises the level of the game. With Luna Rossa, Spithill should make the TP52 and the Cup, even if it is not said that we will see him at the helm on both occasions.

Following is the first interview that James Spithill has released to Mario Shoby after his call in the Luna Rossa Team.


Jimmy, this is not your first time in the Luna Rossa Challenge Team. You have already steered Prada's boat in the Louis Vuitton Cup final in the 2007 edition of the Cup. How it feels to come back with this team?

Being back with Luna Rossa is a great feeling. I have many good memories of the four years spent in Valencia with the team in the AC 32, and this time I was impressed by the organization and the technology that the team has available. Luna Rossa today is a mixture of experience, new energy and enthusiasm, which makes a great team.

Since you left the Luna Rossa team over ten years ago, as a skipper you won two America's Cup campaigns that of 2010 and 2013 with Oracle and you played the finals in 2017. It's a good baggage of experiences that you carry with you?

Surely, every time you make a race you always have something to learn and since I took part in my last regatta in AC 35 I think every day at the America's Cup. I have analyzed everything I have done and I continue to do so, I dissect each race, I see every decision and I try to learn all I can from both the things I did well and those that I did wrong.

What have you done?

That I must trust my instincts.

What's left of your past experience with the Oracle Team, what are your memories?

It was a great experience, made with fantastic people. Without Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts I would never have come to this point in my career. I was lucky enough to work with some of the most successful people in the business and sports world, and I'm lucky to call them, friends.

As you know the boat of the next Cup will be the AC 75, what do you think?

The boat is a beast, it reminds me of the AC 72 of the 34th edition of the Cup, the catamarans with the foil.
As then, nothing similar had been done before. The AC 75 is really ahead. This boat is a real challenge, nobody knows exactly how it will behave in the water, to bring it will need to get out of the box, it will be a real challenge for all the teams.

What do you think about the fact that you have to come and live in Italy?

The last time I was part of the Luna Rossa Team, we were in Valencia in Spain, this time we will be in Italy and I'm excited about it. I have done many regattas in Italy and I like the lifestyle of Italians and, above all, the food that is eaten in Italy. I like Italian culture, the landscape and the people, even if I have to confess that I think I will have to work on my Italian that is not so good.
Speaking of Italian culture, take some curiosity.

What is your favorite Italian dish?
Margherita pizza

Your favorite ice cream?

Do you know bad words in Italian?
Oh yes, many and very well.

For what you know of the language, what is your favorite phrase?
All right.

What is the football team you like best?

Do you prefer to travel by public transport or a Ferrari?