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01-16-2020, 12:04 PM


"Update from Leah: These pictures were sent to me today by some amazing people in Port Stanley. Bert is in full weather gear and battling the storm. He is tired from lack of sleep, hungry from the inability to get below deck for nourishment and cold, so very cold. When it settles down, Iím sure he will write something insightful and eloquent , but right now this is what heís facing. Hour after hour until the storm passes. The only advice I gave him at his departure was ď JUST STAY ON THE BOATĒ Today that is more of a prayer than anything."

"I am so thankful for the people in Port Stanley that can see Bert in their harbour and are standing by to help if it gets to that point. Itís such a relief to know he is somewhat within reach IF need be. For now, Bert says he can handle it so thereís that. Letís all pray the storm passes sooner vs later."

**photo credit to Robin C. Goodwin


Built in 1987 at Hamilton Ontario by Hank Hinckley and a Canadian Partner, Seaburban is an OCY 45.
Based on the Reliance 44 hull, sheís a go-anywhere Cruising Club of America design by Pierre Meunier
that has proven herself over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.
Sister-ships have sailed over every ocean on the globe.

The Skipper
Soldier, citizen-scientist, serial entrepreneur and adventurer, Seaburbanís skipper is a one-man force.
Not likely to take no for an answer and quick to quip, Bert is happiest aboard and abroad.

Simply stated, the goal is to sail non-stop, single-handed and unassisted around the world via the 5 great capes using only a sextant,
pen-and-paper, and log tables for navigation. Prior to 2019, there was only 1 person to have accomplished this feat: Sir Robin Knox Johnston.
The 4 finishers in the Golden Globe Race have bumped this number to 5.

Although there have been many exceptional solo-circumnavigations by North American sailors,
no North American has completed a solo-circumnavigation of this sort. My goal is to be the first.