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09-09-2010, 09:01 AM
Day 1 of U.S. Qualifying Series of New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup
Detroit's Bayview Yacht Club and Bora Gulari Set the Pace
NEWPORT, R.I., September 8 -- The New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup U.S. Qualifying Series, sponsored by Sperry Top-Sider and Jaguar North America, began today off Harbour Court, the New York Yacht Club’s on-the-water clubhouse, with 24 preeminent yacht clubs in America showing their hands. The prize for the top-three U.S. amateur teams is an invitation to the NYYC Invitational Cup presented by Rolex in September 2011, where they will meet the top six teams from 2009: New York, Royal Canadian, Japan Sailing Federation, Nyländska Jaktklubben of Finland; Royal Cork of Ireland and Royal Bermuda, plus at least 10 other international teams.

It was windy for the first two races, about 16-18 knots from the southwest – stuck at that pace since Saturday’s passing of Hurricane Earl. The winds moderated later in the day. NYYC Race Committee Chair John Myles set the stage at the Skippers’ Meeting on Tuesday. “We’re here to sail; get in as many races as we can.” A man of his word is Mr. Myles.
The Red Fleet sailed the NYYC’s Sonars for the first four races, before switching to Sail Newport’s J/22s for the last four. The Blue Fleet started in J/22s and finished in Sonars.

Kattack Live Tracking: http://nyyc.org/home/article_867/
Prelim Results: http://nyyc.org/gui/nyyc1/uploadedfiles/Dups_USQS/usqsresults.pdf

Go Bayview!

09-09-2010, 08:11 PM

NEWPORT, R.I. (September 9, 2010) – It has been two challenging and fast-paced days for 24 of the nation’s foremost yacht clubs who are on the waters of Narragansett Bay competing in the New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup U.S. Qualifying Series, sponsored by Sperry Top-Sider and Jaguar North America.

Split equally into fleets designated Red or Blue, the competitors have spent half of each day’s races in either NYYC’s Sonars or Sail Newport’s J/22s. Eight races were sailed on the opening day of the series, with an additional six completed today to determine who still has a chance to convert a top-three finish in the overall standings into a ticket to the NYYC Invitational Cup presented by Rolex to be held in September 2011.


The team from Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit. Amory Ross/New York Yacht Club.

“Today was a little more challenging and dicey than yesterday,” said Bora Gulari the 2009 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year who is the skipper of Bayview Yacht Club’s team which includes John Van Tol, Sarah Somes, and incoming Rear Commodore Kent Colpaert (all of Detroit). “The wind shifts were a little bigger, and the pressure differentiation was quite a bit bigger, and added to the strong cross-course current it was tactically interesting. It’s challenging here [in Newport] especially when it’s not a seabreeze situation, when the winds and tide don’t line up. It was northwest today, and we were fighting the tide all day.”

“There are a lot of good sailors here, and I am very happy to even do well,” concluded Gulari who acknowledged making some “bone-head mistakes” in the Sonar. “It’s a whole new regatta tomorrow.”

For the final two days of racing, the top-six teams qualifying from the Blue Fleet (Bayview, San Francisco, Carolina, Newport Harbor, American and Pequot Yacht Clubs) will meet the top six that qualified from the Red Fleet (Annapolis, Larchmont, Eastern, Fort Worth, Fishing Bay and Indian Harbor Yacht Clubs) in Sonars.

The rest of the article: http://nyyc.org/archives_public/article_874/
Prelim results: http://nyyc.org/gui/nyyc1/uploadedfiles/Dups_USQS/usqsresults.pdf

09-09-2010, 08:43 PM
So if I read this correctly, the boys from StFYC are eliminated ?

09-09-2010, 09:45 PM
Yep. Well, they'll race a consolation series:

"The remaining teams from the Blue Fleet (Seawanhaka, Ida Lewis, Seattle, Boston, Little Traverse and Stamford) will face six from the Red Fleet (Rochester, St. Francis, Long Beach, Southern, San Diego and St. Petersburg) in a consolation round to be sailed in J/22s over the next two days."

Edit: Woohoo! "sportin 3 corner pants"

09-10-2010, 02:24 PM
Hell yes, SFYC kicking ass. Tied for 1st going into races 5 & 6 today, and then had a couple of rough ones. Looks like if they can keep their consistancy over the next few, they are looking good. Keep it up Sean, Melissa, Nick and Steve!

09-11-2010, 09:51 AM
My money's on Billy Lynn

Duncan has no chance