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Ballard Sailor

We will be describing our exploits cruising and/or racing our Wasa 38, our Moore 24, or whatever we purchase on the East Coast.

  1. Selling Libra and Camping begins!

    Sunday morning we began unpacking the boat, emptying the holds and getting things organized to throw them in the Hunters’ Land Rover and up to the cottage we’d be staying in all week. Our sale agreement of Libra came with a clause that we would hang out for a week and do our best to teach the new owners (with no previous sailing experience) how to operate the boat, going over all the systems with them. My goal was to get them to the point that they would be comfortable getting out to the boat, ...
  2. South Bristol to Rockport

    Once again it’s been a few weeks since I’ve put anything down and there is so much to share and remember - I’m having trouble getting started, but here goes! We left the Kelly’s and headed out the Damariscotta River but instead of heading all the way out the mouth we hooked a left at South Bristol and went through The Gut. It’s a bit shallow at the bridge but we had a few feet under the keel as ...