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El Toro Build Blog

The plan is to build an El Toro dinghy. I have the plans from the El Toro YRA, but I prefer to use stitch and glue rather than the traditional boat building method in the plans. So it's somewhat ad-hoc in many respects. The goal is still for the boat to measure in to class rules, through.

I'll post pics as I remember to take them.

  1. It Floats!

    We finally launched it - Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. It floats!

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  2. Now it needs a name

    Thinking of:
    1 - 'Dozer
    2 - Fluid Dynamics Lab
  3. Painted, varnished

  4. Christmas shutdown is a wonderful thing

    Making good progress now - and the hard, scary, parts are done so I should be able to find time in the evenings to work on the boat rather than hiding from it.
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  5. Weekend 1 done - the jig

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    Here's a photo of the jig. You really don't need one for stitch and glue, but I could not figure out how to dimension the panels from the plans. So I made a jig and I'll just do stitch and glue over it. One idea occurs - perhaps I can use masking tape instead of stitches (since I have a jig to hold it on) so that I don't need to drill a bazillion holes in the boat. Should save time too.