• Nightmare At Huntington Lake

    Huntington Lake, east of Fresno in the Sierra has been the home to multitudes of sailing events for decades
    including the annual High Sierra Regattas for dinghies and another one for keelboats, both a week long respite
    for family fun and friendly adventures.

    The past few years have been harsh on the surrounding forest, which is quite dense, and has struggled through drought
    and bark beetle infestations. Earlier this week, a fire started and quickly spread, trapping scores of residents and campers alike.

    Swift action and prior planning allow local officials and volunteer firefighters to evacuate hundreds of persons, including the unconventional
    use of military cargo helicopters. The story is still unfolding, Steve Inskeep speaks with Chief Chris Donnelly of the Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department about the latest on wildfires in California.

    LIVE Fire Map
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