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    Published on 09/15/2020

    We will remember from these last hours, between many adventures, the remarkable shot full of opportunism played this morning by two latecomers, Eric Péron and Armel Le Cléac'h, who decided, while the leading peloton slipped into the west under Ouessant, to dive due south between the islands of Trielen and Quéménès, towards the mark of Sein.

    The fear of the Fromveur currents and the delay regretted at this point in the race will certainly have pushed the two experienced sailors to tempt the devil. This masterful blow naturally revived speculations of a final victory for the skipper of Banque Populaire. And among the sailors inspired by this great option, we find, unsurprisingly, boys like Adrien Hardy (Ocean Attitude), but also Nils Palmeri (Teamwork), also in the process of establishing his leadership in the envied rankings of the plotters. Benoit Hochart (La Chaine de l'Espoir) who “took the wheel” of Armel in the crossing of this pass outside category, could also receive in Saint Nazaire the dividends of a beautiful inspiration. Le Fromveur and Ouessant now in the transom, they are no less than 20 solo sailors to keep in a small gap of 5 to 6 miles, while more than 130 miles still separate them from the finish in Loire-Atlantique. In other words, the waltz of the leaders and the reversals of the situation have not finished enameling this astonishing third stage. The group that left for the West will again benefit from a little boost from a favorable current to pick up on the new leaders.

    Follow the progress of the sailors on the cartography: https://lasolitaire.geovoile.com/2020/tracker/


    Published on 09/15/2020

    Observing the rankings of this third stage of La Solitaire du Figaro, since the start from Dunkirk, reveals the presence at the forefront of the three riders stamped Team Vendée Formation. Xavier Macaire (Groupe SNEF), often leader, takes in his wake the Italian Alberto Bona (Sebago) and the young Kevin Bloch, rookie on the race. These three men belong to the structure led by Estelle Graveleau from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in Vendée, and within which we also count Sébastien Marsset, currently racing in Class40 on the Normandy Channel Race, Joan Mulloy and even Phil Sharp (Oceanslab) came this year as a guest star to work with the Vendéens.

    Since 2013, the Vendée Formation Team has offered sailors and technicians a unique support and training system for the sport sailing professions. Beyond a purely sporting project, Team Vendée Formation aims to be a catalyst for trades and activities related to sport sailing. As Etienne Saïz, in charge of the sportsman, explains, “We are part of a logic of dynamism of the territory, by working on the development of a whole nautical plan for the Vendée. Ocean racing, its leaders like Xavier Macaire, shed light on a whole series of professions linked to boating, from preparers to photographers, and of course all the technical professions linked to the development of boats. The Vendée was devoid of any sector, and far behind what has existed in Brittany for decades. By creating this center of skills, we are laying the foundations for the fundamental bases to attract trades and companies linked to boating, and which do not necessarily think of the Vendée for their development. Of course, the Vendée Globe is a great showcase, but behind this brand image, it is necessary to build solid foundations for the practice of high-level sailing. This is the mission of Team Vendée Formation. The good rankings of our runners shed light on our structure and our project which is also based on human values. A boy like Xavier Macaire, with all his experience, is a locomotive who shares his knowledge transversally and in a convivial manner with all beginners. This is also the spirit of Team Vendée Formation is a locomotive which shares its knowledge transversally and in a convivial manner with all beginners. This is also the spirit of Team Vendée Formation is a locomotive which shares its knowledge transversally and in a convivial manner with all beginners. This is also the spirit of Team Vendée Formation".
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