• A Harsh Night For Vendee Sailors


    No respite in the night! The skippers who chose the western option had to face harsh conditions with gusts of over 40 knots. Among the "southerners", 150 miles away, Maxime Sorel, Benjamin Dutreux, Jean Le Cam and Nicolas Troussel are leading the race. While Armel Tripon diverted to La Coruña, Fabrice Amedeo, he resumed the race. State of play.

    Advantage to the “southerners” Gusts of more than 40 knots, cross seas… The conditions of the night were faithful to forecasts. Before the passage of this dreaded front, the fleet had already been divided into two groups: those who decided to meet the strong wind and those, more cautious, who skirted the Spanish coasts in order to benefit from more favorable conditions. lenient. And this morning, they are the "southerners" who lead the standings.

    “ We don't have foil boats, our idea was to go far from the front and take fewer risks ”, confides Benjamin Dutreux (OMIA - Water Family) in the morning, he who is currently 2 nd in the ranking. At his side, we find Maxime Sorel (1st, V and B - Mayenne) and Jean Le Cam (3rd, Yes We Cam!), Also aboard right-drift boats. Note that this group also has a foiler and not just any one: Nicolas Troussel. The skipper of CORUM L'Épargne, in the lead at the start of the race, is one of the only foilers to have followed this option.

    In the West, a night of the strong

    It was necessary to hang on, all night, for those who chose the west before turning south. “ I got seasick for the first time in my life. It was probably the stress of passing this mighty front », Says Sébastien Simon. The skipper of ARKÉA PAPREC is doing a good job, he who got closer to less than 20 miles from Thomas Roût (LinkedOut), who still leads this group. The Northerner is also the first to have tacked to head south. Behind, Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée 2) did the same while Armel Tripon (L'Occitane en Provence) was forced to turn back (see elsewhere). A little further on, four “foilers” - Alex Thomson (HUGO BOSS), Charlie Dalin (Apivia), Kevin Escoffier (PRB) and Boris Hermann (Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco) - are also preparing to make the switch to the south during the day.

    Isabelle Joschke played it safe

    She announced it and she did. Yesterday, during the shifts, the MACSF sailor explained: “ I intend to be careful and go in conditions that I consider to be manageable. If we have to take another route than the others, I would . »At midnight, Isabelle Joschke therefore decided to tack towards the Spanish coast in order to avoid the« big »of the depression.

    Alexia Barrier: "it's a bit of a war"

    " Me too, I hesitated to take that option because the front was freaking me out ," says Alexia Barrier. But aboard 4myPlanet, she finally decided to head west, more than 170 miles to the north of the current leader, Maxime Sorel. Yet his morning is far from restful. " It's a bit of war, I have 30 to 35 knots of wind, 2 to 3 meters of hollow ", she explains during shifts at 5 am. “ But I'm ready to pounce on the pilot if necessary. I don't have a cap, so you have to be ready at all times ! "

    Armel Tripon turns to La Coruna

    Armel Tripon has decided to set sail for the Spanish coast. The skipper of L'Occitane en Provence suffered the breakage of the hook of his J3 during the night. " The sail has fallen on board but it is recoverable, there is work to be done ", explains the race management. It was decided with his team that Armel Tripon approach La Coruña in order to anchor and repair alone, close to the coast. Armel Tripon was among the first to veer westward yesterday alongside Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut) and Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée 2).

    Fabrice Amedeo, popular support before going back to sea

    This is one of the great news of the night. At 10:10 p.m., Newrest - Art et Fenêtres set sail from the Port-Olona pontoon before leaving in solitary mode at 11:15 p.m. The technical team had been busy for two and a half days repairing a 6cm crack in the mast and changing the hook. On the channel, at night, Fabrice Amedeo was able to benefit from numerous applause from residents. “ There were people on both sides of the channel, it was really great. I was very touched, it boosts me for the future. We need people's energy to go around the world and there it is, I'm ready. At 5 am, Fabrice Amedeo was 570 miles from the leader, Maxime Sorel.

    Vendée Globe editorial staff / Antoine Grenapin
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