• Beyou Is Back In The Game

    This afternoon, at a press conference, Jérémie Beyou, skipper of Charal announced that he will start racing tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon.

    "It's a little weird to answer the shifts off the boat but I will soon be able to take them on board because thanks to the work accomplished over the last few days, we know that the boat will be ready tomorrow morning and will leave around 3 p.m. / 3.30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon . This is great news, I wanted to thank the entire Charal Sailing Team who, as usual, gave their all day and night here in Port Olona. I also wanted to thank all the subcontractors and external service providers who have added their skills so that I can start again. The Vendée Globe is a team race and they have once again demonstrated that with willpower we can work miracles. This is great news, the race will resume , differently certainly but it will resume for me tomorrow!

    The most problematic damage that made me turn around was the rudder problem, but technically the most difficult damage to repair was that of the sheet bar bulkhead, structural part of the boat. , which was completely broken. It was first necessary to have the damage appraised, to see how far the water had infiltrated and therefore to see what had to be repaired, to put forward the hypotheses of repair and reinforcement on both sides. So it took a lot of skills to fix it in record time with bad weather. It was also necessary to deal with problems with the wind vane, the aerials which had been changed, the mainsail which had been damaged in the various consecutive gybes.

    I'm not used to telling stories and not telling the truth, it's not easy: I went through all the states but it's true that I was happy to be outside of it , here in Les Sables d'Olonne, I needed to cut myself off from the boat and from racing. I did not look at the rankings, I "zapped" the social networks and for all that, I wanted to be next to my team who was working so that I could start again. I have great confidence in my team and even if the first night, I received a message telling me that it was going to be difficult to repair on time, deep down I knew they were going to get there.

    It allowed me to recharge my batteries and see the enthusiasm that there was behind the project and all the emotion it created in people, the will of the public, Charal employees, the media, friends. I had to go back!

    I didn't quite cut it either and I learned about Nicolas (Troussel) dismasting this morning: I'm super sad for him and his whole team. I know all the energy it takes to get a project like this going and to have a Vendée Globe. It is terrible. I think of them a lot today.

    Somehow, seeing all these people gives you more choice. You go to try to win a race and all that is behind me, you have to build something different and that, of course, helps. All the words I got are just crazy. Before the start, on November 8, a lot of people asked me if it was going to change something that there was no one in the channel and I found that not bad because it created less emotion. But no, it was missing. And there I had my dose when I came back and it made me happy.

    I tried to plan everything on a day-to-day basis in the preparation, by the hour or even the minute for the days before the race and the first days of the race. When you take everything on your head like this, you tell yourself that you have to work differently. The idea now is to take the events one after the other: go home, repair, now leave and then we'll see what happens, I prefer not to wait for anything, not to set myself goals. We'll see !

    On the weather side, I looked at the files, there is a first front to be passed on Tuesday which seems a little less virulent than the passage we had on November 9 and 10 but it is still a big front of near. Then there is a fairly strong downwind off Cape Finisterre which will set in. Then there is a small low off the coast of Morocco which will perhaps stop the trade winds and perhaps allow the Doldrums to spread out a bit so this is not necessarily good news. But again, I look at the situation from the start and see what happens next. I really want to be in that state of mind and I think that's what will keep me going.

    I had cut the mapping and all of my Instagram subscriptions and, on purpose, left Alex's one, so I saw he was in the lead. I'm happy for him, he has a good boat and he sails well, he has had a really good trip the last few days. The start of the race was not easy and hats off to everyone who is still at sea, with all the minor damage, they are all very deserving. Now I can't wait to get back on the road.

    There were about twenty people mobilized around the repairs, the architects and structurers, all the people who take care of the lamination and the composite and then all the logistical support behind, the people who redone the fittings, the North Sails sailmaker, I don't know how many people got involved in all but it's just crazy! We must respect the work that has been done and start again! A big thank you to everyone, these are the people we work with all year round and there they once again put a crazy energy back into it, it's a crazy team! "

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