• Thomas Ruyant Reeling In Thomson

    Alex Thomson ( HUGO BOSS ) still in the lead although having conceded ground on Thomas Reyant ( LinkedOut ) and Charlie Dalin ( Apivia ); unanswered questions about the leader's tempo; three IMOCAs with "straight drifts" already in the southern hemisphere; Nicolas Troussel safely ... Here is information for this 11 th day of the Vendée Globe.

    For a few hours, a doubt floated in the bow of HUGO BOSS . In fact, in 48 hours, between crossing the equator as the leader, with 78 miles ahead of LinkedOut , his runner-up , and this Thursday, Alex Thomson saw his lead shrink like snow in the Brazilian sun: he no longer counted. only 15.4 miles ahead of Thomas Rettant in the standings by 15 hours and 44.8 over Charlie Dalin ( Apivia ), more than 160 miles at the start of the week.



    Crisis of faith? Technical concerns? Small secrecy? Difficult to say, the English skipper unable to answer the morning shift. In the game of theories, let us push in bulk and in disorder that of the big DIY session, planned for the doldrums - but ultimately postponed since, doldrums, there was hardly any for the leaders -; that of the downsizing the time to carry out a complete train of checks and small repairs; that of the difference in performance between HUGO BOSS on the one hand and LinkedOut and Apivia on the other, proposed by Marcus Hutchinson ( LinkedOut team manager ) and which, in substance during the English version of the Vendée Live program, underlined that different designs corresponded to different peaks of performance; and then that of Yann Elies , interviewed as an expert at the daily show, the Vendée Live on Thursday noon and indirectly entrusted the keys of the performance of Alex Thomson Nicolas Troussel: " Does is this the configuration of HUGO BOSS foils ? It's possible. But it is also possible that the sailors have eased off from ( what lived ) Nicolas Troussel. We ask ourselves a lot of questions about dismasting ( from CORUM L'Epargne , Monday morning, editor's note ), it is urgent to pay attention to the tension we are putting in the rigging at the moment ".

    In short, many questions, scenarios for a temporary slowdown, Alex Thomson having put the gum back in recent hours. However, the results of the expert appraisals currently being carried out on the circumstances of Nicolas Troussel's dismasting, under acceptable sailing conditions, are eagerly awaited. This dismasting raises questions in all the teams, all equipped with one of the one-design masts imposed by the IMOCA Class in order to secure the fleet - and the result has been convincing for several years. Flows of data sent by CORUM L'Epargne will provide useful information for the collective.

    HUGO BOSS , LinkedOut and Apivia are therefore sailing tight-knit? Yes and no, since 70 miles in longitude separate Alex Thomson, very to the West, from the duo of "Frenchies". There, Alex Thomson found winds a little less sustained, but which allowed him to slide due south, while reserving the possibility of attacking the crossing of the South Atlantic when he saw fit. Calés further east, Thomas Rettant, Charlie Dalin and their Verdier plans were still gaining ground in recent hours.

    12 in the South!

    23 hours and 37 minutes after Alex Thomson, Damien Seguin in turn crossed the equator . The skipper of Groupe Apicil is the 12 th to enter the southern hemisphere at this edition. Seaexplorer - Yacht Club De Monaco, Initiatives - Cœur, Maître CoQ IV, OMIA - Water Family and ARKEA PAPREC had preceded him. At this time, nine of the twelve “Southerners” are foilers, but the “straight daggerboards” are holding up! It cites as evidence the 10 th place of Benjamin Dutreux sacred sailor on Omia - Water Family , and inevitably the 4 th place of Jean Le Cam,still and always. 135 miles north of the leader, the dean of the race still maintains a remarkable pace, fueled by his impressive knowledge. Kevin Escoffier ( PRB ) and Louis Burton ( Bureau Vallée 2 ) are 5 th and 6 th , about 200 miles from the lead.

    Within 24 hours, they should be six more upside down. These skippers will then have gotten rid of the doldrums, which Alan Roura ( La Fabrique ) dreams of, in a hurry to be able to stick a good nap without having to fear a brutal calm or a gale force (read below), or even Clarisse Crémer ( Banque Populaire X) who worries about having nothing to do when there is not a small adjustment to install.


    " It's the washing machine here. I have between 25 and 28 knots of wind, nice waves to surf, I put my boat in moped mode with the J3 and two reefs in the mainsail. "

    I took care of myself and it worked well. I have the fishing now, I can't wait for the day to break. I'm making good progress, between 13 and sometimes 20 knots in the surf. I can't wait to find the flying fish.

    Alexia Barrier / TSE - 4myplanet


    The fleet of thirty-two IMOCA monohulls is sailing this Thursday, November 19 in pleasant conditions with a south-easterly trade wind for the former, a little active doldrums for the peloton and a north-easterly trade wind for the latter.

    While Stéphane le Diraison on Time For Oceans attacked a doldrums this morning that was still just as lenient, the leaders will spend the day off Recife. They are sailing in beautiful conditions with a well established trade wind, which allows the foilers of the latest generation to express themselves.

    The Saint Helena anticyclone is currently located in the eastern part of the South Atlantic. A small “low pressure” axis is located between Salvador de Bahia in Brazil and the central South Atlantic.

    By the end of the week, the strategy of the first competitors will be to slip into the downwind corridor in the southwest of the Saint Helena high. The objective for the moment is to keep a curved trajectory to navigate with fast wind angles and to gradually curve the route when the wind turns to the north.

    In the ideal scenario, it would be necessary to stay in this corridor until the Forties. This low pressure axis is unfortunately less and less active next week. The wind should therefore ease and it is not certain that the competitors will be able to keep a sustained wind as long as they would like. The models that will be released in the next few days will bring more visibility in the long term and on the scenario as the Cape of Good Hope approaches, which could become complex with many possible options. The time for important choices could be Sunday, November 22.

    The trade winds are still in place for all the competitors who are north of the latitude of Cape Verde. They take advantage of good sailing conditions and can repair minor injuries. On the other hand, conditions in the doldrums could deteriorate slightly from Friday with weaker winds and more squalls.

    Christian Dumard / Great Circle


    Troussel at anchor in Mindelo
    Nicolas Troussel has secured his CORUM - L'Epargne, now at anchor in front of the port of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vincente. After three days to the east with the engine, following the dismasting of CORUM L'Epargne on Monday morning, the skipper of the bay of Morlaix awaits the arrival of his team ashore to moor his monohull at the pontoons of Mindelo, the second largest Cape Verde city.

    His team should join him in the coming hours. Together, they will then manage the landing of CORUM L'Epargne in this port where there is no water everywhere for IMOCAs with a draft of 4.5m.

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