• Coville And Company Have Begun Their Quest!

    Departing Tuesday at 4.30 p.m. from its base in Lorient, Sodebo Ultim 3 crossed the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, at 02h 55min (French time), the starting line of the Jules Verne Trophy, located between the Créac'h lighthouse (Ouessant ) and that of Cape Lizard (southwest of England).

    Before setting off, Thomas Coville and his seven crewmen carried out a final navigation on Tuesday morning to validate the repair carried out by the technical team on the starboard foil of Sodebo Ultim 3, which had been damaged on October 8 following to a shock with an UFO.

    Back in Lorient at midday, they set out to sea three hours later to take advantage of a favorable weather situation. “We wanted to be able to be opportunistic and take the window that would allow us to take off as soon as possible. We think we have an interesting card to play, ”commented Thomas Coville as he left the pontoon.

    What does this weather window look like?

    “They will set off on starboard tack in a fairly unstable northwesterly wind of around twenty knots, conditions that are manageable for a crew of eight,” replies Jean-Luc Nélias. They should then have a strong northerly wind off Portugal before descending rapidly towards the equator which they could cross in less than five days. Once in the southern hemisphere, the challenge is to negotiate the Saint Helena high as well as possible to arrive in less than 12 days at Cap des Aiguilles, at the entrance to the Indian Ocean. To do this, it is necessary to create a depression at the level of Cabo Frio, near Rio, which can make it possible to "cut the cheese" in the anticyclone, thus making a shorter route at high speed. This is what we are looking for with this window, but it is still difficult to predict, because it is quite distant in time and the area is unstable. "

    To grab the Jules Verne Trophy, held since January 26, 2017 by Idec Sport in 40 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds, Thomas Coville, François Duguet, Sam Goodchild, Corentin Horeau, Martin Keruzoré, François Morvan, Thomas Rouxel and Matthieu Vandame must cross the line in Ouessant before Tuesday January 5 at 2h25min (French time, subject to WSSRC).


    Patricia Brochard, Co-President of Sodebo:

    “The Jules Verne Trophy is an anthology record that has been broken by the biggest names in ocean racing. This crewed round-the-world record attempt comes in a particular context and I hope that it will make the public dream as much as it makes us dream at Sodebo. For the first time, we are going to discover Sodebo Ultim 3 in flying mode. We will also share the life of a group formed by Thomas. This team is incredible, it brings together very talented, daring sailors with different and complementary experiences. In the company, we put collaboration at the heart of our projects because we are convinced that collective intelligence creates value. This is also the reason why we have chosen as emblem "the ampersand", which symbolizes the "and", the “whole” and that we placed it at the heart of the boat. These moments before a departure are always very exhilarating, it is a mix of strong emotions! We are all behind Thomas and the team and will live this adventure intensely. "
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