• 48.5 Knots Of SOG and a 58.33 nm Advance

    Sodebo Ultim 3, which has covered 755 miles in 24 hours, averaging 31.5 knots, is sailing at the latitude of the Canaries this morning, with a 124-mile lead on the table of Idec Sport, holder of the Jules Trophy. Verne. After the first 48 hours started, Thomas Coville and his seven teammates should benefit from increasingly favorable conditions during the day for a good glide towards the equator.

    The smiles were bright on the faces of the “Sodeboys” on Thursday around 6 pm on the occasion of the first weekly “live” organized from the Team's base in Lorient. Thomas Coville was able to talk live about the start of the Jules Verne Trophy committed: “We crossed a lot of squalls, with an unstable wind in terms of strength and direction, which required constant reaction to changing conditions. The wind is strong, but that's what we wanted and in a few hours, things will calm down and we will enter a more flying phase. I feel like I've been gone for a very long time, when it's barely 36 hours. Everyone has picked up their pace, the shifts follow one another, we managed to sleep and eat well, we take incredible pleasure. "


    And Sodebo Ultim 3 has already achieved impressive speeds, since the skipper added: “For the moment, it's François Morvan who has the palm with a peak at 48.9 knots, but it's not the objective, we try rather to have high average speeds which do not affect the boat. You have to keep in mind the trade-off between performance and wear and tear all the time, that's my responsibility, so I don't necessarily push guys to go very fast, because the risk is rush the boat and tire them. "

    The crew lived their first birthday on board Thursday, that of Thomas Rouxel who was celebrating his 38th birthday and had the right to a "sport cake", with a lighter as a candle, brought to them by the boat-captain François Duguet: “This is far from the first time this has happened to me. Already last year, I was on Sodebo Ultim 3 during the return delivery from Cape Town, he commented. It's a time when, in general, we sail a lot, I used to spend my birthdays and Christmases at sea. ”

    The gifts of the Costarmorican? An advance on the Idec Sport chart which has doubled in 24 hours (124 miles this Friday morning) and conditions which will gradually subside: “After a fairly committed start to the race, we are only heading towards the easiest. So far, we were more in 25-30 knots of wind with seas up to 4.5 meters; We now expect 15-20 knots and between 1 and 3 meters at sea, it will be funnier. Because the flatter the sea, the more comfortable the boat is to live in while still going just as fast, these are the optimal speeds for Sodebo Ultim 3. ”

    This was confirmed by the trimaran's router, Jean-Luc Nélias, on Thursday evening: “The wind will gradually ease and turn, the sea will flatten out, the temperature will heat up. From Friday they will be in very nice trade winds, but they will not last that long, because the boat is going very fast, they should be at the equator in about 5 days. "
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