• Pyewacket Runs The Tables!

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    Roy Disney’s modified Volvo 70 Pyewacket 70' finished today at 10:22:56 covered the 800nm course in 01:21:22:53, obliterating the previous monhull record set in 2005 by Doug Baker’s Magnitude 80 of 02:13:25:58. Pyewacket 70' could run the Cabo Race trifecta with a combined elapsed, class, and overall victories.


    2021 NHYC Cabo Race
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    From the RC RC Headquarters - Monday @ 11:22AM - AT 0900 Peligroso reported being safe and sound at SDYC and about to haul out. The boat hit something at 20kts and damaged the keel. The boat wanted to thank all those that were concerned and there will be more to report later.

    From the RC Headquarters - Monday @ 10:34AM - From Pyewacket at 0830 3/22 1. 23 09, 110 36 2. wind 320@ 19kts, sea 8', 40% cloud, barom 1019 mb falling 3) good times on the Pyewacket with a great team... very proud to be where we are.... see you soon

    From the RC Headquarters - Monday @ 10:33AM - From Zero Gravity at 0800 POS Report: Wet and wild!

    From the RC Headquarters - Monday @ 10:32AM - From Pyewacket at 0800 Morning.
    As you know, we have 85 miles to go... back in 20 knots running with the A3 but went through a soft patch that challenged our patience... it got down to 12 knots.... worried there may be some more land based light spots to navigate - so though the layline times say we finish at 10am, I think that could easily be 11AM (PDT). the tracker/ais will tell the story.

    All good on board

    From the RC Headquarters - Monday @ 10:30AM - From BOLT at 0800 3/22 POS REPORT 25 23N, 113 21; wind 345 @ 18, sea 4’-6’, 0% cloud cover, 1017 bar rising
    Team BOLT has enjoyed heavy winds and fast sailing most of the race despite having multiple electronic, electrical, and mechanical issues from the beginning of the race. Intermittent GPS and communications, battery and fuel tank issues, and a broken boom vang did not stop the crew from fighting the angry seas with great skill and prowess. Mother Nature did not just stop with the wind and waves....she purposely targeted an evil sunfish at BOLT. After slamming into the giant creature at 20kts and jarring the off watch awake, the helmsman was attacked by a self guided flying fish. Despite the exhausting battle with boat issues and sea creatures, the BOLT crew continues to race hard towards Cabo where tequila and cold cervezas await.

    From the RC Cabo Race - Monday @ 08:29AM - The NHYC Welcoming Committee has been woken up from their comfy staterooms aboard Sundance, the Mai Tai and Rampage as they need to get to sea soon to welcome Pyewacket with the appearance of a great record shattering performance. We could use some mortars if Mr. Disney might spare a few! On second thought, we would not want to start a fire as these guys are hot!

    From the RC Cabo Race - Monday @ 08:26AM - Horizon, a SC50 that splashed in the early 80s, has been delivering fun to its crew for decades. To see Horizon finish in under 3 days is remarkable. We sailed Hana Ho and Upbeat (both SC50s) into the new Cabo Marina in 1983 where only one small dock was in the marina on the Hacienda Hotel side of the harbor opposite the Cannery. We got there in 4 days and thought that was fast after some great surfing the last night at sea. These boats will have some great tales to tell after they hit the dock, sleep, eat and have a margarita under the hot Cabo sun.
    From the RC RC Headquarters - Monday @ 08:20AM - In the big sled category, Grand Illusion just increased her average speed to over 15 knots at last report with Bolt just 7 NM behind. Both boats have slugged this race out being able to see each other the entire race. Winds increased over night with a sea state conducive to high speeds and surfing from wave top to wave top.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Monday @ 08:18AM - At the 0600 Pos Report, Pyewacket has increased her average speed to nearly 23 knots reflecting the ideal sailing conditions for this race to the bottom of Baja California. She is on track to finish in 1 day, 20 hrs, 12 mins. We have to go back and look at the Mod 70 multihull records to see comparisons to this performance to a multihull.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Monday @ 08:11AM - The top 9 boats are finishing under 3 days total elapsed time, the first time that has happened in the NHYC Cabo Race. 3 of the boats will finish on corrected handicap time under 3 days as well. For the aged, but beautiful SC70 Grand Illusion, this is a record best and we are combing prior years for their previous best, but this seems to be the race that all the boats will find hard to beat their times in future editions.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Monday @ 08:04AM - 0600 March 22: At daybreak, Pyewacket is just 72NM from the finish averaging 22.6 knots over the last several hours. She was only able to overtake Cecil Rossi's Ho'okolohe last night, the ORR Class D Frontrunner that also seen a tremendous race. Artemis and Grand Illusion round out the top three on Corrected Time.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Sunday @ 04:10AM - at 0130 on 3/21 PELIGROSO HAS RETIRED and is heading into Ensenada. Crew is safe and in good spirits.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Saturday @ 11:57PM - At 2145 3/20, RIO 100 has reported they are 4 hours motoring time from Mission Bay, SD; RIO 100’s Tracker reports their position 57NM South on a bearing to MB of approx. 15 degrees NNE. Lat Lon 2145 YB position is 31° 50.40 N, 117° 31.73 W. RIO 100 reports visual contact with the racing fleet to weather.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Saturday @ 11:25PM - Saturday @ 11:25PM - at 2122 on 3/20, RIO 100 has RETIRED due to Rudder Linkage issues. USCG has been informed. They are heading under their own power to Mission Bay, San Diego. Sea state reported is 2-3 meters with wind at 17kts from 300 degrees. RIO 100 will keep the RC advised of its progress. NO IMMEDIATE DANGER ... ALL CREW SAFE and ONBOARD.

    From the RC Cabo Race - Saturday @ 11:18PM - 1300 3/20; ORR Class A, B and C Start. An eventful start in 6 knots of wind with Artemis taking the Pin end and many racers trying to gain advantage at the Signal Boat end. A protest has been lodged by Zero Gravity against Sapphire Knight, the details of which will get sorted out in Cabo San Lucas in a few days time. The boats have advanced south fairly rapidly in a swiftly building sea breeze veering to the NW after sundown. The first few hours saw boat speeds above 8 knots and after sundown have increased substantially. The lead boats at sundown were abeam of Ensenada and the rest were already past the Coronado Islands in NW winds averaging high teens.

    From the RC RC Headquarters - Saturday @ 11:07PM - MAR 20 at 2100; Reporting directly to the RC from RIO 100; RIO 100 has reported a rudder linkage issue and are attempting to fix it. They are abeam of Ensenada and in no immediate danger. Also, an EPIRB was lost overboard around the same time as the linkage issue arose and the US Coast Guard has been informed of the EPIRB being lost overboard.

    From the RC Cabo Race - Saturday @ 11:01AM - ORR Class D 0800 Position Reports on March 20: The boats have all reported in. Highlights follow: Ho'okolohe 0800pdt Position: 30 50N, 117 01W, Conditions: TWD 320@20knts, Sea 4-6 ft, 80% cloud cover, 1023 MB. Comments: Very foggy last night. Still quite cool but great sailing. Such Fast 31 0800 Pos is 06.072N 117 16.3433W. Wind 324 @ 16kts, sea 2-5 ft, 50% clouds, bar rising 1020. Comments: Our delightful Such Fast is Such Fun! We were pleased with our start and are tracking well against our strategy. Overnight sailing was overcast with peaks at the starts. This morning the clouds are receding, and we are looking forward to a sporty day with favorable conditions for us in Fleet D. Thank you Jess for your last-minute help with the tracker! SHBK Favonious 0800 PDT Position, Favonius sail#38125, 3/20/21. Pos: 31.01.28 x 116.33.57. Wind 20kts @309m 6ft seas clear skies. Fun first night but haven’t slept much yet!

    From the RC Cabo Race - Saturday @ 10:45AM - At Dawn Race Day 2 for ORR D: Daylight brought some real revelations that these boats are flying! Averaging well over 11 knots, Class D is seeing some fast progress. Favonious has the inside port lane while Ho’okolohe is on starboard gybe streaking away from the lurking mass of Cedros Island ahead and taking a more offshore, but longer route to the finish. We will be receiving the OOR Class D position reports by 0900 hours and will report back.
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