• Just Like The R2AK: Only Different

    Team Members: Shad Lemke, Mark Bostrom, Scott Wood, Jefferson Franklin
    Hometown: Wilsall, MT
    Race Vessel: Olson 30 Monohull
    LOA: 29.95'
    Human Propulsion: Pedal drives

    The inaugural all within the USA long distance, human or sail power has it's 1st overall 1st to finish winner, but there are contestants stacked all over the place!
    Don't feel alone that you are just getting your 1st indication that there even WAS a replacement endurance event to replace the R2AK.

    You can catch up on all the happenings HERE


    Start by running south into Puget Sound til you can go no further, turn around and do the same to Point Roberts, then come back home.

    Follow this six point route of success (because you have to to avoid disqualification)

    Start just off the Northwest Maritime Center dock in Port Townsend Bay
    ROUND Olympia shoal in Budd Inlet
    PASS WITHIN 1 NM of Goat Island in Skagit Bay
    ROUND Bellingham outfall buoy Fl Y 10s priv
    ROUND Point Roberts Buoy R "4" 4s BELL
    Finish by landing on the dock at the Northwest Maritime Center
    We don’t care how often you stop or where it’s at, but if you do stop, you gotta comply with whatever local regs currently in place to deal with whatever COVID hellscape we find ourselves in at the moment. Your politics are your own, but this race will be following the sum total of the guidance being offered by the communities we’ll be traveling through. Do differently, and you’re likely to find yourself exiled from town and this race.



    Honor in winning is honor in life: We don’t rate boats, don’t even know how. There'll be three classes of prize:

    Go Fast: The fastest of the fast, racing sleds and catamarans with a sail to cupholder ratio that exceeds 1:1.

    Go Hard: Others might call this “Cruising Class.” We’re not those people. Racing a cruiser is inherently slower, which is harder.

    Human Powered: Kayaks, rowboats, SUPs, and other muscle-laden heroes who for whatever reason forgo the wind.

    Which class are you? You tell us. If you’re a paddle boarder and you want to go up against the big sleds...fine.
    If you’re a TP52 with a navigation system from NASA with a flux capacitor core and try to enter as a paddleboard in the human-powered class?
    We’re not gonna buy it. We don’t know PHRF, but we’re badass at poker. Play it straight and earn a story you’re proud to tell.

    Winning means something, but it doesn’t mean new cars, a miracle Instagram account with a million followers, or a personal attendant to sweep the path before you as you walk.

    It does mean you met a personal triumph and likely overcame struggles you didn’t want or never thought you’d endure. That’s the first way to win in WA360: finish, and finish in a way that makes you proud.

    You can also be first in your racing class and forever have your team engraved on a big ass championship belt.
    Nevermind trophies of little people holding indecipherable sport objects, or ornate cups that dent going into the hatchback or gather dust in the cases near the lobby.
    Think 10 pounds of leather and shiny metal held high with both hands and a Zoom room throng of people chanting your name.
    It’s a perennial award so you'll be handing it off to the following year, but think of it this way: you could be the first heavy weight champ of this thing.
    That’s right, you could be the John Sullivan of the WA360. Or be Laila Ali. She's amazing.

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