• Team Novato 1st To Halfway Point

    Cecil & Alyson Rossi's Farr 57' Ho'okolohe ( Hawaiian sex in Hawaiian) Sprinted out to a lead from day 1
    a week ago with the starters in Division 8 and has not looked back. The only boat with 3 Fosters and a Corkett,
    they passed the 1,000 nm DTF mark just a few hours ago and are holding onto line honors position like a fat kid with a
    lollypop... so to speak...

    Ho'okolohe has a nice steady pace, with a 227nm 24 hour VMG in latest update. While its quite possible the likes of Roy Disney's
    turbo'd out Volvo 70 Pyewacket can catch her before Diamond Head, they are just 1/4 of the way as opposed to Ho'okolohe's 1/2 way mark.

    Time will tell!


    In Div 1, Pyewacket holds the baton, with Bryon Erharts's Judel-Vrolijk 72' Lucky in 2nd and
    Tom Holthus' latest BadPak in 3rd

    Raymond Paul's Botin 65' Artemis is in 1st in Div 2, with Doug Bakers' Kernan 68' Peligroso in 2nd
    and Alan Luber's RP 66 Zvi

    Div 3 has Chris Sheehan's Pac52 Warrior Won in the lead followed by sistership, Callisto owned by Jim and Kate Murray
    with the RP52 Vitesse owned by Thomas Furlong

    In what appears to be a double match race, the Sleds in division 4, have David Clarke's Grand Illusion
    neck and neck with Jack Jenning's Pied Piper while some 20 miles back, Craig Reynold's Bolt
    is in a virtual tie with the Sangmeister/Smart owned Rock n Roll

    Bob Pethick's Rogers 46' BretWalda 3 is current front runner in Div 5, with James Partrige's Antrim 49'
    Rapid Transit occupying 2nd and Dave MacEwen's new to him Lucky Duck, also a Roger 46' now in 3rd

    The 5 boat SC50 fleet shows John Shulze's Horizon blazing the path with Steve Sellinger's Triumph hold onto 2nd and Michael Moradzadeh's
    Oaxaca the 3rd place holder

    The 3 boat div 7 has everyone with a shot at the podium, with Greg Dorn's Dehler 46' Favonius in the lead,
    with Scott Cambell's J 121 Riva in 2nd and Tim Jones's Olson 40 Live Wire in 3rd

    As mentioned at the top of this brilliant piece of journalism, the boat from the new sailing capitol of the West Coast (Novato)
    Ho'okolohe has a commanding lead with Andy Schwenky Dank's E-37 in 2nd and Mike Sudo's Beneteau Fisrt 47.7 Macondo in 3rd
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