• 2021 Trans Pacific Yacht Race!


    Pyewacket 70' was the 2021 Barn Door Winner, the turbo'ed former Telefonica completing the LA to Diamond Head
    in the wee hours (07/23/02:53 HST) for a5d 16h 53m 20s run , collecting line honors, and currently 3rd in Division one!
    Ho'okolohe, the Farr 57' was first to finish in daylight, 08:39 HST for and elapsed time 9d 22h 39m 36s, taking Division 8 by bundles
    and is currently 1st in ORR, but that is sure to evaporate as other boats finish.
    Next in line is Lucky, the Judel-Vrolijik 72', currently 1st in Division 1 and 3rd in Line Honors


    As mentioned above Lucky is holding on to 1st, and about 1 hour away from the finish, surfing in at 18.4 knots
    The Botin 56' BadPak appears to be in position to keep the 2nd spot.
    Pyewacket 3rd in division

    The Kernan 68' Peligroso is in the drivers seat for Division 2, and 369 nm from finish and trucking at 15.2 knots
    Artemis the Botin 65' currently in 2nd, making 13.7 knots with 444 nm to go
    3rd in division, the Andrews 63' Medicine man, 476 dtf @ 13.6 knots

    The former BadPak PAC 52 Warrior Won is leading div 3 and 2nd in ORR overall with 349 nm to go and making 17.4 knots
    2nd in division and 3rd in ORR is the RP52' Vitesse, 419 nm out
    The other Pac 52 ( formerly Invisible Hand) Callisto in 3rd

    The sleds are enjoying tight racing and still dual match racing!
    SC 70 Grand Illusion hold a 10 mile advantage over 2nd place sister ship, Pied Piper with 503nm to go vs 513nm
    The Nelson Marek 68' Bolt holds onto 3rd with 544nm left to enjoy, vs Andrew 68' Rock n Roll's 548nm

    Well spread out, the fleet in Div5 shows the Rogers 56' Bretwalda in 1st with 354 nm left, sister-ship Lucky Duck in 2nd with
    400 nm 9 (4 hours, 40 minutes corrected) and 3rd place J-125 Nereid just 19 minutes behind, corrected

    The SC 50 fleet is witnessing a very tight fight to the finish, with Triumph holding a 15 minute
    advantage (give of take) with Horizon on 2nd. In 3rd and 2 hours and change in arrears, Oaxaca


    Favonius still in 1st, Riva still in 2nd and Livewire still in 3rd

    The previously mentioned Farr 57' Ho'okolohe takes the division, with the E-37 Spindrift V in 2nd with a 7 hour and change
    advantage over the Beneteau First 47.7 Macondo currently in 3rd, yet anothe E-37, Juno, isjust 2 hours and 20 minutes aft
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