• Barcolana Bora Blow Out

    Arca Sgr wins the 53rd Barcolana:

    With owners Furio Benussi and Lorenzo Bressani at the tactics wins the 53rd Barcolana presented by Generali, one of the most challenging editions ever.

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    The Bora wind, in a "catabatic version" with short and intense gusts that descend vertically on the Gulf, characterized the racing field, making strategic the work of the tacticists - engaged in deciphering intermittent gusts from five to 42 knots - and of the crews called to respond effectively to the change in the attitude of the boats."
    - said the president of theSVBG Mitja Gialuz - in which the Race Committee made rightly conservative sporting decisions - which responded first of all to the safety needs - both early in the morning, excluding the smaller categories, and during the race, canceling the test for the hulls from class 2 onwards with the aim of speeding up the
    their return to the ports.

    In this context, the safety device worked very well in the face of a dozen situations that required prompt intervention at sea. I thank the Port Authority, all the police and the volunteers of the organization for the great work done. I thank the competitors for racing with the utmost awareness of the weather conditions. " The sporting chronicle of the regatta sees a start with the largest hulls concentrated in the Barcola area, where the Bora blew in a more declared way: Gasper Vincec's Way of Life with Maurizio Bencic at the helm and Lorenzo Bodini at the tactics was the best to start on the line, in perfect timing, when the gusts blew between 30 and 40 knots.

    Arca Sgr was positioned more windward, with an impeccable choice of sails: the two crews made the first side in a load-bearing gait, with Way of Life in first position and Arca Sgr to follow. The passage to the first buoy, which took place about 15 minutes from the start - well below the target time of 17 minutes provided by the on-board instruments - saw 40 seconds of gap between Way of Life and Arca Sgr, and an exceptional third place of Adriatic Europa with Dušan Puh, a Vallicelli 60 with a great past in Barcolana.The positions remained unchanged until the transition to Boa 2: once in upwind trim, Way of Life suffered the breakage of the mainsail at the head of the mast following a strong gust. Arca Sgr then took the lead of the race, starting the race towards a great victory, celebrated at Boa 3 in front of the miramare castle. The Race Committee has in fact chosen to shorten the route, avoiding that the hulls had to expose themselves to the strongest gusts under Barcola. The all-Trieste victory of Furio Benussi, Lorenzo Bressani and Stefano Spangaro arrives with 1 'and 57' 'of advantage over Way Of Life, managed to get back in the set-up and maintain second place. Third arrived Maxi Jena with Milos Radonjic at the helm. Fourth place for Adriatic Europe: Dušan Puh literally flew with a 60 feet. The fifth place is Woodpecker Cube by Alberto and Claudia Rossi, first in the cruise class.

    Returning to live all together this festival of the sea, after such a demanding season for everyone, was beautiful and made us live intense moments: the Bora wind made the competition fast, highlighting the technical skills of the team, which with Claudia Rossi at the helm led us to fifth place.
    Going to sea requires knowledge, respect, passion: these are the ingredients at the base of success. Thanks go to all those who made this event possible, from the organization to law enforcement and public and private institutions, who as a single crew have once again crossed this milestone. IVFPRESIDENT - Francesco Ettorre
    Living the Barcolana is going beyond the largest regatta in the world, it is breathing a particular climate that involves all of Trieste and shows how sailing can be an element of aggregation.

    The organization was impeccable, as always, demonstrating how much attention to detail can make everything pleasantly regulated and controlled safely. This great sailing festival that also involved Tita and Banti allows us to look to the future with positivity and great desire to grow. ARCA
    - Icing on the cake, important season, great result, great crew.
    A huge satisfaction, we managed to show who we are after sailing with Spirit of Portopiccolo that everyone considered unbeatable: today we beat it.
    - A very demanding regatta. We have approached it very carefully, making conservative choices to be able to guarantee our safety and that of the crews at sea near us. The start was very complex, but all the choices were right. Always focused and very fast, we reached 27 knots of speed.
    Stefano Spangaro - Challenging regatta I would say, it reminds me a lot of the 2000 edition. For us it was a beautiful edition, fought: we were sure of the vehicle, sure of the crew. OWNER

    Today we finished in second place, and this is a fact.
    Today we proved once again that we have a great crew, with great heart and determination. We managed to stay stable even with the breaking of the mainsail hook while the wind was blowing at 40 knots and return to racing even so. Now bow to the next regattas. HELMSMAN

    The race was very difficult, there was a bora a little dirty over 40 knots: our tactic was to hoist small sails and to third the mainsail, and this allowed us to find ourselves in front and have no problems, and everything went smoothly. I didn't expect to finish third with this wind. I participated in three editions: the first with Tutta Trieste 2, eleventh, in 2018, and then I did in 2019 with The Shining, we finished second, and this year with Maxi Jena third. SHINING- David Bartol A very difficult start: we immediately broke the bow, and a minute from the start we were without bow sails, and we started with reduced sails but very well.

    Satisfied with the fourth place at the first buoy, then we lost something because our boat is not made for the upwind with strong bora. WOODPECKER CUBE - Claudia Rossi
    A unique, fast, exciting Barcolana from the first to the last minute.

    I had done several, but I had never caught all this wind. It was not easy, there were so many breaks around between sails, trees. Immediately after the start there was a rather critical moment: we decided to be conservative and it was a choice that rewarded. We are happy with the fifth position. A woman at the helm? The crew and I have been sailing together for many years and know each other well. We are very close-knit. No doubt about the team: it was crazy.

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