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    Published on 07-16-2018 08:49 AM
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    Monday morning shows much of the same as Sunday on the leaderboard, but there are some very major developments occurring on the race course which threaten to significantly ...
    Published on 07-15-2018 08:37 AM
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    6 AM on Sunday morning July 15 again shows movement all over the leaderboard and all over the race track, with several major developments occurring overnight. Perhaps most importantly, the Wednesday and Thursday starters, who had been going painfully slow since sailing out under the Golden Gate Bridge, have finally hooked into moderate northerly pressure that has them reaching towards Hawaii and putting them on track to make their first respectable daily runs of the ...
    Published on 07-14-2018 03:41 PM
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    ED Retiring From Race After Hitting An Object (All Crew Safe)
    Class 40 RED was on their way for repairs in the Azores, when they hit something in the water.

    At 07:07pm UTC, Mathias Müller von Blumencron, Skipper of Class 40 RED, contacted the Race Committee to inform about the incident.

    AAR Race Officer Stefan Kunstmann ...
    Published on 07-14-2018 11:38 AM
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    As of early Saturday morning, we are seeing movement all over the leaderboard in almost every division, signifying that every fleet is still very close and ripe for the picking. Closest to Hawaii, the first wave of starters has slowed slightly but is still making better comparative speed than any other wave, while the Wednesday and Thursday starters have again slowed to a crawl. Friday's wave of July 13 starting big boats appear to have ironically found a bit of a good luck as the weather system has evolved from 24 hours ago and looks to potentially ...
    Published on 07-13-2018 12:02 PM
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    The fleet of Golden Globe Sailors are making their way through the Canaries and dropping off film from
    stills and old school video, the old fashioned way, provind crews with some human interaction and the GGR crew
    a chance to capture some media images and film of their own!

    DRAMA: Philippe Péché sacrifices a 4 hour lead with navigation mistake at first Gate of Lanzarote
    Mark Slats closes gap to 9 miles
    Jean-Luc Van Den Heede is third

    Gregor ...
    Published on 07-13-2018 10:09 AM

    Volvo Ocean Race
    Published on Jul 13, 2018

    After the closest ever edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, here's everything ...
    Published on 07-13-2018 09:07 AM
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    With Thursday's Pasha Hawaii D division getting underway yesterday afternoon, we now have seven eight fleets at sea and making miles towards Hawaii, with just one more division left to begin their race today; the BMW of San Rafael E division. As we have been anticipating for more ...
    Published on 07-12-2018 10:37 AM

    Thursday morning in the Pacific Cup shows much of the same among the Monday starters, while the Wednesday starters proved the forecast accurate by getting off to a slow start. As a result, most divisional and overall rankings remain somewhat the same as yesterday ...
    Published on 07-11-2018 04:20 PM
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    It's Wednesday morning, and the Monday starters have now been at sea for nearly two days. Still out front of the fleet is Charles Devanneaux's Beneteau Figaro 3 A Fond le Girafon, who holds a lead of just eight nautical miles over the fastest pursuing yacht; Emmanuel Sauquet's Hanse 505 Outremer. While Devanneaux and co-skipper Matthieu Damerval may be the quickest boat on the course, they're ...
    Published on 07-10-2018 03:42 PM
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    Kraken Log - Day 9

    0405 HST; the sun is just coming up on the Eastern horizon and the darkness is slowly being taken over by the light. At first it's black, then dark gray, then lighter gray then lighter gray again, until it's finally light.

    One of the things that is interesting about off-shore sailing is that you are out all night every night. In our terrestrial lives most of us normally sleep through the night. We only see the start and the finish. Ask yourselves; how many entire nights have you actually seen in your entire lifetime? How many sun rises? How many times have you seen the moon rise AND set?

    Sailing into the night always brings on a certain feeling of anxiety while sailing out of it brings relief. I guess it has to do with the fact ...
    Published on 07-10-2018 01:18 PM
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    Skippers undergo cloud cover that prevents them from using their sextant for several days. Navigation is at the moment at the compass and it will be interesting to see, if this cover is maintained, with what precision the skippers of the grh 2018 will move closer to the canary islands and the wet buoy off the Marina ...
    Published on 07-10-2018 09:47 AM
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    Hanse 505 Outremer

    The 20th edition of the Pacific Cup is nearly 24 hours old and the cream is beginning to rise to the top in each of the respective divisions. History continues to be made as Charles Devanneaux and co-skipper Matthieu Damerval have surged to the front of the fleet to take an early Line Honors lead. Just behind their revolutionary Beneteau ...
    Published on 07-09-2018 07:04 PM
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    Under brilliant sunny skies and mellow winds, about half of the Pacific Cup fleet set sail today, bound for Kaneohe Bay, Oahu. With both race committee and spectators reveling in the warm and sunny conditions, four starts were cleanly executed just off of the St. Francis Yacht Club.

    The first division to cross the starting line was the Coral Reef Sailing Apparel ...
    Published on 07-08-2018 10:51 AM
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    Day 7 - Kraken Log

    Today we are somewhere about 800 NM off the coast of California.

    Sailing over the past 24 hrs has been really pleasant. Winds have been in the 8 to 16 range, close and beam reach, and friendly seas. We've had the occasional sprinkle but for the most part the weather has been mild. The foul whether is gone and the layers are starting to come off. The sunscreen has made its entry into the shift routine.

    We are presently skirting the edge of the ridge, (or slight trough ?) which brings us lighter conditions. Our model shows us right on the line between ok wind and none. For the next 2 days we will negotiate this barrier but at this point we have committed to our lane and it is somewhat ...