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    Published on 07-23-2019 02:51 PM

    We attempt two 30+ mile races in the same day on our JPK 1080 'Psycho Tiller', sailing out of San Francisco Bay. We placed first in the 32 mile "Duxship" Ocean series race. First race started at 9:50am and in normal years the Duxship typically finishes around 3 or 4 pm. The Midnight Moonlight Marathon is a 35 mile pursuit race with our scheduled start at 5:59pm. ...
    Published on 07-23-2019 10:28 AM
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    Out of Lakewood Yacht Club, in Spring Texas a Shock 40 campaign entered the 2019 Transpac for their 1st time.
    The core crew: Tim Banks, Rod Nichols, Logan Pifer, Jason Seibert and Joseph Waits were entered in Division 1,
    along with a host of heavy hitters, like Rio 100, Comanche, Alive etcetera... The shock 40 rating, 1.0415 was the lowest by a long shot
    as was their chance of winning the damn division. The boat's name Gamble lived up to that, and they took an additional one by
    bringing aboard Justin Edelman as on board reporter, with bundles of gear and little Transpac experience. But what Justin did bring
    was a unique level of reporting, video and still capturing expertise better than any other boat in the fleet. While the have not been burning up
    the miles, they have been burning up the interweb, primarily posting to Team Epic Racing's Facebook Page, that included a bundle of
    video that we can't embed here.

    It's a compelling read, and the Gamble paid off...

    In spades


    July 22

    Night sailing with a chute on a Schock - EP10
    First I want to preface this post by talking about the mood yesterday. Everyone was in a somewhat celebratory state of mind. Hawaii is in ear ...
    Published on 07-23-2019 09:31 AM
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    Last wave of finishers happy to finish after rough seas and big breezes on final approach in Transpac 50

    HONOLULU, HAWAII - By sunset on Monday, only a handful of yachts were still at sea heading towards the finish in the 50th edition of the LA-Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race, organized by the Transpacific YC. This day was overcast and almost dreary compared to the bright tropical ...
    Published on 07-22-2019 05:02 PM
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    Here’s Jason’s summary of the grueling last 24 hours of Team Hamachi’s Transpac winning race:

    We did it. But the last 24 hours were really intense.

    We were struggling to cover both Bretwalda 3, which was focused on sailing as fast as possible to Oahu, and Velvet Hammer, who was playing a tactical game. The Hammer was heading ...
    Published on 07-22-2019 04:47 PM
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    In 2017, Two Pac52's stole the show in their Transpac debut with flying colors, dashing across the Pacific
    in an impressive 7 days and change, while not only taking 1st and 2nd place Division 1 but correcting out to 1st and 2nd
    overall. Tom Holthus and crew on BadPak chased Frank Slootman's ...
    Published on 07-22-2019 08:47 AM
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    Sunday's wild flurry of finishers was one truly for ages, with 31 boats from all extremes of classes barreling down the Molokai Straits towards Diamond Head
    and the long sought after fruity rum infused cocktails served in hollowed out pineapples and a pretty hibiscus lei to mask the scent of 2,000 miles of sweaty sailing...

    The action was so intense and updates happening so quickly it burnt out the tracking devices (either that or Russian interference was the cause) making tracking and reporting an exercise
    in futility. If you were lucky, you finished in daylight and got yourself captured digitally bow wave blasting, aloha shirt wearing, ear
    Published on 07-21-2019 09:05 AM
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    Around the world single-handed, nonstop and without assistance is widely regarded as the ultimate test of seamanship and courage. Enduring month upon month in his own company, Norbert will be forced to pit his nautical prowess against torrential storms, ice, fierce oceans, loneliness and frustration during a distance of about 34.000 nautical miles. ...
    Published on 07-20-2019 05:45 PM
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    Update from the July 20th 14:00 Position reports show a flurry of activity with 15 boats
    within the 200 nm live update section. As we type, Bretwalda 3 is crossing the finish line,
    holding onto 3rd in Div 3 and 3rd in ORR overall at the moment. Brigadoon is 14 miles to finish
    and Ho okolohe is 29 nm out The ORR overall leaders, Hamachi and Velvet Hammer are 163 and
    188 nm out

    Published on 07-20-2019 08:54 AM
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    With a finish time of 19:34:25 HST today, Manouch Moshayedi's Bakewell-White 100 RIO100 has become the fastest monohull without powered performance systems to finish the 50th edition of the biennial 2225-mile LA-Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race. In so doing she has won the Merlin Trophy, which this ...
    Published on 07-19-2019 10:34 AM
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    Aerial photography is full of risks and getting that special shot requires putting a lot on the line.
    One of the most glamorous sailing shots in the world is barreling down the Molokai Channel
    with your kite flying, team on the rail and pushing that azure warm water out of the way after a 2,000 nm plus
    Transpacific Race...Diamond Head in ...
    Published on 07-19-2019 09:18 AM
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    After the same slow start that plagued all Saturday starters this year in the 50th edition of the LA-Honolulu Transpac, Jim Cooney and Samantha Grant's VPLP 100 Comanche still managed to sneak out of the light air, get into the offshore breeze, and ...
    Published on 07-18-2019 02:03 PM
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    Group shot showing Positions 10:00 Hours HST and weather model for next 4 days.
    Comanche is just shy of trippin the 200nm magic wand before we can see her final approach.
    The Mods all finished in the wee hours so we can take them off the books.
    Good wind south of rhumbline for next day or so then a light air patch develops, so boats need to
    be careful not to sail into any holes. Expect some wild lead changes as fleet near the finish ...
    Published on 07-18-2019 10:17 AM
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    Super Fast Quantum Racing Are On Song in Cascais Wind and Waves

    (Thursday 18th July, Cascais) – After a disappointing Puerto Sherry regatta last month when they finished seventh overall, their worst regatta result in the history of the world’s leading grand prix monohull circuit, Quantum Racing are on fire in the big winds and waves of the Atlantic off Cascais and lead the third regatta of the season by six points.

    The 2018 52 SUPER SERIES conclusively won the first race today at the Cascais 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week, at one point over 500 metres ahead of second while racing in winds of more than 25kts and surfing to a new speed record for the boat of over 25kts.
    Published on 07-18-2019 08:09 AM
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    Argo First to Finish in Transpac 50

    HONOLULU, HAWAII - After a slow initial start on Saturday, Jason Carroll and his team of Chad Corning, Thierry Fouchier, Anderson Reggio, Alister Richardson and Brian Thompson were able to push their MOD 70 trimaran Argo into the lead among two other rival MOD 70's in this year's 50th edition of the ...