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    Published on 07-13-2020 08:59 AM
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    Charlie Dalin at the helm of the white and yellow foiler, Apivia, was the first skipper to reach the Gallimard Waypoint this morning as he turned his bow eastwards for the final stretch of the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne Race.

    The 36-year-old Frenchman based at Port-la-Fôret was making about ...
    Published on 07-11-2020 11:24 AM
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    Latest update from Boris Herrmann.

    At 07.25 utc Boris Herrmann on Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco had an issue onboard. The main headboard car broke and the main came down. Boris is fine and needs no assistance but he will be slower for the rest of the race. He has secured everything and at the moment is still sailing with the head sail and a much smaller main. He is trying ...
    Published on 07-10-2020 03:02 PM
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    Objective Jules Verne Trophy
    A crewed Drheam Cup to kick off the 2020 season

    Lorient, Friday, July 10, 2020 - After a start to the season that was completely turned on its head by the global COVID-19 health crisis, offshore racing’s protagonists are gradually returning to the ‘school benches’. In this way, on 4 July, the Vendée Globe’s Imocas set sail from Les Sables d’Olonne for a unique warm-up lap ...
    Published on 07-10-2020 01:58 PM
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    This evening, all the competitors in the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne have rounded the virtual IOC-UNESCO mark, Clément Giraud (Vers un monde sans Sida) bringing up the rear more than a day behind the leaders.
    The instability of the breeze over the past 24 hours has favoured the bunching up of the head of the fleet and ridden roughshod over the hierarchy. En route for the ‘Gallimard’ mark, a ridge of high pressure and a low pressure system will provide the main obstacles. In the next 48 hours, no one can realistically lay claim to the top spot in the long term…

    This Friday 10th July, after a night in overdrive ...
    Published on 07-09-2020 09:21 AM
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    Thomas Ruyant regained the lead of the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne Race at exactly the right moment today as he became the first skipper to round the turning mark off the southwest corner of Iceland.

    Ruyant on board LinkedOut had been in third position behind Charlie Dalin on Apivia and Jérémie Beyou on Charal as the leading trio approached the IOC-UNESCO Waypoint southwest of Iceland in very light and fickle ...
    Published on 07-09-2020 09:02 AM
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    A good dose of light winds, a long lift, a change of leader and another epic battle within the match for 4th place… This fifth day of the Vendée – Arctique – Les Sables d’Olonne has reshuffled the cards once again. As per usual… or almost.

    Charlie Dalin (Apivia) and Jérémie Beyou (Charal) are continuing their ascent of the north face, foil against foil. After 98 hours of traversing the weather systems, 0.6 miles separates them tonight. They are now just ...
    Published on 07-06-2020 10:22 AM
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    [Damaged aboard L ' Occitane in Provence - the boat goes to Brittany]

    This Monday, July 6th, at 13 pm Armel Tripon found a damage on his IMOCA, L ' Occitane in Provence. Nantes skipper advanced southwest, at a speed of 12 knots in a north-west wind.

    At 14 p. m Armel Tripon contacted his team to declare a problem; two longitudinal smooth on the starboard side of the fixed area following the collision with a ofni on the weekend of June 21 are; We are at this stage, we are unable to evaluate more precisely the cause of this new incident, even though we seriously believe that it is the security damage related to this collision in an area that we had planned to strengthen upon the return of the Vendée Arctic race. ...
    Published on 07-04-2020 11:39 AM
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    All images © Eloi Stichelbaut

    The start of the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne Race saw a fleet of 20 IMOCAs foiling away from the start box outside Les Sables d’Olonne after the most unusual build-up in racing history.

    There was no dock-out surrounded by thousands of fans and only a small spectator fleet as the IMOCA class got down to business for the first time this year with its unique “warm-up” race for the 2020 ...
    Published on 06-25-2020 12:07 PM
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    To reconnect with competition and life in the open sea, to qualify for the Vendée Globe ... and possibly win, the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d'Olonne, which will start on July 4 at 3:30 p.m., contains a thousand challenges.

    This first edition, organized to replace the New York-Vendée-Les Sables d'Olonne which should have started on June 16, is an essential step for skippers in their preparation for the solo round the world trip which will start on November 8. This demanding and attractive new route to Iceland and the Azores also gives you dreams in a very particular ...
    Published on 06-12-2020 11:59 AM
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    British sailor Alex Thomson has returned to the water onboard the new HUGO BOSS, the boat which he hopes will lead him to victory in the 2020 Vendée Globe.

    Thomson and his team – much like their competitors in the IMOCA class – were unable to train on the water for some 9 weeks ...
    Published on 06-09-2020 09:49 AM
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    2020 Season
    Reuniting with the ocean!

    Lorient, Monday, June 08, 2020 - There is surely no better way to kick off the week than to get back on the pontoons again and reunite with the ocean in just a matter of days, particularly on this Monday 8 June which marks World Oceans Day! Six months have elapsed since the Maxi Edmond ...
    Published on 06-09-2020 09:37 AM
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    The start of the 9th Vendée Globe will take place on November 8, off Sables d'Olonne. This was confirmed by the Board of Directors of SAEM Vendée, the organizing company of the Vendée Globe, this Monday, June 8, a symbolic date since it is also World Ocean Day, five months before the Vendée Globe start.

    Since the closing of the registration nominations on November 1st, 35 candidates have set themselves up to be ...
    Published on 06-09-2020 09:22 AM
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    World Oceans Day
    The IMOCA skippers share their thoughts and take concrete actions

    Used to sailing across the oceans IMOCA skippers, it is fair to say, are amongst the best-placed to observe what is going on with the oceans. Today on World Ocean Day, the Class IMOCA and the IOC-UNESCO celebrate their commitments and concrete scientific actions that will be put in place for the forthcoming solo races: the Vendée-Arctic-Les ...
    Published on 06-04-2020 09:45 AM
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    Linkedout et Thomas Ruyant en navigation au large de Lorient© PIERRE BOURAS

    After these long weeks of isolated work at reduced levels of operation, in small carefully distanced teams, or in some cases with work completely stopped for weeks, the IMOCA fleet here has been back in action since May ...
    Published on 06-03-2020 09:43 AM
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    Celebrating 50 Years of the Finn Masters with 'NOT the 50th Finn World Masters'

    This week should have been the 2020 Finn World Masters in Port Zelanda, in The Netherlands. Entries were approaching 250 when the decision was made to cancel back in March, with more than 300 Finns expected to turn up. Across the sport of sailing many major events have been postponed or cancelled, but for the Finn Masters the ...
    Published on 05-28-2020 10:20 AM
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    Just over a fortnight after the lockdown ended, the sailors and their teams are now busy catching up on lost time. Many IMOCAs have been relaunched after their winter refits, which took longer than planned. There have been more and more measurement checks and trips to check out the changes made during the winter. Other sailors have to wait a while before heading back out to sea. We look at what has been happening at the end of the refit season.

    Preparation for the Vendée Globe: ease of ...
    Published on 05-18-2020 09:50 AM
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    Vendée-Arctic-Les Sables d’Olonne:
    a brand new race for the IMOCA boats

    The horizon is starting to look clearer for those aiming to compete in the 2020 Vendée Globe. On 4th July, they are due to start the Vendée-Arctic-les Sables d’Olonne, a 3600-mile solo ocean race around a big triangle reaching up to the limits of the Arctic Circle. This race with its ...
    Published on 05-15-2020 07:16 AM
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    If the activity of the Team did not stop during the confinement, with in particular the monitoring of the construction of the Ultim Banque Populaire XI, the recovery is accelerating this week. The IMOCA by Clarisse Crémer and ...
    Published on 05-12-2020 05:49 PM
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    Forced West by 40 knot gales we're attempting an end around the low that is forecast to move slowly southward and end up exactly where I am now. It is generally considered ...
    Published on 05-12-2020 11:58 AM
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    Preparations for the start of the next Vendée Globe are going ahead in an uncertain context in terms of public health and the economy. The Vendée Council and the SAEM Vendée are doing their utmost in conjunction with ...